Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 When Fall brings you a big bag of local Italian purple plums, and you just happen to have read a wonderful post on a favorite food blog, there is just nothing else to do but bake this purple plum torte, following directions exactly ( a rarity for this cook). VOILA!  This beautiful deliciousness that freezes well, and is better as it ages. 
It's pretty quiet here in Ms G land right now, and that is just fine with us. We're catching up with ourselves, finishing off some quilting projects, re-organizing a very messy sewing area, assessing the excess of fabric and telling myself, said excess must be called on for future quilts before anymore fabric purchases occur!  A tall order.
Tomorrow night LM cooks one of his semi-annual fish dinners for his fishing club. Always a huge and delicious extravaganza.
Teddy and Samantha are excitedly preparing for Halloween and we are hoping for a fair eve on which they can do their fun excursions for trick or treat.
Meanwhile, Ms G, herself, is gearing up for winter, under the down comforter most everyday, and snuggling with her people whenever they agree to finally sit with a fleece coverlet.  A lot of campaigning goes in to staring her minions down until they do her bidding.
Happy Tuesday, love and peace to all!! 

Monday, October 14, 2013


As Jon Katz says, there is nothing like the October light. Everything is golden as I look out toward the ocean through the trees this morning, and it makes it much easier to go to work, despite the fact that today is a holiday and it will be very quiet. A day to catch-up, a day to have time with thoughts...a rarity. The is the day when we traditionally feel the change of seasons here on Cape Cod, as many visitors have gone back to their homes, and a hush descends.  I love this shoulder season, as our balmy weather continues for many more weeks and the beauty seems spacious.

Quite a day for Boston sports yesterday. Through LM and various others, I vicariously enjoy the Red Sox and Patriots and they really pulled out the stops yesterday. Whew!
It was a big day in other sports, too. Tatyana McFadden won the wheelchair division in the Chicago Marathon....representing the U of IL....she is amazing, and the runners up were also from the same program.

Happy Monday all.....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

With your birthday approaching quickly this year, the memories come flooding into my consciousness, and, this year, a clear picture has emerged conveying the excitement that Mum would exhibit in planning something to celebrate your special day. As well as having all of us around to sing happy birthday and share one of her delicious cakes, there would be a night out just for the two of you....you always had those times, and they really are indicative of the love you shared.

This picture was taken in 1968....6 months or so after Sam was born, and it really reflects your love...I miss and appreciate you more everyday.

Happy birthday with all my love! Your Kitty.....

PS. A special thank you to my cousin, Ed, for giving me this photo recently.  A treasure!

Friday, October 11, 2013

This Week in Pictures

Earlier this week, I got a call at work from LM. Without any preamble, he was laughingly asking if I'd received "the e-mail."  In the midst of conversing with my boss, I was only able to say I would check "the e-mail. Now I was completely intrigued and couldn't wait to see the subject of such hysterical laughter. Oh my, LM knows me well, and he's the type of person who truly loves to see me happy.  He knew these two photos would really make me laugh. They were taken at the bridge by West Dennis beach, where he faithfully holds court daily, trying to catch "the big one," not to mention all the kibitzing with friends that goes on there, too. So when this most unlikely parade happened along that afternoon, he was incredulously happy that, for once, he had his camera in hand to catch the moment, as he knew I would just LOVE this scene. I've been known to shriek excitedly if we drive by a field of sheep or donkeys!! He did hear from other fisherman that this pied piper of sheep had been seen on the beach earlier, but we know nothing else of the story.

 I just love the faces on these sheep and cannot believe they were just walking so calmly with their shepherdess. There were a few bah's overheard, as well.  They are wearing coats to keep their wool clean, so she must use/sell the wool.  You just never know what LM will find at his wonderful fishing spot, so I have included several other photos taken this week.
So, this owl was not seen by LM but he is so beautiful that I had to include him in the report!  Mr Great Horned Owl was spotted on the roof of my sister, Susan's house in CO, one day this week. This photo was caught by her ever vigilant, nature-loving neighbor, Peggy.  She never heard him hoot, but I am betting he will bring some good luck, or at least eat a few mice! The confirmation of the feathers is a wonder of nature!
LM was visited by this green heron while fishing on Monday evening. It is amazing how close they come to humans.

This Great Blue Heron has been hanging around the fishing area for several weeks now.
He does a lot of fishing, too - he and LM are kindred spirits.
Tuesday evening brought the most wonderful sunset, and once again our photographer was ready!
Truly spectacular!

Our darling Teddy, spent last weekend camping in NH with his parents, and had the time of his life....love this photo. They also surprised him with a visit to Santa's Land!
I will be spending some time with him tomorrow and cannot wait. 
Happy weekend everyone.
Sending love to all.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wacky Wednesday - A Murder at Work

These guys and gals hang out at the park just outside the window of my office.  Their antics and chatter really amuse me...I suppose that shows you just how easily amused I can be. 

Very happy birthday wishes to my sister Margaret today. Sending you much love and warm wishes from the Cape Cod contingent. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Seaside Beauty

October finds the ocean still warm here, thus we have some summer-like days and nights lingering.
A little walk around the village a week ago found some very happy flowers thriving.....had to bring that beauty here, as I continue to keep my focus off the ever-increasing negative pull, and squarely on loveliness.....
I love dahlias so much. They take me right back to my childhood when neighbors raised dahlia bulbs, and the fields of flowers were a play place. The feeling of looking up at the huge and beautiful blooms lingers still.

These planters are on Main St in Chatham Village....so beautiful!

Fall asters and mums....the purple was such a deep color, not reflected in this photo, though.
Happy day, everyone! it is a beauty here and my foot is feeling much better!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Riding the Wave of Life

What with all the lovely photos and talk of our idyllic day trips of late, one would think life is just pretty peachy here all the time, alas, there are plenty of challenges at hand.  The full week before we did the day trip to the MA South Coast, I was down for the count with diverticulitis (did it to myself by eating too many blueberries and raspberries) and dragging myself around in awful pain, making it barely to work, and eating the BRAT diet.  I had barely recovered enough to make the trip, and was rewarded with a burst of strength that allowed the nice hike on such a clear and warm day. Little did I know that I somehow picked up some bacteria on one foot and four days later my foot would blow up like a bright hot football of deep pain that persists even now.  This morning I had to drag myself over to the nearest urgent care facility, after trying everything I could all weekend to calm the pain and swelling.  After an x-ray, and a prescription for Keflex (DRAT), I am home with my foot soaking in Epsom salts, which actually feels quite helpful.
Every once in while, life just says, I'm going to test you again, and here we are. Well, anyway, it is a beautiful warmish, breezy day and I am watching movies and resting.  Must go to work tomorrow.

Kristi came to spend part of Saturday with us and we had such a great time. She is thriving with her new family and looks wonderful. It is such a relief to us to see her this way. We notice especially how enthusiastic she seems, and that she is enunciating her words wonderfully. She really was emulating the mumble type conversation of her mother. She's very excited about eating healthy, and is looking forward to a visit to her aunt in WY next month. Thoughtful, as always, she came bearing little gifts for Teddy and Samantha!  We were celebrating her birthday and Kristi's first wish was to play mini-golf.  While I waited in the car with my "hot-foot" and Kindle, she and her Dad played at their favorite mini-golf course in W. Yarmouth.  I know Kristi would love to play everyday!

Back to soaking my foot........love to all.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bayside Lunch and DONKEYS!

After the big expedition around Gooseberry Island, we were ready for a cool drink and some nourishment. On our way in to Westport we had passed The Bayside, a very sweet looking yellow cafe with outdoor seating, and it was determined to be THE place. Our timing was just right to get the last table available on the outdoor deck. The view was so captivating that I had to keep reminding myself I had an incredibly wonderful date to focus on, as well, as the Audubohn sanctuary (must have been a beautiful farm at one time) and Buzzards Bay beyond.
Of course, I noticed right away that they make all their own desserts and specialize in pies! Loved the name "Cat's Pies."
There are no food photos because we dove right in to our our beautifully served, impeccably fresh baked cod, handcut french fries and perfect cole slaw. 
While waiting for our desserts, I looked up to see the lovely afternoon light coming through the leaves of the ash tree that shades the deck.....really beautiful. Such a great find.
As we walked back to the car, this beauty was parked right next to mine....memories of my teen years flashed before my eyes.
All too soon it was time to leave lovely Westport, and we began to wind through the lovely farmlands of Dartmouth.  As we passed through a tiny village we spotted Alderbrook Farm on the left, me ogling the lovely field of flowers near the road.  LM asked if I wanted to go back, and quick U-turn had us on the way. 

As we parked and looked around, I uttered a gasp, that caused LM to think I was having a heart attack...he was quite relieved to find I was reacting to seeing this  handsome fella!  I later found 
out his name is Jack!
Behind the field of flowers was a very large penned in area with pygmy goats, geese, sheep, and pigs. another pen held chickens, bunnies and a peacock and at the back of this immaculately kept family farm were cattle and other livestock. There were also two more miniature donkeys. I had found heaven!

This lovely critter was staked near the back and very happy to receive some pats and have a little discussion.
Looking from the farm area back toward the street. a lovely area.

This donkey was eating some hydrangeas along a stream. There were THREE donkeys...I was in heaven.

The playful goats.

A late crop of beautiful lettuce

This wonderful pumpkin array had just been put out.

They were selling these edible nasturtiums in the farm stand.

This flower garden was so perfectly cared for and neat....dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, etc.

After a little shopping for fresh veggies and fruit in the stand, we bid adieu to Alderbrook farm, and slowly made our way back to Cape Cod, and met up with this handsome sentinel at the east end of the Cape Cod canal.  We sat in the lovely warm afternoon sun in this lovely spot, one of so many that day.

The very late day sun reflecting on a Yarmouth cranberry bog.

LM's welcome home from his other girlfriend. She is completely shameless.
Soon she was all mine......Don't let her kid you, though, she loves that fleece blanket, wherever it is!

A sweet moment with these two....it goes on and on.

Oh, happy days!
Love to all.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Silvery Dawn

The early morning light was like bright shining silver this morning.  Lovely day ahead.
Peace, joy and love to all!

Going to read a story with Samantha this evening....happiness!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Blissful day of Discovery

 There is something about this first photo that reminds me of old coastal postcards. Anyway, it was a longing to visit places from my past, as well as a conversation at work, that piqued my interest enough that to plan a day trip for LM (it was not a hard sell!) and myself last Saturday.  We set out early on what you can see was a glorious day - we've had a nice string of such days.  Making our way to New Bedford, we then traveled due south  and quickly were in an area of this beautiful state that we'd both never explored. As we turned the corner into the sweet village of Dartmouth, we knew it was special, as we spotted the architecturally quaint library, and many other very old but lovingly maintained structures housing little shops, galleries and cafes. Shortly, the next turn took us over the beautiful harbor at Padanarum, and a quick left off the bridge lead us to the Nonquit area.  We felt like we were in the English countryside, complete with artful and ancient stone walls, and rolling fields down to the ocean.  Seeing so many beautiful farms, and huge lots was amazing.  Huge old colonial era homes and farmhouses, farm stands, and livestock and wildlife were everywhere. Our imaginations were in a whirlwind as we looked longingly down many long and winding drives through woods and fields, the homes invisible, but that was half the fun.  Slowly we were making our way west on this lovely peninsula toward Westport and Horseneck Beach State Park. In the 1970's and 1980's, I spent many a day with my children at the beach in this area along Buzzards Bay. I also camped at the park near the beach.  This road leads down to the east side of the beach. At the end of this road on the left is a large plot of land that is now protected by the Audubohn Society and has lovely trails - we will be back another day to walk.  As we turned the corner at the beach, we were quite amazed to see the damage caused to the road along the beach by hurricane Sandy last year. Tons and tons of rock washed up and all they could do was make a road on the rocks....a rocky ride, it was for a bit! This entire area has been heavily damaged by many hurricanes through the years but none more than hurricane Carol in 1954. The few remaining houses are on pilings. There are still trailer homes, no doubt the precious summer spots of lucky owners. It sits in a very vulnerable area.  (click on any of these photos to enlarge)
As we rounded the corner to drive along the beach, we found quite a large group of fisherman and pulled in on the rocks to watch.  You know who was quite interested in what they might be catching.  Several seagulls thought we might have brought them treats.  In the distance here you can see a viaduct and Gooseberry Island. They extend off the west end of Horseneck Beach and are part of the Horseneck Beach State Park.  Years ago, we could park our camper there and stay the night while fishing.  A really beautiful place!
Piles and piles of rocks washed up by Sandy.

After sitting to watch the fisherman and take in the warm sunshine a bit, we began to make our drive along the beach toward the island causeway.  Years ago, on the right, at the beginning of the causeway was the most wonderful clam shack ,mmmmm, now it is a lovely home.  I could still smell and taste those friend clams and clamcakes we would share on a hot summer day as we sat on the rocks. 
Years ago there was a thriving little village on this island but then it was taken over, many of the houses moved to another area of Westport, and the island became part of the state park.

Looking back toward the main beach as I took a walk around the parking lot to take photos.


Sea grapes, goldenrod (so prevalent here) and rose hips seem to be holding this wild beauty in place.
One little aster
Water so blue this day.....

Butter and eggs in the sea grass

After walking along the beach for a while, we decided to walk the trail that goes around the island. It may have been a longer walk than usual for me, but we savored every second. We saw so many of these furry caterpillars....does that mean a long cold or short mild winter? I never can get that one straight.

The island was used for enemy submarine/boat observation during WW II, thus these two towers. The sky set the scene so artfully. The towers were close to 3/4  of a mile on to the island at the highest point. Along the way were many narrow paths leading to the beaches and, as voiced by my wonderful companion, perfect fishing spots in the rocky areas.
The graffitti may have been better somewhere else but we appreciated the talent, nonetheless.
All the fields were filled with wild asters amidst the roses.

My trusty fishing scout, and dearest love.
Saving this island from development was a "very good thing"

Hiking back I got a bit tired but in such a good way. 
We came upon the remains of an old bunker and drain, so I was able to sit for a few minutes and contemplate the beauty of the sun shining through the goldenrod blossoms.  They are related to the aster family and looking closely it was evident. Never would have seen that if I hadn't needed a break. Lovely!
LM hauled me up and we finally made it back to the car,  and drove  along the each to a sweet little restaurant we'd seen on the way in to Westport.....the magic will continue in a day or so.
So happy you could all join me on this jaunt.
Love to all.