Thursday, May 26, 2011

Balti - Part II - A trip to LaDew Gardens

The second day of my trip to Baltimore was centered around a long awaited visit to LaDew Gardens in Monckton, MD....north of the city. It was a perfect day and we spent about 3 hours or more on a tour of Harvey LaDew's house and touring the gardens. LaDew is billed as one of the most beautiful topiary gardens in the country and I must agree. There are several lovely buildings on the grounds and this one, I believe, is used for meetings and conferences. There was quite a bustle of activity on the day we toured as the next day they would be host to an annual plant and antique sale. Preparations were in high gear.
As we approached the visitors center and ticket office we saw these lovely succulents.....
...and we loved the window box done with tiny succulents.
Walking toward the main house, a purple martin house, in the distance.
Harvey LaDew's home, filled with his collection of foxhunting art and collectibles. Harvey bought this property and moved here from NYC in the late 1920's where he could foster his love of the hunt and gardening.
An extension off the main house adorned with wisteria.

The wisteria was humming with bee activity and the scent was just lovely.
The gardens have themes and many are positioned as rooms

Topiaries are everywhere, and I am sure we missed many in their abundance.
Can you find the frog?
There was a long hedgerow cut like waves with these beautiful swans "swimming" on the top.
Looking down onto the Oriental iris garden.
Tree peonies just coming in to their own.



The azaleas were so lush and brilliant.
Koi to match the azaleas!

With wonderful brother.
Can you see the Chinese junk topiary with the red sails??

This area of the garden was called "The Bowl"....the expanse was amazing and from each side were entrances to other garden areas. Looking back to the house.
Approaching a large area of azaleas
Not sure of the name of this section, but these topiaries seemed to be manicured and were so intricate.

Another tree peony
Heading in to the white garden

Exiting to pink

Another cute froggy
This little house was almost hidden by a dense surround of plantings.
Scattered throughout were many meditative areas.....this is also a birdwatching haven.
The entrance of the yellow garden had a lovely apiary

The white garden

Salmon garden

There were just sweet moments of beauty everywhere we looked.....the serenity was to be found everywhere. There were also benches to sit ad enjoy all the views.
This squirrel was of particular interest as our family is slightly squirrel-crazy. Long story!
Catching glimpses of some of the antiques to be offered at the next day's sale.
Of course we were drawn to this squirrel artifact.....the $495. price tag was a fine deterrent, but he sure would have looked cute in my son's garden.
The spirea around this beautiful birdhouse caught our eye.
This topiary of hounds chasing foxes is near the entrance and is a LaDew icon.
There were very beautiful, rare and expensive plant being lined up for the sale.

After our grand garden tour we were off to have lunch in the delightfully quirky Hampden section of Balti. We ate at Cafe Hon and it was so much fun. I only captured one photo but suffice it to say that the artwork was eclectic and much of it an homage to Elvis including a "velvet"...and a life size replica. The food was so good!! Cafe Hon truly captures the essence of my beloved Balti. Check out the site for some true "Bawlmerese."

Sorry it took me so long to take you on this little tour.....banging my head and a few other rude awakenings have gotten in the way, not to mention a very slow home internet connection.

We are readying ourselves for a peaceful and restful Memorial Day weekend. Wishing the same for you!