Friday, April 29, 2011


Up very early today to watch the royal wedding...really beautiful!
Wanted to let everyone know that Vanessa came through the surgery very well. She will remain in the ICU through the weekend and move to a recovery center on Monday. Her family says she's not able to talk right now but has been writing notes which make fairly good sense, and that the real Vanessa is in these notes! We are so very hopeful, yet know there is a very long road ahead.

Today LM is on a very long car swap trip for a local dealer. He's driving to southern Maryland and back in the same day. I'll be relieved when he is back tomorrow morning. It does seem like a very stressful trip. He'll be calling me every hour or so.
meanwhile, I am trying to catch my breath and have some relaxing time this weekend.

Love and gratitude to you all!
Have a good weekend, everyone.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lisa

Smiling pansies seem the perfect way to wish our friend, Lisa, a very happy birthday today. Lisa, is the light of Kristi's day, three days a week, at the Community Connections program. She has made a huge difference in Kristi's life and we are enormously grateful.

Have a day deserving of wonderful you, Lisa, and enjoy the cupcakes. Kristi requested them just for you!!

Oh, Happy Day

Vanessa walked Thursday morning!!
Thank you, thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness and concern!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vanessa - Update

Our vigil continues, as Vanessa remains in very critical condition. Surgery, scheduled for yesterday, has been postponed until Thursday, as she needs to be a bit more stable.
We just continue to keep our candle lit and our minds as positive, as possible. The wait is stressful but V's mother has remarkable strength and inner peace, and has not left her beloved daughter's side for almost 2 weeks. Recovery from a severe brain injury is a long term ordeal, and it is so early on. We continue to send she and V's father the strength to step back when they can and resume a bit of their lives.
We had a lovely Easter day.....several pictures of LM, Meg and John. It was a lovely and unexpectedly warm day.Jose, Meg, John, his friend, Nicole
That is really all I know right now. I'm tired, stressed and neglectful of my meditation and yoga today, so tomorrow will be just for me to work on centering.

This makes me very happy......Ms G has been so sweet lately with John....not unusual now, for her to be found sitting next to him upstairs on his bed. She knows, who needs what, when they need it!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy News

Over a lovely dinner of seafood pie this evening, John told us that today has brought some encouraging news about Vanessa. She has been out of the coma off and on the last two days and is very aware. The breathing tube has been removed and a temporary tracheotomy was performed yesterday. Because her jaw is so badly shattered, she will have repair done on that at the beginning of next week. She shows great strength and her vital signs are strong. Ah, youth.
There still remains the fact that her right eye is heavily damaged - the socket is fractured and the muscles behind the eye, as well. There is a lot of delicate surgery to come for that repair. Next will be repair to her skull to repair the many breaks. We learned today that there are no visible facial cuts. The large one within her scalp is already healing very well.
We are very relieved with all this news, and are certain the all the prayers and positive thoughts have played a large role in Vanessa's recovery so far. A very humble than you to you all!

We are having a little Easter dinner tomorrow and will hope the sun shines so we can spend some time in our church....nature! We have so much for which to be grateful. May your day bring sun shining on you all!

Friday, April 22, 2011

In the Absence of News

Good Friday! It always feels a little somber to me, although, my views on religion have changed with age, a deep spiritual feeling resides within, and that place is one of comfort now as we await news on Vanessa. We know it is going to be a very long process, thus, an idea came to mind yesterday that John and I could make some bracelets to give to those who hold vigil with us, especially V's family members who've not left her side since this began. I'm looking for ideas of a material we could braid, would be durable, yet soft, waterproof....any out there would be appreciated. I plan to go to our local jewelry findings store tomorrow. We thought we'd incorporate a purple glass touchstone bead on each to symbolize peace, healing and serenity. That's where we are for now, and all lit candles and prayers of positive thought, are so welcome.

As we head in to this weekend, I'm looking forward to some time with Samantha and Sara, and perhaps the rain will not preclude our planned Easter egg hunt in Chatham tomorrow.

LM, John and I will collaborate on a dinner Sunday, and we'll plan on a walk. We're cultivating times of peace. I was so exhausted last night after work, that I walked in to my house and directly to my bed, and dove under the covers, work clothes and all. I was asleep immediately and never moved for 2 hours. I'd barely made it through the afternoon. Today feels much better!
Hope it does for you all as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night LM opened his home to a small group of Vanessa's core friends so that they could hear Vanessa's status from her cousin, Erica, who has been with Vanessa and her parents since she was medflighted to Boston Medical Center a week ago today after the car accident. Erica drove a long way to meet with us and brought a profoundly serious message, which she shared with a calm and loving presence. There were a lot of tears shed and John was deeply sobered by the news, as we all were. It will be a long time before any of us can see her, and her recovery is a day to day process. There was some relatively good news. It appears right now that there are no life threatening internal injuries. All injuries are to the head and brain. Many surgeries will be required and it will take a long time for her to be stable enough to endure a surgery. Most pressing is mending the jaw.
Needless to say, this has been all consuming and devastating to Vanessa's parents and to this point her mother has not left her side. Erica, a very wise and compassionate young woman, a mother to five, and most certainly an angel to Vanessa's family right now, brought us all a message from Vanessa's parents that we should stay positive, light a candle each day, love each other, and pray, and that she is looking forward to meeting with us all someday. Now I know how Vanessa became the wonderful young woman she is!! This is a strong and inspirational family.
It was heartening to hear that so many people are involved in events to help the family. These young people are truly connected and have already begun plans for silent auctions and other forms of fund raising, and another of Vanessa's friends is organizing a huge concert in May.
Also, there is amazing support at the hospital. I was very happy to know that Vanessa's mother is a devotee of meditation and breath work. She will be sustained.

Dear readers, I shared your kind thoughts, regards and prayers with Erica and she will relay them to Vanessa's parents today. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For Vanessa

Yesterday was exciting when Vanessa was wakened from the coma for a brief time. As I added to yesterday's post, she was able to nod that she understood where she was and that she was in a lot of pain. She woke on her own later in the day, as well.
We really look forward to more news when the family gathers with many friends and us at LM's tomorrow night. We do know that the doctors plan to begin repair surgeries on Friday. First will be to wire her jaw as it is broken in numerous places.
In the meantime, John is working very hard on plans for a fundraising concert to be held in a few months, and Vanessa's aunt has started a Facebook page where more news will be available. The page is called V's Angels, if anyone is interested. The photo on the page is of Vanessa and really captures her beautiful smile.
We are all very grateful for all your love, caring and prayers. We can feel the energy and support.
Meanwhile Ms G is doing her best to keep us "light" and smiling. She'll be here tomorrow to see you!

Teddy Time

Last Saturday I shared some hours of pure joy with Teddy and his lovely Mom, Alison. We met for lunch and then went to the Childrens' Museum in Mashpee. It is a great interactive fun place, with the play areas depicting items related to local history and present industry. Teddy was immediately captivated with all the other children and so many things to he had dropped what he was doing to come and ask for a Nana hug, but quickly wanted to be down and off to his next pursuit. Pictures are blurry as there was so much activity.
The music room.....

Ahhhhhh....his favorite thing....the vacuum cleaner.
Notice that the vacuum is parked next to him as he explores the inside of a deep sea diving unit.
He's got the moves in his cute little Red Sox shirt.
He finally made the big climb, around a lot of big girls to get on to the pirate ship.

He's getting really tired here....
Shortly after he came down from the pirate perch, he walked over to a large TV set, glanced around a few times, leaned against the TV and began to slowly slide off to sleep.

It was such a fun time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 4

Almost 4 days since Vanessa's accident. We spent Saturday fairly close to home so we could be there for John. He's coping minute to minute and living for updates from V's aunt as she waits in Boston Medical Center with V's parents. There was really no news yesterday except that they work around the clock to maintain stability. The injuries are so severe that her entire body is swollen and she remains in a deep coma. The family, V's close friends and John have arranged a meeting at LM's house on Wednesday evening and it looks like V's parents will be there. We will know more then. It will be helpful for everyone involved.

In other weekend news, I spent a nice part of Saturday with Teddy and dear DIL, Alison. We had a nice lunch and then visited the Cape Cod Children's Museum in Mashpee. I will have a few pictures of that for you tomorrow.

Saturday evening LM, John and I collaborated on a delicious shrimp dinner with asparagus and a lovely salad with Boston lettuce, orange slices and strawberries. It was really delicious and we did some good talking around the dinner table. Yesterday, we all collaborated on a brunch, and then did a lot of work in the house before going out to buy and plant some pansies. They look so nice and the smiling faces were dancing in the April winds.

This just in: John received a call from the hospital with an update on Vanessa.
She was wakened briefly from the coma today and could acknowledge that she knew where she was, and that the pain was severe. They had to immediately place her back in the coma, but her presence of mind is so full of hope for us all.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the great help with your prayers and thoughts. We are so grateful to have gotten this far!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Wait Continues

Vanessa remains in very critical condition, her parents and aunt are at the hospital in what we know is a very painful time for them as they wait for any bit of news. She is in a medically induced coma to allow for the massive healing process. One of her eyes is badly damaged, and she has a massive head injury which will require many surgeries to repair. John is filling the long hours using his artistic ability to make a huge card for Vanessa and having friends stop by to sign it. The driver and passenger are home and healing but in a great deal of pain physically and emotionally. John's using creative visualization to picture his love well.

PLEASE, PLEASE fasten your seatbelts!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Reaching Out

UPDATE: Vanessa came through surgery but is in very critical condition, will need eye surgery.

Last night just after 5 pm, our John's (LM's son), sweet girlfriend, Vanessa, was critically injured in a head-on car accident in Sandwich. She was a backseat passenger in a small car driven by a good friend. The driver and front seat passenger are also injured but have been treated and released from Cape Cod hospitals. They hit a pick-up truck which had pulled into their lane of travel. Vanessa was thrown in to the front seat and hit the windshield (I suspect she was not wearing a seatbelt). She was medflighted to Boston Medical Center where she remains in critical condition with head, kidney and liver damage. During the night they were doing surgery. We still await results on her condition post-surgery. We feel so sad for John in all this as he cannot leave the house due to house arrest.
All we can do is send her positive and healing energy and support John through this crisis.
Vanessa is a sweet and very strong girl and she has been such a steadying and faithful presence for John through his hard times recently. Our hearts are heavy for her and for her family. Her mother is at the hospital and updating John as she has news.
Thank you to my blog family. I know there is tremendous power in your caring.
With lots of love.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barks and Bites

As of 9 this evening, I will be living, once again, in my cherished bark-free zone! Actually, the week has gone by fairly well with much less than usual bad dog time. They've been subject to the training of "Joe the Dogman"....a Cape Cod legend in successful dog training, and I can see the difference.

I've managed to get back my devotion to daily exercise, as well as continue with yoga and meditation, and the rewards are lightening my spirit. A good feeling.

Sending some hugs and purrs down to my friend, Debbie of Happy Days. She has some health challenges at the moment. We're hoping that her tests will reveal nothing serious.

Also, some big hugs to Samantha, her Mommy and others in their household who have been laid low by a nasty upper-respiratory affliction. They need some sunshine!

Happy Wednesday everyone, from the very grateful and less painful arm department, where we are hiring CSI personnel to investigate who bit LM in the hand early this morning. Damage was obviously done by a fang, but what creature could possibly have gotten under his down comforter while he was sound asleep?? A few gray hairs were found at the scene and they do not belong to me!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where the Dogs Are...

Listening to the oldies on, putting away laundry, weeding out winter clothes, and playing with the dogs this morning. That's right, I am dog sitting for my boss again. They've gone to San Francisco for 5 days, and last night was the first tired I could hardly move, and we had an early night. LM was at home preparing for a huge fishing tackle yard sale he's running today in Hyannis. Dogs were good until barking commenced at 4:15 am....I'd half-expected that despite the fact that I'd been told that behavior was pretty much over. They left me with a water pistol to shoot at them when the barking occurs, but I was wide awake, thus, all I've accomplished this morning.

It is such a beautiful I did yoga this morning, I was watching the tops of the trees lit by the sunrise and felt so inspired to just make this my own lovely, happy day. Never fear, this is not Pollyanna over here, I've just been low, and know I do have the power to smile or not!
Hopefully, there will be time with Sara and Samantha, and the purchase of pansies, as well as visiting a local farm to see baby lambs. Maybe there will even be a donkey to see!

LM and I may go to see the new version of "Jane Eyre" tonight. It's showing at the theater where we had our first date....we love going back in time a bit and will even meet in our own cars as we did that first time. I'll get back with a report on the movie.

My shoulder is hurting me terribly again....I'm doing all the recommended stretches, etc, but it is persistent. It is only 5 weeks and the doctor said yesterday that I can expect it to take as much as a month longer.
That's my weekend so far......hope you will all have a nice one, too.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walking the Herring River Uplands

From the very delayed posting department, I can report that today is a much better day. I was even able to sneak in a visit with Ms G last night after my yoga class. She was needing a fresh supply of her favorite treats (notice she dines on her own table in front of the fireplace)
Can't tell whether this look is the incredulous, "why do you spend one minute worrying" gaze or the "what are you doing here on a weeknight, I'm busy with LM" stare. Oh well, I got a brief opportunity to pat her and she was back to LM's lap.
The lovers........(this is an older picture but a favorite of mine and a moment that is repeated numerous times each day)
Anyway, a week ago last Sunday, in another lovely woodland walk, we explored the area around the Harwich River herring run. We didn't see any herring but they are known to be running right now.
This gull is the giveaway....He would not be hanging around if there were no possibilities of food. I loved the red glow of the Fall leaves in the water.
Trees still hanging over the trails after some heavy winter storms.
Fallow bogs. It amazes me how many bogs are hidden throughout this area. It was so peaceful as we walked through this beautiful place, and we imagined all the people who worked these bogs at one time.
The edge of the fallow bog was teeming with little creatures and the warm sun made us want to linger.
We walked up a hill and came upon this unusual green box in the woods. Any idea what it could be???
A close-up of one end of the base.
Here's the is. Tick control. An effort to control the dangerous deer tick population.
When I got home that night, even after a careful skin and clothing check, LM and I found we had deer ticks crawling on us. While reading in bed that evening, I felt a tick fall from my hair to my shoulder and then on to the pillow. They are so tiny and are like black specks.

Thank you all for you encouragement and wise comments yesterday. This venue is so much a stream of consciousness for me, and truly reflects the ebb and flow of being a woman, a mother, etc. Each day brings me renewal in some form, and I'm grateful for the friendship in this little community giving me a leg up at times. There is such comfort in the sharing.
Onward to a sunny day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nitty Gritty

Amidst all the Ms G fluff here there is a thread in my life that needs clipping. Thread plays an important role when it comes to my quilts, but when it is the invisible binder of thoughts that haunt at 3 am, I am wont to cut it at every link. Believe me, I've used the scissors of meditation, letting go, therapy, denial and so many other ploys to break the anxiety chain, but somehow, it heals itself and comes back to choke me even tighter, rob me of sleep, make me hide, and make me struggle for control; struggle so hard that I do and say things I wish I hadn't. Self-righteousness rules until sanity prevails and I discard that useless cape.
This morning, it is foggy, dark, raining and grim.....I, though, like these days, and they could easily become a time for me to retreat into my cave, a la Ms G, and be spent manufacturing things I "need" to be concerned about. It starts with my children and LM's, then goes to our relationship, then on to my siblings and possible health concerns, oh, and my job....I'm certain I'll be let go soon. My mind is a breeding ground for all the what-ifs, what I could and should be doing, and could and should NOT be doing, next it is on to the basic daily stuff and unfinished projects, friends I should call. I just want to scream, have someone come and take me away and erase my brain! Back to the's sort of like the tags on pillows and cushions. Do I dare to cut them off??? I always live on the wild side and do remove the tags, why can't I do it with the incessant and mostly unnecessary worry??

Just musing here this morning, after a short night's sleep, from my pretty nice and beautiful world. Right now, I'm off to find my SHARP scissors to cut some threads.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Long Island April 2011

Friday evening, I arrived at LM's toting dinner and excited about our plans to be on the road all day Saturday.....first I needed to set the table and place the beautiful rose I received at work that day, in a vase on the table. Within 20 seconds after that rose entered the house, a certain gray person appeared out of nowhere. She parked in the center of the table, back turned to the rose, "saying" she was not interested but we could see her almost sniffing sideways at the vase behind her perch. She cannot resist the ferns that come along with roses.
See that turn of the head....I put the camera down to attend to the dinner, and she was chewing away. We must have shooed her 4 or 5 times and when we returned from our trip to Long Island, there was a noticeable lack of fern around the rose. Incorrigible!
The next morning, we were on the road by 5:30 am, picked up a bright red KIA Sportage at the dealer in Hyannis, and onboard the ferry pulling out of New London CT by 9 am. This view is of the New London bridge we crossed over on Rte 95. I've seen the bridge from this perspective many times before, but never noticed that there is a vertical lift railroad bridge directly underneath. This photo was taken through a saltspray- splattered window on the ferry as we pulled out into the Thames River on our way across Long Island Sound.
The morning was crystal clear, and we had no idea that as we exited the river into the Sound that we would be in VERY heavy seas. The waves were crashing over the bow of the boat and there was to be no venturing outside onto the deck to enjoy the sunshine. We were on the largest ferry in the fleet so felt very safe.
As we began our drive west on Long Island, we were once again in the beautiful North Fork wine and farm country. We stopped at this farm, LM's favorite, to buy a pie.
They had the prettiest spring flowers for sale....
I'm still kicking myself for not buying a flat of these beautiful pansies.
The rest of the trip was uneventful. I could not resist playing around with the view in my side-view mirror.

On the way home after a very calm trip back across the sound, we began to see very strange cloud formations around the time of sunset.
Crossing the Braga Bridge in Fall River
There is a massive project involved in painting and maintaining this bridge.
The light was so beautiful from the setting sun and it turned Fall River golden...

Old mill buildings.

We loved this pink cloud...
Home again....what we always say as we cross the Bourne Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal.

We were very tired when we finally got home.....a long 14 hours on the road. Would you believe we got to the dealer on Long Island and they said they did not have the car we came for?? Well, that is what happened, so we'd done that long trip for naught. We went back in the car we came in. What a waste for the dealer we were driving for that day. We had fun anyway.

Sunday was another mystery date. This time I stole LM away to see a play at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. My dear friend, and former co-worker, Nick, is in a lead role and we thoroughly enjoyed the very gritty, "Glengarry GlenRoss" production.

Happy Birthday to my youngest brother, Sam, today. I will not divulge his age but he was born within 3 months of my oldest daughter, Anne! He's also cat father to the infamous Bob. I hear he was royally feted last evening by his wife and sons!. Very well-deserved, dear brother.