Monday, April 30, 2012

Paul Bunyan and his Helpers

A few weeks ago, this cute fellow, also known as Teddy, arrived with his Mum and Dad to help us take down an errant tree and do a few other landscape chores beyond our powers.....Jason and LM played Paul Bunyan and did the deed very efficiently. Well, almost, right at the end, LM had to let the tree fall on his brand new mailbox to avoid it landing on Jason!  Mailbox has been replaced already. LOL
LM held rope while Jason wielded the chain saw....

Meanwhile, I had worked on a dinner to share as it was Alison's birthday and a celebration was at hand. Asparagus in a light coating of olive oil and coated with freshly grated lemon rind...roasted them at 450 until they were just done. PERFECTION!
I sauteed boneless chicken breasts until brown on both sides, added a dollop of pesto, sliced tomato and freshly grated parmeson cheese, then baked at 350 for 25 minutes.
Teddy helping Mummy to open her gifts. Strawberry shortcake dessert!
Teddy sharing a few words with his beloved "Woo"
Posing outside before saying good-bye
My wonderful son, Jason, wife, Alison, and their darling Teddy!
A perfect day and another step closer to taming LM's garden.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sometimes life just stops us in our tracks and that is certainly what happened to me on Friday.  The day was sailing along at work, my thoughts were of the nice dinner LM was preparing to have ready when I arrived there for the weekend, and within a few minutes I was hit with some extreme exhaustion, and lower abdominal pain.  I got to the end of the workday, slightly energized by a cup of green tea, but by the time I reached LM's house, I was in PAIN, and moving very slowly.  It hurt so much to get up and down from sitting, and I began to suspect that I might have a bladder infection. I was shaking with chills and very nauseous.
I awoke Saturday morning with very serious pain and knew immediately I would have to go to the emergency center.  We arrived there at 9 am only to be told they were so booked that I would have to go to another facility.  I about passed out right there, and as I was headed to the door a familiar face poked out from around a corner and when she saw me, care was initiated quickly and I was seen right there. She was a friend from my community ed days and is now a nurse at the center - she'd recognized my voice.  Angels, in place for sure.
Indeed it is a bladder infection and possibly some diverticular involvement.  Soon I was underway, on a powerful antibiotic, and home to be lovingly cared for by LM and Ms G as I slept the rest of the day.  I woke this morning feeling so much better and was able to work in the garden with LM for a few hours, enjoying some beautiful sunshine.  A lovely day.  It reminded me of the beautiful days that always seem to come after a major storm. 
WHEW....what a relief to be on the way past that painful crisis.  On a very special note - this morning I received an e-mail from the doctor who treated me yesterday and he was so very kind and asked me to be sure to e-mail him immediately if I was not feeling better.  WOW! 

So, after we finished our gardening today, we took a ride to the beach and enjoyed some time in the late afternoon sunshine and gave thanks for health, each other, and the beauty.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maine, cont

We left the Cliff Walk at the beach and walked up a short hill to the main street of York Harbor in order to circle back to our inn.  This house was straight ahead of us and we were captivated by its glowing pink/purple color....lovely and although it was closed up for the winter, you could almost hear the sound of happy summertime voices coming from porch rockers.  We mentioned needing to come back in summer to see it for real. 
As we rounded the corner we came upon the lovely old York Harbor Inn.  It looks like a beautiful and luxurious place to stay and our innkeeper highly recommended having dinner in their tavern although we never made it there; too many other places to visit.  Across the street is a lovely open park on a hill looking over the view we had as we walked the Cliff Walk.  In past years that entire view had been blocked by houses.  One York Harbor lover bought the property and made a park there for all to enjoy. There were many benches, gardens and paths. 

The view from the park and another side of the private Reading Room Club.

As we followed the sidewalk back to the Inn there were many beautiful homes along the shore, some with rather unusual architectural details and artifacts. Loved this doorway and guess who had to get up close and peer in....revealing a courtyard with beautiful pool and gardens.  Alas, my photo attempt failed.

My favorite garden was surrounded by a very high wall and guarded by many gargoyles.
A closed up summer house that sits just atop the Cliff Walk. So beautiful!
About this point, my knee was wishing I'd sit down, so we perched on a stonewall and admired this beautiful Episcopal church. 
Right behind our resting spot was this beautiful white birch pretty against the blue, blue sky.  Happy sweet moments on the wall as we counted our blessings and gave thanks for our love.
The tree had beautiful peeling bark.
At last we arrived back at the Inn and LM and I discovered the origin of the Inn at Tanglewood Hall's
name....the incredibly huge wisteria encompassing the huge tree at the foot of the drive. 

After that lovely walk we needed a little rest back at our beautiful suite of rooms....ahhhhh.

When we awoke from a little siesta, we couldn't wait to get out and do a bit more sightseeing, and scope out another walk we'd heard about.  This is York Harbor looking toward the east.
So picturesque!  Many lobster boats.

Our last stop that first afternoon, early evening, was at the very famous Nubble Light. We loved this beautiful little island with its old Coast Station and still active light.
You cannot get over to the island.....years ago the house would be occupied by a lighthouse keeper, and the children would come across daily to go to school, via a small white hand worked cable car (visible in the picture by following the line of electric poles)!
As we headed back from the light we came across this very large old summer "cottage" and, again, we could picture the many happy families that have probably frolicked here through the years.
We ended the evening with a light dinner at the Lobster Cove restaurant sitting in a second floor window looking directly out over the beach....beautiful!
The tour will continue if Blogger allows!
Love and peace to all from this allergy ridden writer tonight!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Musing

Conscious thoughts....
The wind is howling, the sun is shining and everything is so green today.  The rain was nourishing for our spirits and the earth. 
After a visit with my dear acupuncturist, Jenni, I feel healed in so many ways today. The past 4 months have been foggy/blurry and allergy ridden.  I think the lovely winds have swept them away! One positive aspect of my malaise these last months is some lovely long naps with Ms G.  She is the best napper, and has taught me a thing or two about hunkering in for the duration. Of course, she does object when I come between she and her man.....alas, he used to be mine.

There are cupcakes to be made tonight, a workout and some dinner, and a send-off for my dear LM as he'll be driving to PA tomorrow, back to the Cape, and off to NY on Thursday. Feast or famine for my dear one. What did we do before cell phones?

Planning for my coming vacation in Colorado is such a pleasure right now. I look forward to sharing the beauty of Spring with my dear sister.  We will celebrate her birthday as well. 

Just a few lines as I give thanks for my dear blog friends and my family, as well as a return to clear headedness.

There are many picture posts to come....."you" haven't finished with the Maine trip yet....soon.

Love to all.....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the Road Again...

The Inn at Tanglewood Hall - York Harbor, Maine.....our home away from home for 4 days at the end of March! LM had visited southern Maine last year and said he thought we should spend some time touring the area as he knew I would love it. Knowing how well he reads my likes and dislikes, he had to be right, thus a trip to Maine was planned. We are so happy we chose Tanglewood Hall as our base - lovely hosts, beautiful grounds and a heavenly bed!  We also loved the fact that it was a great base to walk from. 

We were so happy to find out my brother and sister would be in Maine, as well.  Pictures:  brother, Ev, nephews, John and Ian, sister, El, and my dear LM, on the bridge in Kennebunkport on the first afternoon. Below, they insisted on including moi.

Our inkeepers, Andrew and Su,  highly recommended taking a walk on the Cliff Walk, along the Atlantic, and just a short jaunt from our inn. The house above was just near the start of the walk.  Below, is the view we found at the beginning of the walk.  A spectacular day along the craggy coast of Maine.

At this point we took a right turn and began to follow the very precipitous path. LM had to help me in many spots as my knee was tested - ever the gentleman, I made it just fine.
The path was so close to the edge! 
The views were so beautiful. All private property to our right as we walked.
There were many sentinel seagulls.

There are an assortment of beautiful homes along the walk, and one owner has built a fortress, complete with cannons to hold back the hillside, but also for privacy.  Pretty humorous.

This building is an exclusive private club called "The Reading Room" 

At the end of the path is a lovely York Harbor town beach.  Beautiful soft but hard-packed sand making it a wonderful place to walk. 
Our tour will continue in a few days.......we did lots of walking and touring, interspersed with great family times, rest and meals!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Phlox are Phloxing

Son, Jason, sent me this shot of their back garden last night.  It is amazing how the phlox have spread down over their rock retaining wall in so few years.

I've been working for 6 days to try to post about our trip to Maine, Easter and a few other things, all to no avail. I will try again tonight.

May you all be having the beautiful sunshine we have today....sending love, and thoughts to my sister Margaret today, as she moves to assisted living with her husband and cat, Brenda. I know she has lots of help, professional and family but I sure wish I could be there in Ontario today to help. We wish them years of happiness and relief in their lovely new home.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exploring We Went

The Dennis Conservation Lands....following the abandoned tracks of the old Cape Cod Railroad, we ended at a scenic lookout onto the Bass River. Along the way the scenery was full of wonder and surprises. Can you see the marsh visitor in the pictures below??  We were walking on a series of uplands sprinkled over the marshland of the Bass River.  This walk happened almost two months ago but I've been unable to download the photos. They are here now, after a fashion, and I am still unable to comment under the photos.

These red berries were so pretty in the starkness of a Cape Cod wintery day.

The Bass River.  There used to be a railroad bridge that crossed the river here.  It has been removed as rail service ended out this far years ago.

On the way back....

After the walk we went to LM's favorite fishing beach at West Dennis. The long black pipe you see is bringing sand to replenish the beach.  It was dredged from the mouth of the Bass River.  The sea gulls were having such fun that day and the one on the post was waiting for us to throw him a scrap. Wishful thinking!

Well, finally you got to go on that special Sunday outing with us. Sorry it took so long.
I cannot believe it is almost Friday....after being apart for almost 2 weeks, LM and I get to spend the weekend together. Cannot wait, and Ms G will be there, too, of course.