Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My View of Ms G

If I am lucky I get to see this view of our do notice, though, that the ears are turned so that every move or sound made by her beloved can be heard.   We are leaving on Friday for a  mini-vacation in Maine, and to spend several days with 3 of my siblings and families. Can't wait.  We'll be staying at a lovely B & B in York Beach and expect to do some rummaging about along the beautiful southern Maine coast. I promise to take lots of pictures and I will pray to the Blogger gods that they allow me to share them with you!  Happy Spring....well it now feels like winter here again, but we will dream of pretty flowers and sunny days. (pardon the flashless photos - photographer malfunction, but you get the idea!)


Friday, March 23, 2012

A little visit with Teddy

I have a backlog of posts and came across this cute one of a little time with Teddy on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. Both his parents had to work, so LM and I headed over to spell Alison's Dad, Allen, who had been with Teddy all morning, including taking him to his gym class at the "Y"....when we arrived Teddy was sound asleep, but he soon woke, happy to see Nana and Woo, and then wanted his lunch. The first two pics were taken while he was enjoying a delicious healthy lunch prepared by his Mom.
Next he was on to trying to con Woo out of his cell phone. As you can see, he was successful. Who can resist that face?  There's also a little glimpse of Sting in the background. He'd emerged from a long winter's nap upstairs to say a quick hello, but he does not linger long in Teddy's presence, as he knows he will be under "attack"

That look is directed straight into Woo's eyes, as he manages to hear sounds and a voice from the cell phone. Nana was calling! 
Just a little glimpse into a fun few hours with our dear Teddy. His Mom and Dad were home in what seemed like a flash!  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shameless and Obscene Behavior Alert

Her royal highness before her fall from grace!
Even this wasn't too bad except she was trying to interfere with a quick stop for fuel after heavy yardwork!
I got a brief turn of the head when I tried to get her attention.  I wish you all could see how she goes about parking herself in LM's lap.  She jumps fom the dining room table to the back of his chair, then to the coffee, table, next to the sofa, then to the side table, across LM's piles of reading material, and finally stepping down on to her destination.
After being slowly lowered off her perch, she exhibits this shameless behavior in an attempt to get attention

Back to sunshine after her love returned to taming the yard.
A typical Sunday in Ms G's world.....hope yours was as fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Samantha's Quilt

FINALLY, everyone is healthy and we were able to celebrate Samantha's 5th birthday. Above are pictures of the quilt I made for the guest of honor....(Blogger would not allow me to add text above this point)....Samatha in Uncle Jason and Aunt Alison's living room before the party.  She and Teddy were delighted to see each other...

Hello Kitty was the theme for the day.....Samantha's special place at the table came complete with a theme tiara.
"Grampa" Lou incited a lot of fun with balloons
Teddy a bit wistful as he waited for the birthday girl to blow out the candles
Alison and Kristi (all decked out for St. Patrick's Day)

Nana and Teddy waiting for Samantha to open her quilt

Teddy and Jason watch the festivities.....

I just loved Samantha's reaction when she saw the quilt and began to see all the special kitty fabrics.

Worth every stitch! 

Many apologies for the long silence here.  It has been so frustrating to try each day to post, only to be thwarted by Blogger.....
Anyway, I've just finished another long stint of dogsitting, and very happy to be back in my own house tonight and my bed is looking better every minute, after a full day of yard work at LM's.  We have made amazing progress at taming so many vines and plants, and just before I left an hour ago,
we took a walk around and gave ourselves a high 5 for all the accomplishments.  We have finally closed in on eradicating the runaway wisteria and English ivy....there is no way I can describe how over run it all was....including many trees filled to the top.  It was a beautiful day and we chalked up all the work to an ideal workout, plus, we do have fun working together outside.

I am happy to report that Marty is doing so much better.  Working with a psychiatrist at a hospital in St. Louis, they seem to have come up with a solution to stop the "voices in his head, and stop the seizures, as well as bring him back to total awareness of who he is!  There are still some tremors to cope with, and he is also trying to regain precious strength lost during the long hospitalization.  What a relief, and. once again, deep appreciation goes out to everyone for the positive thoughts and caring.
There are many more posts waiting.....and some fun stuff featuring Ms G!
Love to all!