Monday, March 31, 2014

Home Again......

Checking in to say hello this morning......unpacking, reflecting and giving thanks for the incredibly wonderful vacation we just shared with Anne and David at their home on Eleuthera.  Until I have time to share all the beauty, here is a photo of just one of the happy moments on the island.

This photo was taken at The Farm in North Palmetto Point, Eleuthera. They are noted for their incredible organic produce, and fresh breads. The island tomatoes were in and the best I have ever had. Picture taken at the entrance gate. Happy day!

Be back soon with many more memories to share and I hope this interlude has brought you all peace and happiness....Love to all.

PS.....Ms G had a fun time with her Aunt Lois in residence. She gave us a royal welcome home.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Someone has an issue with Travel Prep

LM says he may not be able to go to Eleuthera with me.....the consequences of being a cat-napper.  You can bet she's been moved by now.


Counting Down the Minutes

Bags are packed, excitement is building, and we'll be leavin' on a jet plane. Cannot wait to be sitting on the porch, gazing over the Atlantic as the palm trees rustle in the breeze. The happiest part of this trip will be sharing beautiful Eleuthera with LM for the first time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Almost Island Time

I know it's been quiet around these parts, but lots of happy things are going say I am thrilled to have worked the past week and a half, caught up on all my waiting tasks while also getting ready for our 10 days on Eleuthera, would be putting it mildly. LM and I are now down to counting the hours. We both work today and then, tomorrow we are off to Providence to stay the night before our flight to Orlando at 6 am on Friday morning, and yes, that flight takes us to meet daughter Anne, and we will, all three of us, go to the island. We first fly from FL to Nassau, then Nassau to the island. It will be an adventure for LM, especially, as he has never been to the Caribbean, nevermind on as many flights.  Anne's wonderful, husband, David, is already on the island getting the house ready and preparing for our visit.

So this is what has been keeping me happily busy.  I promise to take many, many pictures and capture as much of the fun as possible.

Meanwhile, I hope Spring will truly begin and bring a touch of warmth to you all, and I wish you love and peace......

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Good Morning!!!

How wonderful it feels to wake up and not be sick, and to feel so happy and relieved. Going for a fantastic therapeutic massage last night after my first full week back at work, has my body working overtime this morning to rid itself of all pneumonia, etc vestiges....what a relief. 6 more days until our trip and the excitement builds. Tomorrow I will work on packing.

This morning I will be out early to visit People for Cats with my friend, Deb. In the last 2 months, Deb lost two of her cats, and she is hoping to find a new furry friend today to share in her special brand of cat love. It is such fun to visit PFC even if the right one isn't there, we can pat and visit with the many lucky kitties who call it home. I will be hoping to find a new kitty-friend at PFC after our trip to Eleuthera. I'd love to find just the right one, as it is very clear that Ms G is way too happy with her boyfriend, LM, to ever return "home,"  and life without a cat is becoming a bit unfulfilling.  While I have been home sick for the past 3 months,  I've had repeated episodes of thinking I see Ms G following me, hear her "talking" to me, etc.  I keep thinking she is right near me all the time.
Off to Falmouth....I'll be sure to get some kitty photos today.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Party and Coming Home!

We had a birthday party for granddaughter, Samantha, on Sunday at Teddy's house. Shortly after our arrival, Teddy brought me to the living room to tell me all about how hard he worked to blow up these balloons for the party. He was so cute in his description.
I loved seeing this kalanchoe blooming on the family room windowsill. Lovely color after what has been such a long gray time. Not saying, I don't love winter, though - I really do, and this year, especially, as I have been confined for nearly 3 months.  The joy of the shadows brought me by the skeletons of the trees, and the little birds hopping about in the branches, became my friends at the window of my sitting room.
Our beautiful party girl!
These two are such a dynamic duo.
Teddy smiled for Nana and I saw my mother's smile and eyes.
Teddy sure loves his Daddy, Jason

and, his very tired Nana, too.

Our gracious hosts
So nice to be with these adorable spirits.....healing.

Woo (LM), loves these two darlings so much!

The birthday princess and her adoring Mom

Princess Samantha reacts as Teddy takes her special gift out from behind the couch. Love that I caught this photo. She was so excited.

Warm thanks to Alison....

More surprises!

Waiting to blow out the candles....
Fun was had by all.

Recovery has come to me in big doses this week. The day of the party I was feeling pretty exhausted and not so hopeful about returning to work the next day, but after several naps, I was up and ready the next morning and so touched to be "welcomed "home" by so many of my beloved co-workers. They seemed to lift me up with their hugs and teary hopes that I am back to stay.  My energy returned by the moment as the day sped by.  I am so happy to be in my routine again. 
There are hurdles to jump yet and the big one is coping with Coumadin for the next 5 months.  The side effects are not pleasant. I am also withdrawing abruptly from years of taking Premarin...about 30 years to be exact. Although I had drastically tapered down the dose over the past few years, the risk of clotting is still great. It is not thought to be the cause of my recent embolisms but could be, so best to stop. Not an easy thing at all. Have any of you gone through Premarin withdrawal? I'd love to share how others have dealt with the process?
This morning, I have an echocardiogram to check my heart function.  I feel it will be fine and give me peace of mind as LM and I put the final preparations together for our trip to Eleuthera next week.
Peace and the beauty of Spring to everyone.....I'm trying to be optimistic about warmer days as the ice and snow fall from the skies here this morning.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Have Progress

Stopping by briefly tonight to share the good news that I saw the pulmonologist today and he feels I can return to work on Monday, and that I can go to Eleuthera as planned on March 21. WHEW.....I need this trip, in so many ways.
I will have to have an echocardiogram a week from Thursday to be sure my heart is fine after all its been through recently.  I also have to remain on the bloodthinner, Coumadin, for another 5 months or so. Not so happy about that because there are unpleasant side effects - stomach pain and chills!  At least I do not have to stay on it forever. That would not be fun.

Now, I will need to work diligently on re-building my endurance as it has suffered greatly during these past 3 months. Each day I am taking on a few new tasks. This morning early, I finally vacuumed out the mounds of winter dirt from my nice new car, AND finally installed the new all-weather mats that have been waiting in the back seat the entire time I've been sick. After the doctor's appointment and some testing, I took my car for service, and then did a little shopping at Trader Joe's for some veggies.
By the time I arrived home, I was near tears from exhaustion but it felt good that I could accomplish some much needed errands. At one point during this day, I went to sit by the waterfront and contemplate the stark beauty of our winter while taking some healing breaths. 

Now preparation for the trip goes in to high gear and the excitement is building. I'm extra happy that LM will be with me this time and be able to experience the peace, beauty and healing of the island.  It has been said about Eleuthera that it is a place where negativity vanishes, and great healing begins......wish I could take you all with me, but I will return with a lot of pictures and stories, I promise.

In the meantime, we will be celebrating Samantha's 7th birthday on Sunday and I will get to be with both my little grandchildren for the first time in way too long.

Love to all......

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Out and About.....

As recovery continues here, I thought I would share a few sights seen both in the house, at LM's and around town....I've been trying to get out for a short walk each day, even though it has been very cold.  Meanwhile, Ms G is up to her usual antics...all taking place right beside LM's chair and designed to keep his full attention.

Three cats!!

She was caught red-pawed getting in to some things on the kitchen counter, and quickly switched to washing her face, thinking we wouldn't suspect bad behavior.
Meanwhile, at my house, I made some new valences for the windows in my sitting room. 
This nice Williamsburg fabric had been hanging around my fabric collection for a number of years and it finally told me it needed to be hanging above the windows instead!  Voila

On Friday morning I needed to be in Orleans early for bloodwork. When I was finished, the sun was trying valiantly to warm the day, so I decided to take in the sights at Rock Harbor on the bay side of Cape Cod. It was not surprising to find the harbor filled with ice...a dramatic scene and beautiful.

I walked around the harbor for about 20 minutes....

Love finding feathers and left it right where it wished to be.

The photos couldn't capture the undulation of this ice, and the group of gulls riding up and down.

As I made my way back to the car I noticed these trees, their northeast facing sides, blown away , from the severity of the winter winds. 
Still feeling energized after my walk, I drove to TJ Maxx and spent an hour walking around looking to see what I have been missing all these months. Found this nice rag rug for in front of my sink.

and, a pretty taupey-beige purse for the Bahamas trip.
Each day I can feel strength coming back, and still have little reminders of all that has happened recently....just waiting to see the pulmonologist on Tuesday to clear me to go back to work!!
Meanwhile, tonight, I am waiting for the Oscars to come on, and am enjoying reading "The Goldfinch."
Hope you've all had a nice, peace and happiness to all!