Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gifts of Spring

A gift of Spring
Would I go near that yarn?
Quality control inspector (it passed)
Wooden knitting needles are particularly yummy!
LM, Dad, Ev and Martin

MLM, Dad, Ev & Martin
Bob takes yet another nap!

At one point on the way home from a lovely day yesterday, LM and I looked at each other and agreed that it felt like our life was back to normal in most ways, anyway. The acknowledgement evoked smiles and then further discussion of the magnitude of what has happened to both of us the past 6 weeks, and also some of the events of which LM was not aware. More healing, especially of our hearts and souls. I got through the day without crying yesterday....YEAH!

We left the Cape at 10:30 or so and arrived in Hingham to pick up Dad about noon. He was having a good day with the exception of a messy looking hemorrhage in his right eye. Dad had been wanting to take LM and my brother, Everett to The Tavern at Quarry Hill, in Quincy, for a long time. It sits on one of the highest points around and has a fantastic view of Boston, the harbor and surrounding towns. Dad loves the fact that you can look right down on to Milton, his hometown, and he could pick out so many familiar places from his childhood. The restaurant, dramatically perched on the edge of an open quarry with water at least 100 feet deep, is associated with a new golf and condominium community built on the site of the former Quincy stone quarries in W. Quincy. We all enjoyed a great lunch and celebrated being together. I was especially happy to be sitting next to LM, and to watch Dad eat a great meal of salmon cakes that were beautifully served and equally delicious! We all shared an appetizer of lobster quesadillas which were yummy. The day was made perfect by having Ev and Martin (who, by the way, has matured in to an interesting and joy-to-be-with young man) with us. Oh, how I wish they lived closed than Baltimore, MD!

After lunch, Dad went to his place and we all gathered for awhile back at my brother, Sam's, where we had to visit Bob for a you can see by the picture, he was very busy napping but he did give us all a chance to feel his deliciously soft fur and have a little kitty-love. At least Bob did not hide under the, bed as someone else we all know....ahem, Ms G. Ev had a beautiful gift to give me from my talented and dear SIL....some of her very soft handspun yarn here and a pair of lovely Lantern Moon knitting needles. The yarn is in my favorite colors and now my mind is working overtime to decide what to knit...most likely a scarf as my knitting ability is quite limited! Someday, socks, ah, yes, someday.

Today will bring more time with LM and a visit to Kristi. Her mother, Ellen, is not having an easy time with breathing. I will also go to try to find the fabric I need to finish Meaghan's quilt. Peace feels so good, normal feels so good, of course that is subjective....I think this normal is even better than before!

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