Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Day

It feels like a happy day today, and just feeling that way, although there is still stress hovering, is fine with me!
Yesterday was a cool, clear and very sunny day and LM was out and about for a good part of it....he went to have blood work, a chest x-ray, to the post office and the bank and for coffee! He seemed so elated as we talked about it all last night. He must really feel like he is reclaiming a part of himself. Also, his favorite, most thorough, VNA nurse, Marcey, came to see him and he was finally able to get someone to listen and respond about the problems with swallowing and feeeling like food is stuck on his tongue. She immediately called LM's Dr and he is there as I write this to have the situation examined. There appear to be white lumps on his tongue. Having that issue addressed should enable him to eat more and gain some strength.

I am awaiting more news about Dad. He is considerably weaker these days and his breathing issues are not going to go away. Our goal is to find a way for him to feel secure and to be comfortable. If all goes well, his doctor will request hospice presence and that would bring the comfort. We want him to be able to remain in his assisted living apartment and not be moved to the distressing hospital or nursing home environment.
Over the last few days I have had so many wonderful caring phone calls from friends and family, and many from people I have not talked with in a long time. They were unexpected gifts which have brought my morale level up from the depths. Tonight my good friends, Nick and Mary have invited me to dinner and we are going to a movie afterwards and I am actually looking forward to it! I guess, recovery is at hand all around. Happy day!

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