Monday, February 21, 2011

Yin and Yang

I'm still here, thinking of you all, and dealing with a bit of exhaustion, frustration, and winter lethargy.
This blog's namesake is working overtime right now to keep LM and I going. We are rowing hard as the tide keeps trying to wash us out to sea. Our darling, Ms G, throws us an anchor with her sweet and silly antics, her times when she just sits and gazes at us with adoration (well, it might be another reason, but we choose to believe it is adoration, love and support!)

The program John attends has not offered one iota of help. It is just a place he is housed and guarded 5 days a week. He chooses, as of today, not to ask for some help which could be available.
We've given up our sweet life to help, and it feels pretty painful right now.

This weekend, I spent more time teaching John to cook and bake. Saturday we made cheese muffins, and today we made a delicious pork roast and homemade applesauce. I enjoy that, and he seems to, as well. There is not much more I can do. When the weather clears we will be back outside working again, and that should go far to improve my spirits.

I fully expect our struggle with the tide to continue for awhile, so I need to focus on what I can do to build my strength of mind. It will come, I am certain. LM and I are fortunate that our love and caring for each other is very strong. He goes out of his way to be concerned about me in all this.

On the up side, yesterday I finished another quilt top! I left LM and John to visit with John's maternal relatives and came home to the quiet of my home, and the sewing went so smoothly.
I also, spent a glorious hour in the sun warmed car by the ocean and had a great conversation with my sister. A Sunday luxury.

When I left LM's late this afternoon, I left my favorite bathrobe behind on his bed as it was made in to a nest for beautiful sweet Ms G....all cuddled, and I could not disturb the repose. I'm looking forward to some sleep right now. It is bitterly cold here tonight after a day of beautiful soft snowfall.
Peace and love to everyone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Fun!

A week or so ago, Samantha, Sara and Richie stopped by for a little visit and lunch on a Sunday and i caught this cute picture as Samantha and LM pretended they were cats and other sorts of creatures in hopes of luring Ms G out of hiding. Alas, it did not work, but their efforts were such fun. They also drew some great pictures of sharks....not quite sure how they thought the sharks could tempt one reclusive cat to come out of her lair???

Pretending to be cats with the requisite noises.....
In the meanwhile, the rough edges of change are softening as our lives settle in around John's needs. We're rather liking the family dinners which seem to now encompass Sundays.
There are indeed signs of Spring after this very cold and stormy winter. Last Saturday morning, John and I worked in the yard/garden and accomplished so much. His willing brawn, helped me do more than I could have finished in several weekends of work. We were able to spot the primroses showing some tiny leaves and that lifted my heart to new heights. We removed all the broken branches and twigs and raked thoroughly. There is, as with all gardens, much more to do, and knowing I have a willing assistant, makes me look forward to our times working together. We chatted and shared as we went along and there was laughter, too.
That evening, LM and I shared a fun date and went to see "The King's Speech." Really, one of my favorite movies of all time....our choice for the Oscar!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cat Couch, etc

It's amazing just how many forms my life takes.....I do think my favorite is that of a cat couch. The opportunities for that are few and far between these days, as said cat is not too relaxed with all the extra people in her house. She is most often found under the quilt. Last weekend the time was just right when we returned home from enjoying some lovely Japanese food with LM's daughter, Meg, and her friend, Jose.
Our tired stressed faces.....we soldier on!
Jose and Meg....Meg had just taken the entry exam for nursing school that day and she was certain she did not do well. We were trying to encourage her and were betting she did much better than she was assuming. We were right, and she did VERY well. Now she is on to the entrance interview and paperwork.
After some Japanese beer with dinner, I was quickly morphed into cat couch life form upon arriving home...I'm a real party girl, can't you tell?
Here she is in all her glory...when the long arm comes out, you know she is in bliss.
The paparazzi was out in force...
She's just the best little friend, and I truly love her using me for her comfort. Somewhere there are countless photos of my mother in the very same position, her dear cat, Bunny, stretched atop her, never minding a bit, the heaves of her laughter as she watched Monty Python! I'm happy to keep the family tradition alive, Mum.
Happy Valentine's Day to all....mine is a work in progress...story later.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hiding Out

Most certainly, you can guess who is under that lump on LM's bed.......that is the coziest warmest place for a cute little gray purrson to be, and the lump squawks and squeaks, too.
This has been one of those weeks....I have not felt well since Tuesday....stayed home and slept a lot of the day...spirits low, too. I think a lot of it is physical, and the lack of daylight, warmth, with my body busily fighting off some invader, just zapped me hard. I boosted up my intake of potassium, had a very healthy green smoothie each day and have, just today, begun to feel like there is some relief. It also helps that the sun is shining and there will be some sun on the weekend. That means a walk could be in order.
Tonight, I am going to join Ms G in her cave and we might just invite LM to join us.
Happy weekend and may you all have some Valentine spirit....yah, I know, it is a "greeting card" holiday, but I like the intent, and the loving which comes in and goes out with the celebration.

Spring in 37 days!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


The blogging world has brought some lovely, interesting and diverse friends into my life and everyday I am grateful for their words. They've encouraged me, "held my hand" and taken me on some interesting journeys into their own wonderful worlds, and laughed and cried with me.
Just making a quick post here today to ask that all my dear readers and Ms G fans, stop by at "Brighton the Corner Where You Are" and leave a few words of encouragement for my dear friend, Judy in Michigan.
Her wonderful partner, Fred, is very ill and hospitalized. I am sure they would appreciate any and all positive thoughts right now.
Judy, I'm sending you sunshine, flowers, good health for you and Fred and lots of love and thankfulness for all the kindness you have shown.

Thank you....I just know we have enough good energy to move mountains!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dreaming About Spring

Wednesday evening.....
I really don't think I've ever had such a vivid dream about Spring....everywhere I looked at LM's house there were bulbs popping their shoots out of the ground. There were even plants throughout his house, and, in his car, bursting their shoots through soil!
My analytical mind had me digging yesterday morning for the symbolism of the dream....foolish, huh? After all, we know there is no rhyme or reason in our dreams, but certainly after this winter we're having, the "Spring dream" seemed very grounded. I'm craving green, signs of new growth, and time in the garden to move the soil, and feel the warmth of the sun. The reality of hope regarding John's future also came forth as a possibility for the dream.

Meanwhile, back to reality, snow is falling outside my office window, and each day I take a little break to tend to my office "garden," consisting of an orchid, an African violet (very happy in its southern exposure window), a poinsettia, and two old peace lilies, still blooming on occasion.

The spirit is an amazing force.......wishing you all stirrings of spring if only in your hearts.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Heroine

While there are many incredible heroines in my life, past and present, I cannot deny the power of a funny cat. Since John began house arrest at LM's house, Ms G has been pretty traumatized, living on the floor under the bed or in the back of the bedroom closet. She's skulks out when she thinks the coast might be clear, but more often than not, she has to dash back to her hiding place and wait patiently for LM to be ready for bed so she can play and have some love.
Depite all these challenges, Ms G is my heroine of the week. She showed me last weekend just what to do when your world is shaken up, your sleeping cave is dismantled, and big people are walking through your space all the time and coming between you and your love. She made an even better cave, she makes special time just for she and LM, she purrs more than ever, and finds out she really likes her new world, and she now has two men to fawn over her, give her treats and laugh at her antics. Last week a large birthday package arrived for LM. As much as Ms G loves packing tape, she was too scared to come out to see the beautiful sea blue down comforter that came out of the box, but it did not take her long at all to make her new cave under that gift on LM's bed. Now, daily, she can be found sleeping in a tight ball under the new comforter. Happy girl, and an insipiration of adaptability. Here she is on top in a ray of sunlight!

Things are going well....John is reporting to his program everyday without complaint, even making his own healthy lunch. He's looking in to jobs nearby, and is respectfully sharing his Dad's space and helping around the house. They are enjoying playing many vigorous games of they are watched by LM's sister, Lois, who visited on Sunday for LM's birthday celebration. Note the Ms G corner of the coffee table....she even gets to choose which treats she has. LM's gone 'round the bend with doting.
LM blowing out his birthday candles...that's quite the manic look on his face. He was determined to blow them all out at once.
The family......
It was a really happy day. Kristi's smile says it all.
We are taking the days as they come, and realizing that we have a rare opportunity to give John a sense of family he's been sorely lacking. LM is using this time to work on John's life skills and build their relationship. In a way it is all a gift.

Thanks Ms G for showing us that we must go with the flow in life and not struggle so hard against change. We're watching you, and so appreciate your example.