Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to School

LM and I met when he began teaching in 1989 at the Community Education program where I worked. There was attraction but it was not the right timing, and we became friends who looked forward to seeing each other every Monday night, always sharing news of our children, nature news, and just plain caring about each other. Each week, I made him tea, and I did notice that he came to my desk frequently to borrow things. His course, "Take a Course, Catch a Fish", remains the longest running in Community School history and is also the most popular.
His surgery in February marked the first time he had to cancel a class and he has been so looking forward to the day he could return. TODAY is the day, and he joyfully called me on the way to school tonight, knowing he has a full class, with a wait list!
Who would have thought, way back when on the Monday nights at school, that we would be where we are now, sharing a beautiful love and life, and despite the tender age (8 months) of our love relationship, here we are survivors of his heart attack and challenges to our lives. We talked yesterday about the fact that our relationship weathered the storm and that we are doing just fine.
This past week, he really returned to himself and it is wonderful to see and hear. Once again, we are sharing a lot of laughter and love. I keep repeating this to everyone who inquires....I feel the most tremendous gratitude and sense of relief, and I have never felt more loved.
I am busy pursuing my own interests....movies with friends, projects at work, quilting and exercising and it is wonderful to know LM is back to his passions, as well as back to school!
I cannot wait for his phone call which will come as soon as he heads home from his class.

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