Thursday, March 27, 2008

She's at it AGAIN

This look is sometimes sweet and sometimes it is imploring me to PLEASE stop moving things around in her house, but most of all do not under any circumstances take out her arch enemy number one, AKA the vacuum cleaner. That is one of her favorite toys she is sitting on...a felt fish, filled with catnip that she drags around until I will sit and dangle it so she can jump in the air and twist around. It was a gift from her "Aunt Nan"......who has given her some of her favorite toys and even a lovely sleeping pad filled with cat nip. Purrrrrrrs to Aunt Nan, who is missed since she moved to NY.

In other news......Happiness and energy abounded here today, so when the crazy pace at the office slowed down a bit this afternoon, I began thinking I really need to freshen things up at home and I do LOVE to move things around and give rooms a new look without spending money. When I got home at 5 I launched right in to moving all the furniture and cleaning every inch of the living room. Of course, out came the vacuum cleaner as part of the project and I got the LOOK and then she ran to hide for the duration. Now that the project is over and I am fairly pleased with it all, my girl has emerged and sniffed everything completely to make sure she can live with the change.
LM went to Provincetown to address the County League tonight on the issues surrounding the about to be imposed Federal salt water fishing license. The meeting was a huge success and he was able to spend time with one of our local reps. Next week he will address another large meeting on the issue and hope to gather support for the move to have a state license, at half the price which would preclude the federal efforts. Funds from federal licenses would not benefit the fisheries in any way, whereas all state license funds would benefit local fishery interests. I am so so proud of LM for spearheading this effort. He made that long drive yesterday after a full day....he saw his surgeon (great report), he visited his son, John for the first time since the surgery, as well as preparing for the meeting. In between he called to keep me informed on how he was doing, and talk of our love.
No wonder I had all the energy to do all the re-design in the house tonight! LM so wanted me to tell him what changes I made but I am making him wait until he visits on the weekend!

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