Monday, August 26, 2013


These last few weeks of summer have been very full, very happy, and are culminating in a little escape from the Cape. LM and I will be on the road again tomorrow morning at 8, and headed for Putney, VT. We'll be joining my sister, El and her family who will be there to settle their son, Ian into his first year of college.  We'll be joined for a while tomorrow by Alison and Teddy.  It will be lots of fun as we prowl around VT. We plan to visit the Brattleboro Farmers Mkt on Wed morning, and who knows what else we'll find, but it will be so nice to be with family.

In other "escape" news. The namesake of this blog stepped right out the open back door yesterday as LM and I were in the yard cleaning our cars!  The door had been left open by accident and just as one little gray paw was about to step down onto the ground, she was nabbed.  Actually, when she saw LM walking slowly toward the door, she turned on her own and went back inside to safety. WHEW.  Speaking of Ms G, since we began feeding her Fromm "all natural" cat chow, she is looking and acting like a new "woman....she is so playful, her fur is really glossy, and she just seems healthier.

Time to pack the car so we can launch early tomorrow morning. Ms G's "Aunt Lois is coming down to spend 3 days with her while we are gone, I do hope she does not do what she's been doing to LM every morning at about 4....stand face to face and scream!!

Love to all.....and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lunch Notes - Thursday, 8/13/13

It is pretty tough to find a peaceful place these days but on the bright side, our economy is thriving, as evidenced by the constantly filled sidewalks and streets. The weather is providing all our visitors with dreamy beach days and lovely cool nights for sleeping.

I took myself to the only place where I can usually find a place to park at the water's edge on a pier.  Low tide found many people in the shallow water raking for quahogs.  The harbor was really filled with visiting boats today - many large sailboats.  So beautiful.  After settling  in and adjusting the car seat for relaxation, I opened my windows to catch the lovely breezes, only to be barraged by Rush Limbaugh on one side and vast clouds of cigarette smoke on the other - that coming from a man in a huge SUV with an unruly dog.  Oh, well, the windows got closed and lunch hour was shortened.  This is an all too common event.  A few deep breaths later found me driving slowly back to the office and appreciating fresh air quiet air once more.

Summer time on Cape Cod!!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day in one way or another.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


A lovely gift from my bosses!
 Lovely day spent with dear friend, Sue, helping her settle in to her new home.  She celebrated her move with a new Gunjan Laborde painting to grace her fireplace.  Just perfect.
 My sweet LM planned a lovely celebratory surprise. It included driving me around to confuse me, before our arrival at Pisces in South Chatham. The freshest, most beautiful and delicious meal I have ever had.  We only have before the meal photos because everything was so perfect, I couldn't stop to pull out the camera.  Love this flower and chard-filled windowbox.
 Pisces is an elegant, sweet treasure in an old house.
 To the right of our perfect table.
 Lovely marine art on the walls.....lovely man, too!
 Oh, YES, and they serve the BEST mojitos, too.
 Our delightful server, Jill was kind enough to take our picture.
 To continue the celebration theme, I have a new car - a 2014 Kia Forte EX.
Yours truly after signing on the line last Saturday.  I had been wanting to trade in my SUV for awhile. My KIA Sorento was a wonderful car, and with only 19,000 miles, still seemed like new, but it was too much car. I felt like a terribly conspicuous consumer driving such a big car 1 mi each day to work. Now if we really need a larger vehicle for a trip, we can rent one, and I'll enjoy even better mileage driving around my little town.
August has been a delightful month so far, and there are even more little celebrations.....some severe pain causing walking difficulties has disappeared, no doubt one of aging's mystery ailments, gone as fast as it appeared.
We have had some very glorious dry clear days and after our dreary dark, hot and humid July, we feel alive once more.
My birthday celebration brought me the most beautiful gifts of love from my children.  They are all so precious to me....
Still to come, LM and I will be off for a little respite to Vermont for 3 days on August 27, 28, 29.  We will spend time with my sister, El and her family, who will be coming east from Washington to settle their son, Ian in to college in Putney, VT.  We are excited about exploring the Brattleboro area.
Not much sewing has been happening but projects are lined up and announcing their readiness for completion. There are two quilts waiting to have their bindings sewn down, and another quilt awaits just the right backing fabrics, while a special surprise quilt is cut in pieces and waiting to be  sewn. 
Hoping summer has been as good and generous to all of you as it has been to me.
Much love!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Launching the 70's

Welcoming my 70's this morning at Lighthouse Beach - 5 am

I could do a complete retrospective of the 60's here, all the pain, the gain, and in between, but I'm hitting the delete key and welcoming the 70's on a high note.  They'll be great, I just know it and they're off to a beautiful start already.