Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Waterloo Trip - Part 2

I would like to be able to say that I deliberately saved this post until the dead of winter so we could all enjoy the beauty that is Ontario in June, but I must confess, that it is only due to procrastination that brings you all this color right now when our world is so black, white and gray.  Nonetheless. I began telling you about our trip to visit my sister, Margaret, last June, and now I bring you the rest of the story.  Margaret's front porch window boxes gave us the most spectacular greeting.  

These beauties were on the porch right below the window box. Take note of the forget-me-nots. They are everywhere in Waterloo.

A two minute walk from Margaret's house, are the community gardens. They are such an oasis of loveliness that we had to walk through them several times during our visit. Many of the residents spend countless hours raising vegetables and the healthiest specimens I have seen anywhere. It was so nice to see residents sitting on benches in the gardens to enjoy serenity, the birds and butterflies.
Add On her living room coffee table, Margaret has this big basket filled with "friends"....all hand knit by friends.  Although they look very real, the sweet kittens are not about to jump out.
As well as her inviting back porch, there is a private terrace with garden at the back, and even a cute resident bunny.

We really enjoyed the terrace with its new pergola shaded by Virginia Creeper.

APretty flowers everywhere.

...and, more

My loving chauffeur enjoying a chocolate chip cookie!

This lovely quilt hangs in Margaret's living room over the sofa. It was  made as a gift by the Sew and Sews - Margaret's quilting group.

A William Morris quilt made by Margaret hangs on the far wall of the dining room.

During our visit there was a pick-up day for unwanted item, and I was lucky enough to find this nicely framed print. It is now in my sitting room, and a lovely reminder of our trip.

As always, Margaret was working on quilt blocks while we were there. Her work,a ll by hand, it so detailed and interesting. These pieces have a lot of hand applique.

These circles are all appliqued by hand, and perfect!

These little flowers were my favorites.

Love the owls!

All too soon, it was time to head home. We planned our route to take us south through Niagara Falls,  then north to Fort Niagara, and east across the lower shore of Lake Ontario. We always like to choose a way we have not driven before. All the way east to Syracuse/Rochester area we were driving close to the shore of the Lake and it was the most beautiful, serene and lush countryside. We passed hundreds of miles of fruit orchards - apples, peaches, pears, cherries and others.  Very rural, yet thriving with business.

We came across this little honor system farm stand and, of course, we stopped to buy strawberries and asparagus. Two of our favorite foods!

Along the way...

By noon we were getting hungry and this lovely farm popped up just as a very heavy thunder storm began. We pulled in and made a mad dash through the rain drops. It is a strawberry farm, and I only wish I could convey the essence of strawberry that filled the air. We enjoyed a delicious lunch of BLT's on homemade bread served with just made potato chips.

This doisplay was adjacent to the table where we ate lunch.

Looking out to the strawberry fields and apple trees beyond. 

Obviously a popular destination for delicious food and home made ice cream.

Very close to Lake Ontario at this point

I cannot remember the name of this quirky little town but loved these windows above an old store.

Two happy sisters!!

Thanks for coming along with us....PEace and love.