Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sustenance in Beauty

"Bob is indeed laying low. In his bed, parked by the front door. He has had quite an odyssey the past few days. Don't know how much you know, but we thought that we were losing him on Wednesday night. I will tell you all about it when you are here, but he has heart disease and threw a blood clot. His hind leg is non-functional and he really had a tough go. Thank God for the new VCA in Braintree. They took him out of my arms at 10:45 on Wednesday night and rushed him into the back. He was in distress. I thought I was losing him on the way over... just begging him to hang on until I could get him there. Did NOT obey speed limit. They had him in an oxygen tent and gave him all sorts of stuff. Lasix, aspirin, pain killers etc. We thought we were going to have to put him down yesterday. I discharged him yesterday afternoon so he could just be home, figuring we would try to keep him going until Nate got home. He rallied this morning and although the leg is still dragging behind him and he is mostly staying put, mentally he seems more like himself. He was way out there yesterday. Echocardiogram today and home with about 5 medications - including Plavix. He could live many more months - always a chance of throwing another clot, but at least he has survived this and we are now more prepared. We will love him every minute!" 
The above message came to me last Friday, and I could not have been more shocked. I'd just written Trish a brief note to confirm we would be up for a visit on Sunday and to ask how Bob was doing in the little heatwave we were having.  I would never have imagined that such a young cat could have heart disease!
Our, and my brother and sister-in-law's incredible cat Bob, rests in the garden this morning. He has been diagnosed with advanced heart disease and there is no way to tell how long he will live. For today, he is seeming like his old self, except he has no use of one hind leg.  He is very lethargic and spends most of his time in his bed. His wonderful Mom, Trish, transports him in and out for fresh air and he really enjoys her spectacular gardens.

We were able to visit with them last Sunday and spend some cuddle time with our sweet, Bob. 
I will keep you updated as news comes in.  Hearts are heavy, but as Trish says, we will love him through whatever happens. Ms G is sending lots of purrs, pats and hugs.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch-up Post - May Day Walk

Way back on May Day I took a lovely walk through a neighborhood about 1 mile from where I live and thought I would share some of the sights with you.  I took particular notice of the many interesting signs people place above their garages, and, the beautiful Spring blooms.

True red rhododendrons!  Very unusual.  They love it here as our soil is very acidic.

There were some pretty views to the salt water creek behind these homes.  The house below was built by my company and the one you see is the guest house.  Just behind it, on a small island in the marsh, is the main house, accessible only by a swinging bridge.  Very beautiful and serene haven.

Along the way....above are some nice views along Sulphur Springs....a creek that runs in from Nantucket Sound, and also, a shot of some healthy heather plants.

Near the beginning of the walk, I passed this beauty, currently under construction by my company.  Love the triple gables. It will nestle nicley into this beach neighborhood once it weathers in.
Headed back, I met up with this black dog you can see....I was a bit upset that he was unleashed.

My car parked at Hardings beach where I started the walk....The sky was so beautiful that day. The spot you can see in the sky is a kite surfer.

More kite surfers....or I think that is what they are called!  You can see the slight chop on the water so it was a great wind for their sport.
Back view of the new house. It looks out onto a beautiful conservation area.
On the way home, I stopped  by this fishing dock.....very active with small fishing boats. It is on the Oyster River with Nantucket Sound beyond.

A tiny view of Stage Harbor Lighthouse
As I drove home, This beautiful house and barn were straight head at an intersection. They have recently been completely restored.  less than two years ago, this iconic barn was caving in and now it has been given new life and become the home of The Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association.
I loved looking back over these photos this morning, as it reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in this beautiful area, and to breathe the delightful sea air.
From a place of deep gratitude this morning, I send you love!

We are looking forward to a visit from my brother Ev this weekend, and of course, he will be accompanied by his son, Martin, and TIGER.  There will be seafood consumed, long beach walks, and lots of laughs, I am sure.
LM is having his annual "Learn to Fish Day" at a local beach on Saturday, and I am house sitting for my boss's dogs again. It will be a busy time.

I've been very busy working on quilting projects, and look forward to sharing some of them with you soon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tiger's Coming to Town

This trio of characters is coming to Chatham today - nephew, Martin, Tiger, and my brother, Ev.  Should be a fun time. Ms G will NOT be happy, I can guarantee you that, but she'll take up residence DEEP in LM's clothing closet and not be seen or heard until the intruder leaves. Tiger would like nothing better than to capture Ms G! There will be fried clams consumed and maybe some lobster, and a certain blogger has promised to make strawberry ice cream as the berries are perfect right now. We shall see. Said blogger is going to also be busy house sitting for her boss's dogs. 
On Saturday they will join LM as he holds forth at his annual "Learn to Fish Day."  Cape Cod is really beautiful, green and flowery right now, so we'll proudly show it off at it's best.
Pictures at some point.

Happy Weekend, all, and I send you love!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teddy Takes a Drive!

What little boy could ask for more than a ride in his Daddy's big truck?  Why Teddy of course!

I remember so well, Teddy's daddy, Jason, at that same age, riding in his daddy, Teddy's front end loader.  I am so happy Teddy is named after his late grandfather, who left us when he was way too young. How he would love his namesake! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Someone's Feeling Neglected

Doesn't she look sad?  Poor thing, all this talk on HER blog about Zoey, a supposed cousin in Colorado, has her in a big sulk....staring out the front door from the back of her love, LM's, chair.  She's had to resort to all sorts of antics to get attention.  She wants all her fans to know that she reigns supreme as the queen of her very own world, with her Prince Consort, LM.

and... can't someone do something about maintaining the sun at the proper place so that basking does not require moving?

Never fear, despite all her protestations, Ms G is loved and adored more than most and her faithful servants are scurrying about doing all her bidding.  There are nests made of fleece, squeaking catnip mice, and a plentiful supply of her favorite treats.
We are working on keeping the sun in her favorite place at all times!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Colorado, cont.

Catching you up to the third day of my Colorado visit, we planned to meet my sister's two children, their significant others, and the grandchildren, at Los Arcos for a family lunch.  What a place....So many large families there and great food and service.
The Los Arcos family matriarch, captured in oil!
Sister, Bebo with her daughter, Laura and SO, Brian
Bebo and her granddaughter, Jazmine (Laura's daughter)holding her cousin, Levi
Levi reads the menu and makes his choice!

Levi makes the rounds!  Precious baby!
Levi meets great Aunt Kitty!

My delicious lunch!
At the end of the meal, the staff brought us a plate of sopapillas. I'd never tried one before, and this sweet-loving woman, couldn't take more than 1-2 bites.  A rush of sugar!
Oh, yes, and then there was my mojito, sorry I couldn't share, too good!
A group shot, courtesy of Brian...Levi's parent, Ruben and Mayra in front of me. Ruben is Bebo's youngest.
Brian and Laura....
Mayra and Ruben (who looks so much like my Dad as a young man).  Such a nice couple and wonderful parents, so sad I am not closer to spend more time seeing Levi grow up.
And Levi is about ready for a nap!

Back at my sister's house that evening, we relaxed and admired Zoey...

A perfect day.  After the lunch, Laura joined Bebo and me and we were off to shop and see some sights.  Busy day but so much fun.  My sister is blessed with such a great and loving family. More fun to come.....