Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Day

Knowing today would be the first time in five weeks that LM and I would go out by ourselves, I was awake at 5:00 am and did some fun cooking to prepare for my week and to have some nutritious and healthy soup to bring to LM and Bob, as well as some for LM's daughter, Kristi and her mother. I'd acquired everything necessary to make Easy Broccoli Onion Garbanzo Bean Soup which had been posted on Farm Girl Fare on March 10th. It sounded delicious and a great way to increase LM's iron and protein levels which are very low. The directions were perfect and the soup is a heavenly dose of comfort and nutrition. I so enjoy making something new on Sundays and then having plenty of healthy food to get me through the week.

I also baked a banana cake from a recipe sent to me by my dear daughter, Anne, from FL. I cannot say she did not warn me that the cake was dangerous in its deliciousness. I will post that recipe in a few days. Meanwhile, most of that cake has been given as little gifts and the rest is going in the freezer...well, maybe some can remain for a little bite for me here and there.

I picked LM up just after noon and we were so happy to be alone and I was touched when he reached out to hold my hand while we drove as he had always done before. Sweet!
We had errands to do involving all three of LM's children that gave us a chance to visit with his daughters Kristi and Meaghan. Kristi is handicapped (Expressive Aphasia from a stroke at age 1), 40 years old and lives with her mother, Ellen. Ellen is not in good health and Kristi's future, should something happen to her mother, is a constant worry for LM. Before the heart attack happened he had been in the process of trying to establish a plan. It is daunting, as her mother is really not capable of cooperating to make this happen. We do have a physical care plan for Kristi in place but there is much more to be done-actually she is quite high functioning and is caring for her mother quite well. The love and devotion LM has always had for Kristi is very special and one of his most beautiful defining qualities, in my eyes anyway. I enjoy Kristi and we have established a nice bond...she calls me often and enjoys going places with me to do "girl" things.

After that visit we saw Meaghen and she is doing so well...23, a nursing student and a CNA in a nursing/rehab center. It really was great for her to see her Dad up and out and recovering so well. She was my constant support during his ordeal and we grew closer through it all.

After about 3 hours, I could see my dear man begin to get very tired and become quiet. We just drove the rest of the way back, holding hands tightly and taking comfort from that connection. No words are necessary for us....we just like to be and feel. I find myself full of tears but they remain checked.
When I left LM he was already asleep on the sofa, back in the corner where he has done a lot of his healing, his face peaceful. I love him so. When I got back to Chatham, I went to our favorite beach and did a little meditation and gratitude list for the day as a little snow fell. We are so fortunate to have this second chance.

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Beverly said...

You sure are both fortunate to have each other. I am glad you both had a good weekend.
When you mentioned Chatham, I caught my breath, to think you LIVE in that town. I do have wonderful memories of being there.