Friday, March 28, 2008

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

As I looked at these photos of my newly rearranged humble abode this morning, I realized that the room is filled with things which are integral parts of my child and adulthood. These things came to me when we moved my Dad from his home of 47 years to live with my brother and his family. The windsor back chair in the first picture belonged to my grandmother and was in the living room of their farmhouse which was next door to where I grew up. The mirror hung above my Mum's dressing table and that dressing table is now in my bedroom with her jewelry box atop. The Fenton vase was a star in my mother's milk glass collection, but my favorite item in my "new" room, is the charcoal drawing of the seagulls. I can vividly remember when Mum acquired that piece of art and she truly loved it. So many times as we would be leaving her house together, she would reach up and put her hand to the glass and give it a pat, even after she lost her eyesight, she knew right where they were. She loved those "lovers". There is a lot of comfort in having these things surround me in my little place.
Today was another great day, and tomorrow will be another. LM and I will be traveling off-Cape together for the first time since his surgery. My brother, Ev and his son, Martin, are visiting from Baltimore this week. We will all be so happy to be together. We last saw each other when LM and I stayed at their house on our trip in January. We will visit Dad and most likely have a nice lunch. Best of all will be having LM with us.
In Ms. G news, I caught her going around to all the lamps this morning, rubbing her cheeks against the shades. I guess she feels the moving of furniture was acceptable but she did have to leave her mark!

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Beverly said...

Old furniture...from home..our youth is so special. I have my mom's bedroom set, a chair, and a walnut table of my grandmothers. My mom and I lived with her parents, so all these are so dear...