Monday, November 28, 2011


This is a few days late thanks to Blogger!

Happy Thanksgiving!! It certainly was a perfect period of giving thanks, sharing beautifully delicious food with family, a very long trip, and some dreamy-happy and productive time at home with Ms G (well, she is "at home" with LM, the cat thief, and she being a little traitor).

LM and I did a car buy for the local Ford dealer that took us to Red Lion, PA on Friday. It was great fun even if we were both pretty tired. Left home at 2:30 am Friday and returned at 1 am on Saturday. We had lots of fun and the ride took us through beautiful Amish farms. My brother, Ev came up from Baltimore and met us at the dealer and we had a nice lunch. The trip back was a bit more stressful as I was driving the car and LM drove the new truck. He is wonderful about keeping an eye on me behind him, and our walkie-talkies kept us linked and me alerted to any upcoming turns or lane switches. The last couple of hours I struggled to stay awake but we did it with no problems.

Saturday I awoke feeling refreshed and we did a lot of work around the house. Our November weather has been such that we could open all the windows and enjoy the lovely sunshine. Ms G spent the whole day under the quilt! Crazy girl.

I've been making amazing quilt progress recently and have two more ready to go to the longarm quilter. It is helping to keep my mind off the sadness of John's situation.

The picture below was taken by a friend of my son, Jason. You can see Jason between the two gasoline tankers, I love how the camera captured the truck lighting. Jason has a dangerous job and does it very well and with great care.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Healer

Ms G just knows when someone needs love, comfort and warmth (although she did forget my feet).
After a tumultuous week that saw John return to jail for 18 months, LM and I were very anxious to be together, make a cocoon of peace for ourselves and come to our center. There was painful air to be cleared, and after I had my anger-filled say for myself, we are fine, and will hang on to our precious love to help each other survive. My heart is not feeling kindly toward John at this time and I am trying to find the elusive compassion. To see my beloved's heart torn to shreds, pushes me over the edge. It did not help that this all occurred in a week that had my energy and endurance tested to the max.
So....after the air was cleared yesterday morning, and my faith in the love LM and I share renewed, we had a nice day....we cooked together and had a lot of fun. We roasted a pile of turkey wings with vegetables and herbs, and made the Thanksgiving gravy from the drippings, turkey stock evolved from the roasted bones, and a wonderful casserole of turkey tetrazzini became dinner. I also roasted some blue hubbard squash. A rewarding, healing and delicious day! The rest of the evening we watched PBS, and Ms G loved continuing the healing by pinning me to the couch while we watched "Doc Martin."
Off to hang clothes out to dry and rake some leaves.
Happy Sunday with love from Cape Cod!
PS....This is a day late, thanks to Blogger!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Farmer Teddy

Teddy went to visit a farm sometime around Halloween. Love this picture so much...He's the image of his wonderful Dad.
So nice that we will be with him on Thanksgiving!

I'm wrestling with the need to change my attitude on many fronts. Some deep sadness abides in my soul right now, and much of it has to do with my judgmental thinking. I strive to be always loving and accepting, and yet, in certain situations, the struggle to keep the focus on what I can do and not on the behavior of others, is just almost more than I can bear.
I know all the right ways - a step back, compassion, meditation, focusing on action and not reaction - but my will to apply them is weak. The poor choices on another's part, are deeply affecting my life and it hurts. I guess I need not say more than the fact that John is back in jail, and LM and I feel the knives of despair tearing at our hearts and our relationship.
Any and all advice on coping with a young adult who repeatedly makes bad choices is most welcome.
Love to all!

Monday, November 14, 2011

For Kristi

A few weeks ago, LM cooked one of his semi-annual fish dinners. As always, his dear daughter, Kristi was along to help and she was very happy this year to meet up with a friend, Terri. I've tried for many weeks to post the other photos of the evening but Blogger is not allowing me any more than this one lovely shot. Here's to you, Kristi! We love you and your Charlie Brown shirt.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We all know that I share my life with a cat thief.....LM's reputaion is spread far and wide....he's made repeated attempts to purloin fetching felines in Canada and Florida and is making threats toward a certain Zoey in Colorado....there is just no limit on this man. He's a danger to any and all felines.
Take this beauty.....his next conquest (he thinks).......he/she lives at a KIA dealer in Medford, MA and LM visits there often, ostensibly to swap vehicles for a local dealer, but the fans of Ms G know that he always has ulterior motives....can't you just see that longing look in this sweetie's eyes??? That look is reflecting from covetous LM eyes.
Beware, oh beauty, you would not want to have to share LM with the oh so jealous Ms G. A true cat fight would ensue, and you would lose. Stay right where you are, luring KIA customers.
PS.....I must add that I feel a bit covetous of this lovely, and wish she could come to live with me, too.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Baltimore Sky

Do you suppose sailors need to take warning?? A beautifully ominous early morning sky in Baltimore this Friday. Sent by my family there....There was a very red sky on Cape Cod this morning, as well, but this lazy blogger did not get out to take a photo! I did hear a lovely sunrise description, though, from LM, who was launching a trip to western NY state this morning, and sweetly chatting with me as he drove.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.....I am looking forward to some rest time, knitting, quilting, walking, and being with my darling, LM. My little Boston Terrier friend returns to her owners tomorrow evening, and I am sure she will be very happy.
I continue to adjust to the fact that my dear friend, Nancy, will have her last day of work with me next Friday. The company is working on a new plan and seeming to be considerate of my feelings in it all. Change is good, change is good, new mantra.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Day at Lunch; A Special Birthday; Everybody Must Get Stoned, Ms G Style

A mish-mash of catch-up today....
My view at lunch one day last week. Due to a major construction project that blocks the way to my house during each day right now, I drive about 1/4 of a mile from my office to Oyster Pond Beach and soak up some rays, eat my lunch and read, as well as chat with LM. Perfect lunch!
As I leave the beach parking area, this lovely array of mums brightens the way.
and, as I circle back to the office I see this lovely view ahead as I take a turn. The ocean colors are very brilliant in the Fall.
A few weeks ago, we attended a lovely party to celebrate a "new number" birthday for a very dear friend. Nan had already been feted royally in her home town of Saratoga Springs, but her Cape-contingent had yet to celebrate. She was finally able to come down with some great friends and we all had a wonderful time with delicious food and laughter.
L-R, Moi, Kim, our gracious host, Bob, Tom, LM, Deb, and Bev.
LM and Deb
The birthday girl, Nan showing off gifts from LM and Moi
A perfectly wonderful cake from Casual Gourmet.
When Nan visits, she always remembers to bring Ms G a gift. This time it was a cute bag of catnip. We were not home 10 seconds when she sniffed it out, grabbed it and began to play, roll, sniff, etc. It was so funny.
Everyday since, she has been having crazy love sessions with her stash. Thank you, Aunt Nan! You know how to get to this girl's heart!
The day after the party, LM and I felt the need to just be outside near the ocean and enjoy the beautiful day. We drove over to East Sandwich and walked on a beach that I have not savored in many, many years: Sandy Neck. It is an approximately 8 mile long barrier beach. In another life, back in the late 1970's-to late 1980's, I spent many a weekend there camping with my former husband. You must have a "beach buggy," or 4-wheel drive vehicle to access the beach and it is tough driving, but we loved it. I loved the total peace with just the sound of the waves at night, and would walk the beach for hours collecting seaglass. At night we would have campfires and visit with other camping friends. Good memories.
The dunes, sculpted by the wind, are very large at Sandy Neck and ever-changing. The Town of Barnstable oversees this very special place and it is conserved very carefully.
We walked quite a way and enjoyed the brisk air and beautiful sky.
Coming back to the car.
The beauty of our "back yard" never fails to renew my spirits and deep appreciation for my home turf!
PS. There was a little stop at a local quilt shop on the way to this walk!!

I'm feeling better about the changes that are coming fast and furious at work, and I am looking foward to some nice walks and time with LM this weekend. We are way past due.

Love to all.....