Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Day Before....

Thanksgiving is about here!  Traffic to the Cape is building and very shortly this morning, Teddy and I will join that fray for the drive to LM's house. We are spending the day baking and doing all the prep work for tomorrow's dinner.  Our day tomorrow will consist of LM, his son, John, and myself tomorrow, and then dessert visitors will arrive later in the day. Teddy and his parents will be with other family. 

Meanwhile, today Teddy and I will, make an apple pie, the stuffing, prepare the turkey so it can just be popped in the oven tomorrow morning, make cranberry/orange relish......I love that old Ocean Spray raw relish recipe. So easy to do in the food processor, and we will set the table and pick a dinner table bouquet from the many pretty dried things in the garden right now.

We do hope you will have a lovely Thanksgiving, no matter where or with whom you are.

We will surely be talking about gratitude and how we can help in or small corners to make the world a more peaceful, respectful and kind place. There will also be sharing with Ms G!!

Peace and LOVE.......

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Up, Up and Away

November is certainly flying away quickly....between Teddy's activities and Thanksgiving coming up everyday is so full.  We kicked off the month with lots of school activities - bingo night and an election day bake sale at the polls and Teddy helped out with both, despite the fact that he has had bronchitis for almost a month (he is finally done with the cough).  It was amazing to see the number of people who turned out for voting, and to buy our baked goods!  Teddy showed off his marketing skills and talked to lots of people as they entered the Community Center.
That afternoon we went for a beautiful walk through a local conservation area and immersed ourselves in some Fall beauty. It seemed to ease the tense feelings that have surrounded the election. There were swans, amazing moss, and the deep reds and yellows of the Cape Cod fall. 
I will leave the election fallout to its own, but a lot of time has been spent soothing spirits and working on ways to counteract the lack of kindness.

Meanwhile, at the end of last week, son-in-law, David, arrived from Florida with his mother.  They are here on a 10 day bucket list trip for his Mom.  She was born and raised here in MA, and David has been patiently taking her around to all her old favorite places, and helping her touch her roots one more time.  We have all shared some great seafood meals, and a tour to Provincetown at the tip of the Cape. Yesterday, David took his Mom and myself on a flight out of Plymouth. We flew over the area where I live, then over the Cape Cod canal, followed by a tour out toward Cape Cod Bay and over the Cape.  It was a perfectly clear day to fly, with a soft SW wind and a very capable young pilot. 
When I looked at the few pictures I got, I was thrilled to see this heart shaped pond  and then son, Jason, pointed out the cat shaped pond nearby.  Nothing like the perspective from above!
That area is what is called Pine Hills in So. Plymouth.  You can just make-out that the foliage is still pretty. Our oaks stay very red in to winter.
The flight was an hour of peace and beauty like no other.  I am so very grateful to David for the trip!
I was interested to find out that his Mom, wanted to do this flight as a way of remembering the fact that when she was 45, she got her pilot's license at the same airport and did many flights through the years.

Otherwise, we have the day to day with Teddy.  Trying to find ways to inspire him to read. Over the last few months he has announced that he no longer enjoys or wants to read.  Any feedback would be welcome. It is inconceivable to me that someone would not want to read. Books and other media have taken me so many amazing places in my life. I feel it is just finding the right way to spark his interest.  We are going to talk with out librarian and see what she suggests. 

Time to head out and pick up a friend to take her to doctor's visits. Sadly, this friend, has COPD and is very frail.  We have known each other since 4th grade and it tugs at my heart to see her so diminished, yet, her strong spirit gives me such a lift.

Sending everyone love and peace in this particularly difficult time of change and finding acceptance.