Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It is only fitting that today was a glorious sunny day here on Cape Cod. The sun warmed us up to the low 50's and the scent of Spring was everywhere. No where was it more present than in LM's heart today. He is so happy and full of energy and enthiusiasm, not to mention declarations of love and missing "us". Music to my ears, beautiful music. Tonight he is at his Salties meeting and I just know he received a very wam and emotional welcome, after all, he has been the backbone of the club for more than 30 years, and he works tirelessly, monitoring legislation and guarding the interests of Cape Cod recreational fishermen. He called me when he got in his car and began driving for the first time since his illness and he was so excited but wanted to hear my voice and tell me how he was feeling. It is heart warming to hear how well he feels!

This was just a great day, all around......happy conversations with family and friends, feeling happy all day at work, and going to look at the ocean to give thanks this evening in beautiful twilight. Gleeful has been the theme today and I am sure for many more days to come. Now, if I can just get Ms. G to make an appearance when LM comes to visit this weekend!!!

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Beverly said...

So glad you had a wonderful spring day. It sounds like life has definitely turned a corner. Yeah!