Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For Teddy

 Self portrait!!!! You are so funny, our dear sweet, Teddy!
It's 6:15 am and I am preparing to leave the house in a few minutes to be with Jason and Alison at the hospital as Teddy has surgery at 7:20 am.  With complications from many ear infections, and displaced ear tubes, our poor wee one has had one too many infections so he will have his adenoids removed and some new tubes inserted.  What a scary time for his parents.

I'll post an update a little  later.  We love you, Teddy....Nana and Woo.

UPDATE:  Teddy is out of surgery and in recovery. Got there before he went in and his first words were, "Where's Woo"....truly I am superfluous in the lives of Teddy and Ms G. They only want to be with LM. Oh well!  Thanks for the well wishes. We are very grateful.  Now, on to a life free from constant ear infections.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Feline Adoration

That look is all too familiar to me.......anytime LM comes in to contact with those of the feline persuasion, that look comes about.....this one yesterday as he approached the front desk of the Medford, MA KIA dealer.  He was on a run for Cape Cod KIA to pick up a new car and this gorgeous creature, Dusty reigns supreme at customer service, greeting all who arrive.  She's been seen here before as she is one of LM's favorites. I'm warning you, Dusty, he is famous for stealing cats. BEWARE or you'll be living on Cape Cod soon.  Your eyes tell me he's working his charms on you, just as he's done to MS G and moi!

Ah, Dusty, never fear, we are joshing, but you sure are a beautiful, loving and friendly girl.  I bet you sell lots of KIAs.

Friday, August 17, 2012


It's been a Mad Men Friday evening here!  It is very hot and humid here, so I decided to stay at my house rather than do my ritual Friday night move over to LM's. It seemed wise to sleep in the comfort of my AC.  I finished a long and very busy week of work, came home and made a tuna sandwich, poured myself some ginger ale, added a dash of limeade, and settled in for a little Mad Men cavalcade.  Watching Season 4 had been  postponed too long.  What fun to just relax and enjoy some great acting, with beautiful costuming and sets.  As much as I love the series, the smoking and drinking are almost too much, but I overlook it as I savor the great dialogue and knowing glances.  Anyway, once again I am hooked and cannot wait for Season 5 to be available.

Now it is time for bed and dreams about being with LM and Ms G tomorrow when it is cooler.  In the morning, LM is coming over to help me move some furniture around, then we will pay a visit to a sweet cat I am caring for while his owners are on Long Island for the weekend, and after that we will be getting together with my son, Jason, wife, Alison and my sweet Teddy. 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend of rest, fun and summer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Seem to be waking from the drought/doldrums of summer.  It is still very warm here and we have a ways to go before the glorious Cape Cod light brings us Fall and cool nights for sleeping, but my mind seems to be clearing and my body more energized, bringing me some clarity to think enough to write.

I cannot remember being as indolent as I have been this summer.  One minute I wonder if it is aging that makes me feel like I am in a murky hole of incomplete thinking, and the next, I am certain it is just from inactivity. Whatever the cause, I have begun to jolt myself back to awareness.  The early Fall is bringing me some lovely pleasures, a reunion with a dear childhood friend, a trip with LM to visit my sister in Canada, and a stop along the way to tour the 1000 Islands area of NY.

Another wake-up call has come in the form of a shake-up at work!  I have a lovely new co-worker I am helping to acclimate.

Over the last several years I have done a lot of excess worrying about my future, especially about where I will  live when I cannot work.  I hear myself much too often,saying that I am not wanting to live much longer, that I am "ready to go," etc.  A new effort is under way to embrace life, search for some new adventures, open up my world a bit, and feel more than I have allowed of late.  I am unsure how to proceed with this major project. My goal is to be more aware of what is available around me, to engage those I meet more deeply, by listening, and daring. 

There is not much happening on Ms G's part, unless, you deem sleeping 22 hrs a day to be a daring act.

I'll be back soon, and I leave you with this spectacular mixed pot that greeted me at the dentist this week. The huge coleus was truly aamazing and stopped me in my tracks for a moment to admire its loveliness.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making the Best of a Bad situation

As I wrote previously, my brother and SIL's dear cat,  Bob, is recovering from heart failure, and I wanted to share the inventive solution they have arrived at to help Bob cope with not having the use of one foot.  Bob was dragging his foot and had worn off the fur and begun to scrape his skin, so my cycling enthusiast brother, made a foot cover from a used bike tire.  Each morning, Trish puts on the "shoe" and Bob heads out to his much loved garden where he holds forth all day.  So far he seems to be healthy and has made an incredible adjustment to his disability.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

From the Doldrums

We're coping with the high heat and humidity the best ways we early evening beach picnic with Sara and Samantha made us realize how fortunate we are to have a short drive to a walk along water's edge.
 They even have swings for all ages.
A trip to the beach always ends with ice cream!!

In mid-July we were invited to a little kite festival at the farm of friends in S. Orleans. It is a very beautiful farm with roots to the beginnings of settlement on Cape Cod.  These days the property is home to a beautiful garden which raises food for the less fortunate.  We loved having a little tour along with Teddy and DIL, Alison. Alas, it was so hot and not a hint of breeze so there were no kites in the air, but it was a gathering of lovely people.

 On the way home we stopped at a little dock to look out over Pleasant Bay.  The marshes are lush and green.

 On another evening, I took Sara and Samantha to Mashpee so we could have a visit with Sara's father, Allan (my husband from 1962-1966, and now a friend.)  He was on his annual trip to Cape Cod from FL.  We had a Chinese dinner and walk at Mashpee Commons.

Last but not least, Ms G is coping with the heat by sleeping in the hottest part of the house all day and laying in front of a fan at night. Crazy girl. These two photos are of her posing as she waits for her servant, LM, to cook her a rasher of Sunday morning bacon! She gets two miniscule pieces!!
In the left hand photo she is gazing at the cook and sniffing the air! What a character.

We are here, happy, and wishing the currently elusive cool breezes would come our way once more. 
Love to all!