Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Kristi

Kristi and Dad as we prepare to take on the mini-golf course at Arnold's Clam Bar in Eastham
LM teeing off....it was a gray day and quite cool but we had a great time.
This is one of the nicest and most beautifully landscaped courses I've seen. 
The flowers are still blooming although somewhat battered from the hurricane
Scattered throughout the course are some beautifully done miniatures of historic outer Cape locations. Kristi loved the Eastham windmill
These grasses were shooting out some really pretty purple blooms
These logs were a challenge!
Roses bloom very late on the Cape....sometimes in to late November.
Kristi doing one of the things she loves best...
Pretty berries, changing to their bright purple Fall coat

Hydrangeas were everywhere.....
We even found a Mayflower replica in the back of a truck!  I bet it was used in a recent parade.
Calculating her shot
We really had fun....not a good hair day!

Duffer, a very lovable and fun duffer, though!
After golf we enjoyed a nice late lunch. Kristi got to FINALLY try the Arnold's fried clams. She had been waiting all summer.  We all approved, although I was not too crazy about the stuffed quahog I tried. I do not like smoked foods and sometimes Portuguese sausage is used, giving them a smokey taste.  Oh well.

Busy week happening here. I am still dog sitting....they have been wonderful and there has been no barking. YAY! Otherwise, we have a little return to summery weather and it feels so nice.

Friday, September 23, 2011

West Dennis Sunset

On Sunday evening my darling, LM, took this photo and there it was for me in my morning e-mail on Monday.  The way he loves nature endears him deeply to me.
It's already Friday and the beginning of several weeks of more than usual busyness.  Tonight we are going to a concert (Zoe Lewis) , and Saturday I will begin 5 days of dogsitting.  By the end of next week daughter, Anne will be here for a visit. 
Sometime in there we will celebrate Kristi's birthday with a bowling expedition and a homecooked dinner. 

As many of you know, I've been dealing for a long time with a lot of pain for various reasons, most recently from a torn rotator cuff that needs surgery, and arthritis in one knee.  I've been managing the pain with ibuprofen but really do not like how it makes me feel, physically and emotionally, not to mention how awful I feel when I wake every morning, and the bleeding ulcer I deal with. Eight days ago, I decided that I was just going to stop fighting the pain with a pill.  I made up a little plan to use my breath and my mind to cope.  Each time the pain enters my consciousness, I embrace it, "say hello," take a long slow breath and exhale, and within seconds I have no further awareness of pain.  It has been a week of incredible success and I feel so much better, alert, happy, and empowered.  I only have this moment and in it I am pain free. it sounds way too simplistic but it is working!  No ibuprofen for eight days is amazing to me.  I'm so grateful. 

Happy weekend all and wishing you beautiful sunsets!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging Roadblock

This little series of photos shows just how much interference I have been experiencing while trying to post!! 
The interferer comes bounding up and deposits her cute furry self on my lap, pushing the laptop as hard as she can. It nearly slides off my lap, and I hold on for dear life. If I even dare to raise my hands over her to type, she becomes highly incensed. What's a blogger to do??  NOTHING, but turn off the lap top and close it up, except then she jumps down as her heat source is not as intense. I am just not good enough. 
Thanks for the photography, LM.  I wish you would keep YOUR cat under control.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For My Children - Fun Memories

Purch perching on a Purch Perch......

             Stage Harbor Chatham, at lunch September 2011

I love you all......

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teddy, Fishing Derby Results & Ms G!

Truly, I have been trying to post these wonderful pictures for almost two weeks, but Blogger has, once again, been most uncooperative.
On a beautiful Saturday, while LM was pursuing 'the big one" for the fishing derby, I visited Teddy and his lovely, Mom, Alison. 

Teddy waiting for cookies to bake
Showing off his artistic ability and pseudo smile, Teddy showed Nana the sunflower he'd drawn.
While Alison and I enjoyed catching up on news, Teddy was only too happy to ride his "heavy equipment" on the deck.  He's mastered pedaling and using the brakes. I'm impressed!

After lunch, it was time for Nana to head home and get ready for the Cape Cod Salties' fishing derby "after party." 
We arrived sans fish, as LM's best effots turned up no takers.
Here he is helping club president set up the event.  It was a perfect evening at Sesuit Cafe on the harbor.
The view from our table!
Looking west

LM's lure-making friend, Bob, severed part of his finger with a table saw so he turned his bandage into a lure, complete with eyes and label.  What a great mind!

No doubt discussing the one that got away!

Weighing in what turned out to be the winner in striped bass division

The same fisherman (one of LM's former students) won the striped bass and bluefish divisions.

It was a lovely and delicious evening with some nice friends.
Ms G wonders why she was not invited, and watches the dead-by-Irene leaves blowing around.

Many of our trees were stripped bare by the hurricane and what leaves are left have been burned.  The evergreens, as evidenced here, were burned on the SW side.  So strange.  Some are even entirely burned from the saltspray.

All is well and happy here, and I am about to begin nearly a month of off and on house sitting for my boss's dogs, as well as have several groups of company.  Nice!!!

Wishing everyone love and beautiful Fall days.
PS.  There is lots of quilting going on here...photos when Blogger allows me to load them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Girl

Unbeknownst to me, a few weeks ago, LM took these photos of Ms G, and my green toes! This is her royal highness at her very sweetest....she gets all cuddly and blinky-eyed. Helps that I had a fleece blanket on me, too.
She even matched her eye color to my shirt! A little annoyed at the photo taker.
Her favorite place to be - the back of LM's chair. She can see the entire living area from this sentinel position, including what is happening outside the back door....the long "arms" come down and can tap LM if necessary.....once in awhile he does slack off by serving treats too slowly.
Love this happy girl!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Rooster Crows

Live from LM's this morning, his neighborhood rooster crowing loudly on the crisp, sunny and beautiful day.  Ms G is basking in the sunshine as we bustle about to startt he day.  Clothes are already drying on the line!  LM is participating in a fishing derby today. He began fishing at midnight, returned about 5 am for a snooze, and is on his way to scour the surf once more.  It all ends at 4 pm today and his club, including us, will gather at a waterfront restaurant to celebrate with a dinner and find out who caught the biggest fish. So far it is not the usual suspect.  Meanwhile, I will spend part of this day with Teddy and DIL, Alison. 

This week went by in a blur.....being a short work week made it extra busy, and my spare time was taken up with a lot of sewing. Coaching some friends with their quilting projects has spurred me on to complete some of my own, and momentum has built once more.

I'm in a period of pain again, and the past two days have been a struggle to keep it at a tolerable level...shooting pains most everywhere it seems, but most bothersome is in my neck, jaw and down one leg.  I am assuming it is just arthritis, but will be seeing my physician in the next week.  It seemed to intensify with the cooler weather.

We have exciting news from Samantha's front. She will be starting Pre-Kindergarten on Monday...
My boss's wife runs the program so Samantha will most certainly thrive in this new chapter of her sweet life.

Sending out HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to our friend, Nan in NY today....we won't mention the number but just say she wears it well, and wish her a beautiful celebration with dear friends.  Sounds like it will be delicious and beautiful. Lots of purrs from Ms G, too.

Happy weekend all!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend started off with a visit to my feline godson, Jaxson, he of the longest tail ever on a cat, and also of the naughty boy department. I got a lovely welcome, and he jumped up on his "Mom" Sue's pretty table to greet me.
His white fur is so white as to be blinding....such a beautiful boy, and he is the best helper....he quilts, he hooks rugs, he guards the back door, and he patrols the basement, he'd do the gardening but there is a door in the way. meanwhile he contents himself with monitoring the beautiful back yard from inside the slider screen. After much due admiration, his Mom and I worked on her latest quilting project, visited the quilt store and had a long and lovely lunch outside at Cafe Chew in Sandwich. A perfect start to the long weekend.
Cafe Chew
There was time for naps, cooking delicious dinners with LM, and a trip to West Dennis Beach at sunset on Sunday evening. It was right at the beginning of the tide drop - timed of course for a fishing opportunity in the rips of the changing tide.
We quietly watched the sunset first, savoring the last of summer days.

The sun disappeared behind a cloud bank before setting.

And then....out came the fishing rod, in the hands of the master.
Soon a crowd formed behind him....no pictures but take my word for it...everyone comes to watch the master fish. The SW wind was pushing the water back as it began the turn.

In the middle of the above photo you can begin to see the rip form as the tide turns. Even better in the photo below. By that time, too, there were little "schoolies" or snapper bluefish jumping out of the water as they began their long trip back to the ocean with the tide, after feeding in the rich marsh areas.
Turning around to talk to his audience....
Rip growing larger.
Alas, no fish were caught that night...too much distraction. Tough to be so popular. We love these simple evenings by the beach so much....the air was so heavy with the scent of the sea and the sound of the water softly lapping the shore.

Monday, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we worked on the yard at LM's. I mainly waging my continuing battle against wisteria. As beautiful as it is in bloom, it quickly takes over every tree and bush in the garden if not cut back. I did a major clearing and felt so good to give some trees room to breathe.

The weekend also brought me some lovely time with Ms G sitting in my lap and purring. Sweet!
Love to all!!