Friday, December 28, 2012

The Phantom

Just wondering if anyone else has had the experience of repeatedly seeing someone or thing that is really not there.  I think I am suffering "lack of cat presence".....being home a bit more often over the past few weeks, I have "seen" Ms. Graysea walking through doorways, by my feet and one particularly startling time, she jumped out of the shower when I was in the bathroom.  As most of my readers know, Ms G has been living with LM for about 4 years now and it amazes me that her shadow has not appeared before this.  So strange, but it does make me laugh.

We may get snow tomorrow!  We are going to visit the cat shelter tomorrow, maybe it is time for me to adopt a kitty.....we shall see.

Happy almost 2013.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Our Christmas was so special in so many ways, but one of my highlights was finally giving my love, LM, his quilt!!  Mr fish loves it and says when he brought it home, Ms, G parked herself on it immediately to try it out.
The body of the quilt is made up of batik fish fabric, the first border is cats dancing to music, the large border represents the water, and finally a border of fabric representing sea grass where the best fish hide.

Morse photos later.....hope everyone is filled with the peace and joy of this special time of year. Love to all.

PS. Debbie - there is even a donkey on the back, oh, and a picture of Ms G, too. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

The beginning of sunset as we approached Provincetown during a little getaway with LM on Saturday.  Blustery winds!  We stopped in N. Truro to delver a little gift to friends, and our goal was to see the Chistmas lights at the Provincetown Monument come on, alas we missed the lighting by a split second. Nonetheless it seemed we had the normally bustling town to ourselves as we drove around admiring the beauty.  It was hard to keep our eyes down as the sky, clouds, moon and very slowly departing sun, created such magically mysterious effects.
 Fire shoots into the clouds from the sunset.
 The beautiful Provincetown Town Hall as seen through my very dirty windshield!
 My wonderful chauffeur found just the right vantage point to photograph the monument and we were amazed by the spectral effect from the clouds.  My grandparents brought us to P-Town every year in the summer and we had such fun climbing to the top of the monument to admire the spectacular views over Cape Cod.

 Another......we parked here and walked in to the town to have an early dinner at cozy and fun Napi's.
 Before dinner we had driven out on to MacMillan Wharf - not a soul around.  I love the glow of the sunset at the base of the monument. 
 The moon attempts to light up one of the piers at the end of the wharf.

As we drove off the wharf and into town, we were welcomed by this display of lighted lobster pots - a P-Town tradition and a salute to the town's heritage and industry.
It was a lovely Christmas interlude and we were so grateful to mother nature for putting on such a lovely show as a backdrop for the beauty of one of our favorite places.

We are off to spend Christmas Eve with Jason and family. I hear that Tedy is counting down the minutes until we all arrive. Really, he only wants to see Lou "Woo" and Samantha but he'll get Nana and Sara, too.

Tomorrow we will have a quiet day and dinner with LM's children at his house.

Very proud of my brother Sam's sons, Danny and Nate today. Danny designed and engineered the "Follow Santa" program on Google's home page today. Santa is very busy.  Nate is in Belgium competing in a cyclocross world event, representing the USA.  An amazing experience.

Merry Christmas with lots of love! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Photos from the Past Month

Kristi and her Dad - the day her mother went to the hospital and also the day that she broke her ankle. We attended a tribute dinner for a 50+ yr friend of LM's that night and poor Kristi looked so stressed.

At the tribute dinner - our friend, Mary to the right.
Looking a little happier, Kristi sitting by a beautiful hillside of bittersweet on the day after Thanksgiving.
Our beautiful Samantha came to visit just after Thanksgiving when we had a little birthday dinner for her Mom, Sara.
Sara and Samantha
Teddy about to enter a winter wonderland display in Hyannis. He was so excited.
Teddy 4th birthday "Construction site" birthday cake - made by his Mum and Dad!
The birthday boy in all his glory.
Ogling the gifts!
Sheer excitement.
Alison's Christmas village display in their transom windows.

We are still holding watch with Kristi's mother, and also awaiting a biopsy for son, Jason (12/28).  This is a very busy time of year and we are trying to pace ourselves as we want there to be a joyous Christmas, even as we face the challenges of serious health issues for some loved ones. 
LM and I managed to have 24 hrs of blissful time alone last weekend, and we are very grateful for that time as there is not much of it ahead. 
Our problems are truly insignificant compared to the losses those in Newtown, CT are facing. We've been left so shaken by the magnitude of this tragedy. 

This weekend I will be house sitting, finishing wrapping, baking, and looking forward to the magic, joy and love that is having Teddy, Samantha and my children together for Christmas.
Oh, and one more photo of my beloved fisherman - still out there on winter days catching striped bass on a fly rod (and throwing them back  It's how he keeps his sanity.

Wishing all of my dear blog readers and family a beautiful Christmas and lots of love!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Sometimes, the confusion and pain just get to be too much. I forget that I cannot fix all things for all people, can you imagine that????  I just plain forget, until the struggle of trying begins to cut off my oxygen, and I lose myself.  I've been on the hunt....searching for me, looking in every corner, little success yet, but there is a glimmer. After all, this is familiar territory.  When numbness, anger and impatience emerged in my words, I knew my compassion had fled, my reserves were way too low, and I had to go away from the impossible frustration that is LM's life right now. My good intentions were strangling us all. 

I've retreated and way too slowly the self-inflicted noose is loosening, my breaths are becoming deeper, and LIFE GOES ON.  LM , my main source of "air" and love, is in a distant place, where he needs to be to care for his issues on his own, and I am just here if he needs to talk. We have no time together, and I feel freer away from the chaos that is of his own choosing.  I know it will pass, but I needed to free myself of that fray in order to breathe in life. Ellen is hanging on, if only by a thread. Her sister arrived from WY last night (the only relative). Kristi's angst intensifies daily. 

This decision to step back, although it allows me to breathe, is not without pain.

Ms G is coping by staying under the comforter on LM's bed, just about 24/7.  In the night, I hear, she goes to LM and taps his face many times, very softly, then retreats.  Sort of what I would like to do, but she's a good surrogate right now, as she cannot issue any hurtful demands.

Meanwhile, a lot of sewing and Christmas preparations have been made, my box to FL has been mailed, and I am gearing up for the awfulness that is the mandatory company Christmas party on Friday (awful in my mind only - it is actually, a beautiful and delicious event with vey nice people).

Time to get myself off to work......Love to all.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


She just plain knows!!  Knows how to love, to listen, and to be there.  She knows how to bring smiles, knowing glances, and to offer her warm fur for a pat.  You are our angel, Ms Graysea.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Guessing Game

Can you guess what this is????

....and, speaking of guessing games, we still await whatever will happen with Kristi's Mom. She is in complete denial of her condition, and has told the nursing home that she is going home tomorrow.  She cannot walk and/or barely move by herself. Calls for help to Elder Services and the nursing home social worker remain unanswered and we wait.  It is all very hard and taking a toll.

On the weekend I was house sitting for my boss's dogs, and in between times to let them out, feed them, etc, we went to Ellen's house and I dug in to some cleaning again as her sister is coming from WY and plans to stay there beginning next Monday.  We made somewhat of a dent in the awful mess, and Kristi cleared a path to her bed and we put on clean sheets so that she can stay with her aunt for some of the time.
I can feel LM cracking under the strain of all this, and Ellen still remains steadfast about not preparing a will or even paying her current household bills. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass and the main focus is on doing what I can to relieve LM.  Yesterday I took Kristi with me all day and she played with the dogs and we did all of her Dad's laundry to save him the work.
 Today is the first day that I feel this situation cracking my armor of compassion.  I've a health issue with my son to worry about, too, and it is making me very tired and distracted.  Oh, well.  Coming in to this very busy season of parties (so many of them are inescapable) adds to the pressure.

On the bright side, today is a gloriously warm and sunny day and I went to the beach at lunch and watched the crows play in the sunshine and listened to the waves as I turned my face to the sun.  I am planning on there being residuals from that hour of peace!

Love to all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Life is living up to its promise that it will always be one of change, challenge, and adaptability.  It is a good thing that as I age, acceptance becomes easier.  Our lives have taken a major turn and we are now parenting a 44 year old developmentally challenged girl, LM's lovely daughter, Kristi.  On a daily basis she is teaching me to have more patience than I ever knew possible, to smile, even when your heart is breaking, and enabling me to see her father through new eyes, as the incredibly loving and patient man I love with all my heart.  Kristi is living with LM right now as her mother lays dying of cancer in a local nursing facility.  Ellen most likley will not live  until Christmas, and is so bitter and angry that she tests patience at every turn.  Today we had hoped she would agree to do a will and power of attorney, but she refuses adamantly to provide and prepare for her disabled daughter's future.  We will continue to hold out hope that she will have a change of heart. Our goal is to provide a life filled with new experiences and happiness for Kristi, and to provide for her future.  Right now it has effected many changes for us, as I no longer stay at LM's on the weekends because the house is very small and it just becomes overwhelming.  We are doing this for Kristi and it will be OK.

Meanwhile, LM, Kristi and I had a very quiet but most delicious Thanksgiving together which we followed by taking a plate to Kristi's Mom.  LM and I had a great time preparing what I think was the best turkey I ever cooked. The day after, I took Kristi with me on errands, thrift shopping, some beach visits and we had such fun. It was heavenly to have the 4 days off from work. On Saturday, we worked on finally raking and clearing the yard and garden, and doing a lot of cutting back. Still more to do but the bulk of the leaves is gone. We followed that busy day up with a birthday dinner for my daughter, Sara, and enjoyed a fun evening having she and Samantha in house. 

Unfortunately, there are no photos because Blogger says I can no longer post them unless I pay a fee. The fee will take some consideration.

Winter has begun to chill us a bit here but we love the change of seasons and the stark beauty we have, especially the very late day skies, as I walk to my car after work. The first few steps toward my car find me inhaling a restorative breath of air, and giving new life to my day.

Love to all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyber Week, Manx Style

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are exhausted from shopping, and they miss their Mom who has been in VA visiting her Dad.  Hold on guys she is on her way back today. Cannot wait to go to visit these guys again soon! My brother and wife are having such fun with kitten antics. No news yet on real names.

Hope you all are having fun, too, and that you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. I will write more about ours later.

Love to all!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shakin' and Hoppin'

Lot's of dancing going on here all by myself this morning. Tuned in to my fave WOMR out of Provincetown, it wasn't fabulous enough to bop around to "At the Hop" by Danny and the Juniors, when next up was Jerry Lee Lewis singing "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On"....think I've gotten my workout in for the day. They play the best music.  Alas, it was back to changing my bed, getting dressed and preparing to head out the door to collect LM and Kristi. We had initially decided to spend the day working at Kristi's house, but have decided to do some fun things and postpone the work until tomorrow. We'll visit Ellen first this morning at the nursing facility, and then head off-Cape to take Kristi on a little mystery tour.  She loves to shop so we will find some fun places for her and visit a farm for some Thanksgiving items. We plan to walk at some point, although Kristi cannot go far with her ankle in an aircast, I think we will stop to gaze and breathe in a place of healing for me, the Cape Cod Canal.

I dug out a quilt I made in 1990 when I was healing from cancer surgery, and, worn as it is, I am taking it to Ellen in hopes it will help her heal as it did me.  We feel desperate for a way to bring her comfort. She may say no, but we'll try.

Happy Saturday......

Friday, November 16, 2012

Note to Self

Continue to feed your soul with color and creativity, the company of other creative souls, and be open to new experiences at any given time.

My friend, and kindred soul, Donna, invited me to a poetry reading last night.  It was dark and cold after work, and I could easily have retreated to my warm and comfy cave, but I accepted her invitation, made the drive, and had the most delightful time. There were about 30 people present, many of whom, including Donna, read their work, and the guest reader was a beautiful, talented and hip poet from Boston, Nicole Terez Dutton.   She made me laugh and made me cry, and took us on some world travels with her words. Also, last night, I met a woman that I have not seen since the late 1970's!  We knew each other immediately, and I was thrilled to hear her read some of her great poetry. Sheila and I had been active in starting a group for newly single people when I'd first moved to Cape Cod.
I was immersed for 3 hours in the wonder of words, amidst some truly amazing talent from my own back yard.

Note to self - take the step out the door! 

In other news:
We continue to have a vigil with Kristi's Mom, Ellen. She is currently in a rehab facility, receiving radiation and chemo as a palliative solution for advanced cancer.  Tomorrow, Kristi and I will visit her, and we will also work on organizing Kristi's life a bit by getting some clothes from her house. She is currently living with her Dad, LM, and Ms G, as she cannot live alone.  It is day to day and there is a lot to do, but so far we are coping as new responsibilities have shifted our focus. . Tomorrow Kristi and I will also be dropping off 3 quilts to the professional quilting service.  I think Kristi will enjoy seeing how my quilts are finished. 

Happy weekend, and love to all!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thing 1, Thing 2 and Storm 2

Posting delay here, due to much beyond my control.......

On election day, sister-in-law, Trish, was finally able to pick up kitten 2.  She had picked up the first of the Manx brothers from People for Cats in Falmouth last week but had to wait to get #2 until he was checked out by the vet.  Sounds like the brothers had a raucous reunion and there will be lots of running/chasing, rolling as these two grow up together.  We cannot wait to see them in person. 
The photo above shows them in Trish's lap after they crashed into sleep following a full evening of play.
Since I wrote the above, Kristi and I have been to see and play with Thing 1 and Thing 2 - due to constant motion I never got a photo!  They are so cute.

We are in the midst of another heavy storm, both weather wise and in our life. Winds have been howling and rain pouring for almost 24 hours now, but we are relieved not to be having the snow that is falling and creating a mess just inland from us.
Storm has passed, a few trees down, but today it is nearly 70 and so beautiful!  A balm for our souls.

As I have written earlier here, we have been trying to encourage LM's very sick (COPD), and  multiple addictions) former wife, Ellen, and custodial parent of his 44 yr old developmentally disabled daughter, Kristi, to allow us to get her medical help. She has refused for a dangerously long time and in the past few months it has become a crisis.  We are very concerned about Kristi.  Effecting a change into this dynamic has become incumbent on us as the only near relatives.  We finally got an Elder Services physician to come in for an evaluation and it was ordered that she go to the ER immediately.  Still adamant refusal!  Yesterday, my LM had to go and forcefully make this happen.  He called the fire dept rescue and Ellen was taken to the hospital.  We are awaiting news on testing that was done yesterday.  Meanwhile, during the day yesterday, Kristi fell while bowling with her day program group, and broke her ankle.  LM had another trip to the ER.  Kristi is now in a cast and is at home with LM.  There is a lot to do as we try to navigate the deep dark waters of seeking a housing solution for Kristi as she cannot live alone. All this will take a lot of time, work and patience.

So here we are a few days later, Kristi has been moved in with her Dad, LM, and she is doing very well.  Testing has revealed that Ellen has a cancerous mass in her left groin area, and possibly in her breast.  We are facing many challenges and a very stubborn Ellen, who is battling us at every turn.  Today she was told she must go to a rehab facility and that did not go over well.  LM is being so strong, but I know he is facing some very painful  decisions. Meanwhile, Kristi is going to stay safely in the care of her Dad with me offering as much back-up as possible. 
So, it may be quiet around here as we face the changes this has brought in our life.  
I am watching a very human experience happen to people I love dearly.  Ellen is making this process as difficult as any one human being can do.  We are steadfast that our primary goal is Kristi's protection. At this point her mother is determined to just be home and have Kristi care for her. It is not going to happen.  

Onward and upward we go!!

Love to all.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Simply Lovely Day

LM has some wonderful friends from his years at a private school in NH.  They all go back to the '50s....magical years in our minds.  This morning we set out in early crispy sunshine to drive to NH so I could meet a couple of these longtime friends, Ben and Margie.  We drove right through Boston and took in lots of sights, and as we neared NH we were thrilled to see there was still a lot of color to be enjoyed.  The oak trees are the last to don late autumn dresses and were truly aglow in their burgundies, oranges and browns.  Through my years with LM, I have come to "know" Margie through FB and the many stories I've heard from my love.  They warmly welcomed us to their home and we had a delightful few hours sharing some wonderful and fascinating memories. Margie served us a delicious brunch and, all too soon, we were on our way back to Cape Cod, our hearts, tummies and arms filled with lovely homemade gifts and their friendship.  THANK YOU, Margie and Ben!!

As we drove home, sunshine warming us through the glass, holding hands, even while I took a nap, we felt so peaceful and happy, and talked a lot about the importance of friendship.  Coincidently, my dear childhood friend, Priscilla, is coming to Chatham to visit me on Saturday. Can't wait!!

On another note, we are just feeling so devastated for the people and animals suffering so after Hurricane Sandy. NJ and NY is home to many we love, and some have lost their homes and have their kitties missing.  Heartbreaking. We are encouraged to hear of the incredible outpouring of help, in even the smallest ways, that is coming their way.  May recovery move along quickly so their lives can be rebuilt. 

Love to all!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post Sandy

We came through the wrath of Sandy relatively unscathed.  Kristi and her mother were without power for 8 hrs or so.  Some trees down, washed out roads, and coastal erosion, is nothing compared to what New York City and New Jersey are suffering. Dear freinds have lost their entire house to a huge tree in Ramsey, NJ.  No telling when they can even get back to find their cats, as live wires surround the house.  Currently they are at a hotel. 

Our work projects had little or no damage, a testament to the pre-storm planning by our staff.

Thinking of all my NY/NJ friends this morning. May your long climb back go as smoothly as possible, and may a stronger sense of community and help, come your way.

The fisherman continues hours and hours along the coast in the high waters, catching lots of bass.  A happy man!

Tomorrow we head to New Hampshire to visit a couple who were high school friends of LM's back in the '50's.  I know it will be great fun.

Love to all.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Crazy Fisherman

Well, he got a fish, in fact he caught 3 before the police made him leave. That rushing torrent behind this crazy man, is usually a narrow creek!  He threw the fish back into the water, and is now at home with Ms G cuddled in his lap purring. 
The storm is very intense right now with sheets of heavy rain.  The roar of the ocean is deafening.
Hope everyone else is safe. This is a mighty storm.  We have many hours to go before it passes.

Storm Report/My Crazy Fisherman

Left work about 9:30 am. Drove down to the beach, many branches down. reporters struggling to stand up at the lighthouse parking lot. I have some photos as I got out of the car for a quick second and took a few shots.  Winds have really picked up.  Still have power.  Our fish pier is going under water as we near high tide. The storm really isn't even here yet!  Most of our work sites have been secored as well as possible.  One house is right in the path of the major storm surge we are expecting.

The only thing I am truly worried about is that LM is at an ocean creek fishing!  He is so crazy.  Because it is a rising tide, there are many striped bass in the creek making for really "fun" and rewarding fishing. No matter how much I have pleaded, he refuses to go home.  Poor Ms G is alone and it is too risky for me to dare drive over there. GRRRRRRRRRR.  He claims he has fished in major storms all his life and that he will be take is that he is already being extremely careless to be out of his car in hurricane winds standing on the edge of a rushing river!  If he dies he dies doing what he loves. Nothing I can do.  There are several others fishing with him and the police have been by several times asking them to leave. They leave and go right back when the police leave.

Meanwhile, I am sewing and watching the coverage of the storm.

Thanks for all the nice comments and concerns. 

Dark Dawn

A very windy night with some strong gusts but this is nothing yet, compared to what will happen as the storm moves in. The darkness lasted so long this morning and as I went about  making breakfast and getting ready for work, branches were crashing against the house. There are many huge oaks in the yard and they throw branches easily. Otherwise, the house is very sturdy.

I am at work for awhile just to help with a few storm-related issues. So many of our projects are very close to the ocean and in danger.

I will post storm progress as the day goes on, as long as power holds out. So far so good.

This is one of our process of restoration. It is right by the ocean so we hope it stays in place. Since these photos were taken, it has been chained in place, but these winds are so strong. 

LM and Ms G have battened down their hatches and she has taken up residence on a nest of fleece.We are very worried about LM losing the roof on his house, as it is so old and badly in need of replacing. Maybe Sandy will hasten a new roof.

Everyone else be safe, too.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Just Wondering

Eventually you will see the rest of the photos from our heavenly Canada trip, until then here are a few things rattling around in my slightly crazy head:

  • Why are clothing manufacturers so out of touch with reality when they design clothing for real women, leading them to make sweaters, jerseys and blouses with sleeves too narrow (and I have very long and skinny scrawny arms) and way too long??
  • Why is it that when you need it most, a financial opportunity presents itself?  Never fails me.
  • Will we get hit with Sandy??  It has done major damage on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas where daughter Anne and husband, David, have a home.  Awaiting reports. David is flying there on Sunday to assess.
  • Why do public agencies, meant to protect the elderly and disabled, not return phone calls?
  • How two tiny Manx kittens came along at just the right time after losing Bob this week.  Freddy and Friday will be coming to live with Sam and Trish very soon.  Photo below of Freddy.
  • Be safe my East Coast friends and we will do the same......I get to see Teddy tomorrow morning!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 A few short years ago, when my Dad could no longer live at home, he went to stay with my brother, Sam, his wonderful wife Trish, and their son, Nate.  At the same time a very remarkable Manx cat, Bob, joined their family. Bob's outgoing and loving nature soon acquired him a legion of fans, many were certain he was my Mum, reincarnated in a cat suit.  He was Dad's very loyal and loving friend until Dad's passing in 2009.  Earlier this year, Bob suffered heart failure and was left with one leg paralyzed, but he brought himself back to walking on all fours and enjoyed the most wonderful summer catching chipmunks and lolling in Trish's lovely gardens.  Through tears this morning, I tell you that Bob died suddenly a few hours ago. 
 Now they are together again......
We'll keep cheering on the Pats for you, Bob. Thank you for all the love, laughs and being the best friend ever.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We had a 4.0 earthquake shake the house just after 7 this evening. I thought someone dropped something heavy upstairs, except there is no upstairs over the room I was in.  Epicenter in southern ME.  No damage here but some minor damage closer to the center. 
Never a dull moment!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

At the Hop

Saturday morning and Danny and the Juniors are singing "At the Hop" making me dance around the kitchen as I prepare a pot roast for the crockpot. It's going to be a crystal clear crisp Fall day.  At 7:30 I was out hanging sheets on the line, and the air, although cold, brought me a great burst of energy and clarity. After some tea, LM and I are headed out to take a little hike in a pretty conservation area.

This was a fractious and sometimes troubling week as we face the very frail condition of Kristi's mother and the fact that we must get some help for here even though she doesn't want it.  So as we work on a way accomlish that goal, we are thankful for all we have and will head out to walk knowing the answers will come as we work on healing ourselves.

Today is Dad's birthday.......I miss you, Dad, more than you could ever know.

 Some old photos of Dad and 2 are with Jason as a baby, and the R photo is with sister, Bebo (Susan), bottom L has Marty in the background, R is with Jason.  So much love!

Happy weekend to everyone!  More trip stories and pictures to come....
Love to all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canada Day 4 & 5- A long way for Little Fish

After a great night's sleep in our guest suite, and a leisurely breakfast, Margaret, her daughter, Ellie, and I were off to visit as many thrift shops as we could cram in to our schedule. I have to say it was the most fun and successful thrift shopping day I have ever known. We all made some great purchases and found wonderful deals.  My favorite was the pair of "Not Your Daughter's" black jeans, tags still on, for 1.50!!  Perfect fit and  my favorite brand. I came home with many new work outfits for several seasons, as well as clothes for Samantha and Kristi.  It didn't hurt that we had a divine lunch at a French cafe in uptown Waterloo that day, as well.

Tradition has it, that when LM visits Waterloo, he goes on a fishing expedition with my niece, Emmy and her boyfriend, Matt, and this year they drove out to a dam area of the Grand River in Fergus, Ontario. It was an incredibly steep walk down to the water and after almost 2 hours of fishing, Emmy was the only one who made a catch - a tiny 2" fish.  Fun and a great deal of exercise was had by all, though.

My fisherman makes his way up the dam access stairs.

                                            Emmy and LM on the "dam" stairs.
That evening, in lieu of the promised fish, we shared a lovely family dinner at Sole' in Waterloo.
                                                         The wonderful LM had to be included!
                                                            Fishing buddies.....
                                          Jerry and Margaret - we so love your new lives and spaces!
                                       Beautiful, talented, warm, and funny nieces - Emmy and Ellie
     We miss you already - thank you for everything, but most of all for being there to greet us when we arrived.

Picking up from his visit 2 years ago, LM arrived to visit Brenda with a full packet of Whiskas Temptations....notice he's on his knees.
                                                        The lovers unite
Margaret's new dining room has the perfect wall to hang one of her quilt masterpieces and their beautiful dining table came along, too!
The feline charmer at work.....note Brenda's lovely napping blanket on the floor.
Some of the lovingly tended flower beds scattered throughout Luther Village. I regret that I didn't photograph the amazing community gardens. Take my word for it that they are truly spectacular and works of artful love.
Margaret and I spent some treasured time going through her collection of projects in progress, and her fabric collection.  The piece below is really fun.  Each coffee cup represents a Kitchener-Waterloo coffee house that the girls have enjoyed through the years. The designs are the actual logos and hand drawn by Margaret.
My favorite is Cafe Mozart....sadly, no longer in business, but on past reunions with my sisters, we all enjoyed their treats with great abandon. I can still picture the boxes of Austrian pastries, with this very same logo.
Brenda relaxes and gazes so sweetly. A lotta fur on one tiny body.
One more picture of my grandmother's chair.  Brenda's napping blanket looks lovely on that arm, I think.

My very favorite picture of Brenda....nestled in her "Mommy's" bed covers. Ah, those green eyes.
Speaking of treats, we did go out to Conestogo to visit my favorite little bakery in the world and acquire some maple tarts.  I have a little supply tucked away now in my freezer, to be cut in tiny pieces and enjoyed once in awhile. The Mennonite ladies were all busily baking that day and the air smelled like my Mum's kitchen in days of old. .   
Sittler's garden....the day was a little foggy and made the garden seem to smile with happiness.
Our last day found me back at another Thrift shop sale, and in the evening Margaret, Jerry, LM and I enjoyed a very nice dinner. Bittersweet, as we made our way back to our guest suite for one last, but short, night. That good-bye was not complete until we were checked to be sure LM was not smuggling Brenda away to Cape Cod.