Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

Yes, I have gone to the dogs and Ms. G is unhappy...she will have to endure 6 days with just brief visits from me, as I have taken up residence at the home of my boss while he and his wife are in TX for a conference (and lots of fun, too). Their dogs, Liza (small black Lab) and Sammy (large yellow lab) will make a guest appearance here as soon as I can get some photos downloaded. I house sit for these critters quite often and it really is fun, not to mention being in their beautiful house, which affords me an easy walk to a beautiful beach on Pleasant Bay.

LM is doing splendidly and was officially discharged by his VNA nurse today. So now that he is no longer tethered to his telemetry machine, we will have more time together. Heavenly thoughts are floating through my mind knowing we will probably spend several days together this weekend. Meanwhile, he is catching up with a lot of things which have needed doing while he was recovering. He is even planning to begin working next week!!

So, Ms. Graysea's world will be a bit quiet for a few days, but she has beautiful sunshine to bask in and I will keep the dogs at bay.

On a serious note, a small town on Cape Cod suffered a tragedy last July 4th when a dearly loved son/friend/brother, Caleb Potter, was very seriously injured in a skate boarding accident. His valiant and eloquent mother has been writing a beautiful blog ever since and has chronicled many details of his recovery. It has been full of peaks and valleys. Sharyn Potter's blog can be found here.
People from around the world have been following her nearly daily posts creating a circle of love and encouragement in the comments. There is an entire town and larger community involved. Today Caleb and his family face an unthinkable tragedy and they all need as much support as possible. Caleb's father took his own life yesterday morning. Sending lots of positive thoughts and love their way.

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