Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project DQ

The quilt is coming along beautifully. We met again last Sunday. This group of women just amazes me in their excitement to present their dear friend with such a lovely gift.
Sharon and Sue greet each other as we arrive.
Jerre, our host, and Linda
Linda works on cutting
Before we launched into putting the strips of fabric together, we discussed making a dedication label, and our resident artist, Jerre, got right to work incorporating some design suggestions.

Meanwhile, across the room, Debra, cutter extraordinaire, gets right down to work.....Sue had expertly sewn together the first set of strips during the previous week so we were ready to launch into the next cutting and sewing.
Sharon assisting DebraSharon takes on the sewing machine for the first time.
Linda ironing out some wrinkles
Jerre, Debra and Linda assay the first arrangement of strips. The colors are all just beautiful together.
Moving the strips to achieve a design. We ran into a problem with the pattern being exactly as promised, so we they came up with a lovely abstract arrangement. We really accomplished so much that day. Over the next two weeks, Sue will sew the strips together again to form the main body of the quilt. Next time we will cut and sew on the 2 borders and put the three layers of the quilt together. The group elected to tie the quilt together rather than have it quilted. I think it will be lovely. The backing will be a very soft flannel.
As always, when we get together, the talk turns to cats...Jerre has 5...and she was so happy to learn the breed and breed history of her beloved Ringo. He is a beautiful lynx-point siamese with brilliant blue eyes.
We are not having a gathering this week, as many will be busy with Easter plans, so I must say I am impatiently awaiting the next meeting on April 11.

Monday, March 29, 2010

There's a Frog in my House & other Stuff

Sunday morning, and my keepers are quite busy, thus, I must do something to get their attention.....I suppose I could jump from the back of this new chair they brought in last week....it used to belong to Mommy's Daddy. Let's see, if I jump up and across the stovetop, I maybe could make it to that really high shelf which holds the collection of candle molds and other antiques....that would be fun to hear them all clatter to the floor....might work to get their attention, but then, maybe I better not. MMMMMMMMM. Oh, oh, they just warned me not to try.

Well, let's look in the other direction....aha, it's that frog again....better check him out and see what else is on that table.
I really don't think a jump to the little table is prudent, so let's try getting on the back of the rocking chair. I hear someone coming......they seem to have gotten the message that I need a lap to sit in, or at least some attention and treats.
Maybe if I use my sweet innocent face they will succumb to my wishes. Otherwise, that frog must go! He will make a huge crash when he lands, too. Tee-hee, tee-hee!

In other news, the quilt group had a very successful meeting on Sunday....details tomorrow.

There is progress with my hip pain since seeing the chiropractor. Keeping up with the exercises is helpful. Meanwhile, we are about ready to build an ark here. The flooding is becoming more widespread and the rain continues, accompanied by very high winds. My heart aches for those who have lost so much to these continual storms.

Who knows what mischief Ms G is up to this week....she's pretty much on her own at LM's as the car moving business is very brisk right now and he's driving long hours everyday, even some on the weekends. Dealers are very busy here, which we see as a positive for the economy. Yeah....its been a long road.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The wind did some of its work, and 7 hours of peaceful sleep filled in the abyss of grief, fear, and pain. On top of the emotional stress this week, I am dealing with some nasty hip pain again. This time I saw my chiropractor, and feel much better after some treatment, although, my movement is restricted until the pain eases out. We believe the pain is coming from a tightened and, badly in need of movement piriformis muscle, which stretches across the hip from front to back.....too much sitting, and "forgetting" to do the necessary exercise! Being in pain and having to walk with a cane does not do much for one's morale.

One of my coping methods is to make plans, no matter how small, it helps to have something fun to look forward to, even if it seems to take immense effort to follow through.
Today, I am meeting dear friend, Barbara, for lunch and shopping in Orleans, a lovely town which sits on the inside of the elbow of this beautiful arm called Cape Cod. (My town is the very pointed outside of the elbow). We will meet at the Jail House Tavern. It really was a jail in days of yore, and is an interesting old granite building.
After lunch we plan to walk (ever so slowly, in my case) and shop a little on the main street. There are some nice boutiques and interesting shops to peruse. In the "high" season, all these shops are very crowded, so we enjoy these early spring forays in search of bargains.

LM is very busy with car swaps and transfers for dealers (a good sign the economy is improving here). Yesterday he was in western MA, and today he goes to Hyde Park, NY. He will not be back til the wee hours, but I will be there with Ms G, awaiting his arrival home.

I plan to observe Earth Hour at 8:30 pm tonight. Are you?? That time will be spent in meditation and reflection.

In his sweet way of lifting my spirits, LM sent me this photo yesterday morning.
It appears to us, that Ms G, has some way of radically increasing her girth as she positions herself near us, thus to distract and achieve her own agenda!! Here, she is helping LM as he attempts to get some work done. Notice all the UNPACKED boxes in the background.....his claim is that Ms G is too much of a distraction. Mmmmmmmm.
Tomorrow, will find me with the quilting group, once more. We will continue sewing strips and hopefully begin the major piecing. I am bringing them a lovely book, "Friendship's Offering," given to me many years ago, to help them plan a dedication label for the back of the quilt. One of the women is a very talented artist and I am sure she will have some input on the label design. Each of the women will sign the quilt label and then they will take turns applying it with their own hand stitching. Some of them have never sewn, but will learn, as they do this project with such love.
Grateful for the wind.......happy weekend.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Dear Friday,
I really used to love you so much. You woke me up happy, almost always you were a great hair day, and in the evening we would happily get ready to drive off-Cape Saturday morning to see Dad. Now I always feel very sad around you, and don't like that feeling......you remind me of so very many happy times which are now gone forever. I know, I know, it is my choice to let you make me feel this way. Somehow I don't feel strong enough to turn that switch. So for now, I just need to be where I am and think about what was, so I really wish you'd go away and let me be.
Thank you for your understanding, Friday, and someday, I am sure we can be friends again.

And while I'm at it.....PTSD you can go away, too!! Stop terrifying me in the night and robbing me of my sleep, stop consuming my thoughts in the day, stop taking away my smile, and give me back lightness in my spirit. You cause many days to be wasted by riling up my sub-conscious, and making my whole body rigid with fear. You make me startle and my heart race, and the least angry word brings a terrible sick feeling and a racing heart. I want to be done with you, my soul to heal and my dreams to be about the beautiful love which surrounds me now. Thank you LM!

BE GONE WITH YOU.....let the gusty winds take you away today....far far away. May no other woman have to face abuse at the hands of someone she loves.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"All Things Tea" and Ms G's Latest Exploits

Way back when, I met Lori when she came to work with me in Sandwich at the Community School. We liked each other right away and bonded over our love for cats, gardens and quilting, and my love for her talent and sense of humor. Since those days, she has moved around some, and now lives on the North Shore of Boston. We are lucky to get together 2-3 times a year, but she will always be a dear, dear friend, and someone who's company I thoroughly enjoy.
We've been through a lot together - divorces, lost loves, parenting challenges, painful deaths, and moves. She's always lent an understanding and comforting ear, and no matter what is happening we laugh and offer each other encouragement. She's beautiful inside and out.

On Sunday, we decided to meet for tea in Plymouth. After a bit of research, we found "All Things Tea" on line, and decided to give it a try. It was everything we read and much more. Other than the fact that a normal trip to Plymouth for me is about 40 minutes, and Sunday it took me nearly 2.5 hrs (roadwork), we had a delightful time.
Lovely Lori and some of the delectable treats we savored....ginger and cranberry scones on top. I enjoyed the apricot tea with a hint of pear brandy.
Our server was kind enough to take this picture in front of a beautiful water feature.
Before sampling the "Duchess" assortment, we both had our tea leaves read, and mine was surprisingly accurate.....just to tell a bit, there were little hearts throughout my leaves. Throughout our time there, a harpist was playing beautifully.
From the pathetically sad world of Ms G...once again, she awaits one of her servant's presence to open the blinds, and it is another view of how much the bathroom needs re-doing....really awful. Soon! She also sits here every night to watch as we wash-up, etc. before bed. Always the vigilant little herding cat.
Sunday morning the leaves were dancing and there was a pair of doves right outside the door. Made for very interesting viewing.
"Is it possible I could get out there to catch one of those munchable doves??" Not a chance, but she tried.
Her usual position when trying to induce LM to play....
She's just way too cunning, and I say that in the true sense of cunning. Just try to touch that tummy or a back paw and you will meet with Ms. Fango. She can whip those fangs around so fast you'll never know what hit you. Love that girl.
So that is the latest from the land of Ms G and company. We are all ready for some more warmth like we had last Saturday.
Signing off to work on a plan for the quilt dedication label. It's such fun. We already know that the presentation will call for copious amounts of tissues. I'll share it here!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wind, Rain, a Surprise Visitor, a Trip off-Cape and Quilters

Surveying the damage!
LM and I love a rainy windy night.....so when 60 mph winds and heavy rains were called for weekend before last, we were so excited that we could hardly wait to snuggle in, with the window open, to savor Saturday night. What a night it was....Ms G, ears twitching wildly, lots of banging and ringing of outdoor chimes were just half the fun and we had no idea what the morning light would reveal. First light uncovered debris everywhere. An old chimney and fake covering came crashing down - thank you mother nature!! We had planned to pay my son to help us remove it very soon. The ancient fencing around the terrace and the arbor in the clothesyard, came down.
Amazingly enough, everything that needed to go had been helped along by the storm!
Last Thursday I was delighted to look up from my desk at work and see these two wonderful visitors arriving. Teddy and I had great fun as he explored my desk and homed right in on my computer and phones. He is such a cutie and "answered" my phone by saying "Hola".....my co-workers were all thrilled to meet Teddy. A good time was had by all.
For several months we have been trying to coordinate a Saturday to travel off-Cape to go through the last of Dad's things which are stored at my brother's house. We finally made it this past weekend on what seemed like the first day of Summer and not the first day of Spring. It was over 70 degrees and we enjoyed a lovely dinner on the deck with Sam, Trish, Nate and Bob.
Trish with a bouquet of roses we brought.
Kristi helped to set the table and had a great visit with her dear Sam. She was also thrilled to go shopping at various stores along the way up and back.
Sam grilled delicious chicken. I just love being with my family! They are the best.
After dinner, it was Bob's tun to join us. His size always amazes me!
A week ago Sunday evening was the first meeting of the Quilt group and it went very well, despite all the rain and wind, the most lovely group of women could not wait to begin the process of making a quilt for a dear friend who is ailing. It has been since the mid-nineties that I worked with a group of quilters, and I am just so inspired by their love, creative sense and desire to learn. None of them has ever made a quilt and several have never cut into fabric or used a sewing machine. Our first meeting we chose the theme (the ocean with a hint of garden), determined measurements and talked about the process. They are making a variation on the Trip Around the World pattern with a hint of Monet in the color placement.

Last Friday, they met at Tumbleweed Quilt Shop in W. Barnstable to choose the fabrics. I decided to stay out of the fabric decisions as I want the quilt to be of their choices. They had such fun - the quilt shop may never be the same - below is a cell phone shot of the process, as they placed the fabrics together.
Our second meeting was held this past Sunday, and these wonderful women were armed and ready....fabrics all lined up, washed, ironed and READY.
Dorna, Jerre (our host), Debra, Sharon and my dear, dear friend, Sue.

The color order begins.
After a brief cutting lesson, Debra, Dorna and Sharon launched a great effort to finish the first round of cutting.

Sue expertly began sewing the strips together as Dorna carefully kept track of the correct placement. We are all so grateful to Jerre for the use of her beautiful and naturally lit home overlooking a lovely marsh.
...to be continued....we plan to meet most Sundays until the quilt is done.
Last but not least......Ms G goes through this "ordeal" every morning. She waits, pitiful face on, for one of us to open the bathroom (SORELY in need of replacement with not much progress in sight) window shade so that she can look out onto the side garden and spy on blowing leaves, unsuspecting squirrels, etc.
I am finally better from the cold....others around me are falling now.
More Ms G pictures tomorrow!! Happy Day everyone, we are having lovely Spring rain.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Cough, Cough, Cough.....that is the sound here....and I am sure my co-workers are not happy with my barking (Ms G would not like it, either), but I couldn't miss the office St. Patrick's Day luncheon.
From Florida and the Awwwwwwww department this morning, came an unbelievable site....Theo in repose. Tough to get a good picture of him, as he is usually a perpetual motion machine!
We had a very wild and damaging storm here over the weekend and into Monday. I will post some pictures of the damage at LM & Ms G's house later. It was a wild night on Saturday night as we listened to all sorts of banging and crashing and had no idea what had happened until Sunday morning!

Happy day to everyone. Cough, cough, cough.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Down for the Count

Hello friends....I've been really sick for a few days. Just getting "up off the mat" here this morning, as I have a full day ahead. The cold which hit LM last week, leveled me on Wednesday morning. Oh, well, I have had three days of intense sleeping.
Now, I am ready for some time out of the house and breathing in some fresh air.
LM and I are taking Kristi off-Cape this afternoon to visit my brother Sam and family. There is a major nor'easter rolling in here with high winds and rain, so I hope we get in all our plans before it is too bad. The plan at Sam's is to go through and decide what to do with the remainder of Dad's possessions. Mot exactly fun, but necessary.

Tomorrow I am beginning an interesting project. I'll be helping a lovely group of caring women to make a quilt for an ailing friend. None of them have made a quilt before, but some have sewing skills, so I've worked up a plan with which they can put together a "Trip Around the World" quilt in fabrics/colors, which reflect Cape Cod, the sea and the shore. I know just being with this group of women will be very inspiring and I am honored that my close friend, Sue, invited me to help. Stay tuned for photos and progress reports.

Happy weekend, all. I'm off to see Ms G and her keeper....mmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ah, to be a Princess for a Day

The Princess for a Day giving her little cousin, Teddy a welcoming hug. Proud Dads, Jason and Richie, too.
Teddy was sleepy when he first arrived so he has that sort of dazed look.
It wasn't long before he was off across the room to give "Nana" a hug. LM really wanted that fish sweater....handmade by a friend of Teddy's Mom. Alas, it is too small!
The party Princess begins to open her many gifts with Mom, Sara's assistance. That gift was a bright pink guitar!
These giant Lego-type blocks were a huge hit and the party girl had to be coaxed back to opening her other gifts.
Kristi had such a good time and even she got in to playing with the blocks.
A sports car for Barbie.....
Teddy was fascinated with the Barbie dolls
Another attendee - happy to be amidst all the hoopla. Tigger!
A case to hold a lot of Barbies and accessories, from Nana
Teddy is obssessed with electronics, but they must be in working order, lest a meltdown occurs! He spent half the party trying to get at their home computer.
The princess dancing!
A very proud Mom and Princess Samantha
Teddy searching for more technology, Kristi and toy-Tigger in their party hats
Time for some late lunch.
Pondering her beautiful Barbie cake.
Blowing out the candles
It was really a lovely afternoon! We felt honored to be in the presence of such a beautiful princess.