Tuesday, June 19, 2018


We were to launch for Canada with Teddy on Thursday, but as life does, all plans have been canceled.  My sister and family in Ontario, are instead, sitting in vigil with the last of her husband's breaths. Alzheimer's Disease is making its final claim on their beloved Jerry's life. The end of what has seemed an interminable path.

At the same time Jerry's decline hastened, my LM (partner) became quite sick due to a serious infection, topped off with a particularly virulent cold, and a neck and shoulder pain situation.  We would not have been able to make the trip anyway!  We are all very sad, for so many reasons, and Teddy is let down, yet so sweet and compassionate for Aunt Margaret and family, as well as LM.
This morning, Teddy and his Mom are on the way to a great amusement park in NH, as a consolation. Excitement was abounding as they headed off.....a beautiful example of how the human spirit rebounds.

There is a huge vacuum in my heart, that could only be filled with a visit with my sister (any of them for that matter), and especially now as Margaret faces this loss that has been coming for 8 years, yet just as painful. I am busying myself with keeping all the family aware of news, and taking care of some medical things today.

There will be other trips and plans to be made.

Peace to all this day and may there be a resolution for the immigrant children....heartbreaking!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This 'n That from the Past Few Months, I

Our thespian

This school year, Teddy was chosen to participate in an All Star Revue of Broadway plays.  He LOVES drama, so this was a perfect fit......he rehearsed tirelessly at home and at all the scheduled rehearsals, without one word of complaint. Int he evening and the early morning at home, he could be heard outside practicing his lines, and singing his songs while swinging away.....his favorite past time.
The performances were had on May 19 and 20th and we were so proud to attend.  This first scene is from "Once upon this Island, Jr" in which he played the Dark Demon of death (front and center in black).
Not sure on the other roles, but the next photo shows Ted in the brown vest, the third photo is a dancing seen in Oklahoma, and the last scene is from The Wiz.

He cannot wait for next year.......

On the Road Again.....well, almost!

As the end of Teddy's third grade year comes to an end, we will be launching our first road trip with Teddy along for the ride!  9 years old, seems the appropriate time to hit the road with Nana and Lou, to pay a visit to my sister, Margaret, and her family in Waterloo, Ontario. LM and I are old pros on this route, and there are lots of thrills for us to share.  My goal here, is to share the ride as much as possible for the rest of the family and Teddy to have and enjoy. This will be a first for Teddy to be away from his parents so long, and so far.  I think the silence in the house will be deafening. Seeing that Mr Boz has some Chobani yogurt every morning, the lonely parents will be kept busy, and not too lonely, I hope.   

Departure is scheduled for 4 am on Thursday, June 21 with our goal for the day being Napanee, Ontario.  Meanwhile, we are thoughtfully packing and enjoying the anticipation.  Teddy has a sparkling new passport, and some pretty spiffy new clothes, along with a journal in which to record his version of our expedition. Both going up and coming home, we have some exciting surprises planned. 

Lou has rented a nice new car to ensure our comfort and safety. I believe it will be a Ford Fusion, and, of course, there is room for fishing equipment.  

For over 3 months, I have been hobbled by stress fractures in my right foot, and plantar fasciitis in both feet.  At long last, I am about at 90% and holding, under strict instructions from my physician, not to stress the feet anymore than necessary, and to do a lot of daily stretches, etc.  So far, so good this week. I have had several regressions with this condition, much to my chagrin.  I do not take well to being relegated to a chair for most of the time, and especially giving up my visits to the gym. 
So I leave you now to get back to my slow-paced trip prep, and will happily return with more details as we near the launch time. 

Love and peace to all...….

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Picnic Basket Wars, Skirmish 1

The picnic basket perch has been Betty's since her sweet black velvety self became part of our family a year ago.  Suddenly last evening, the perch was overtaken by brother, Bosley!

Betty attempted to unseat the interloper, to no avail. We could almost hear Boz saying, "give it up, girl, this nest is mine."
Outwitted by her brother, dear Betty sits atop the warm refrigerator to wait patiently.....to be continued.

It was a lovely sunny Saturday.  Some cleaning and quilt musing took place, and Teddy and I went to play and run with a friend's young red Doberman, named Apollo.  

Early to bed for us all.....tomorrow we will cheer on the Pats.


Thursday, January 18, 2018


 Volunteering at Teddy's school today, I had a moment that nearly brought me to my knees with tears of happiness. While escorting children to reading and math testing, I was sort of blinded by the glorious sunlight coming through a large window at the end of the hall. A line of children ahead to our left, was backlit by the sunshine. Teddy's silhouette stood out to me as he raised his arms high, turned to the teacher in charge, and said, " That's my Nana, can I go to her?"  With arms outstretched and a shriek, he came running toward me to envelope me in happy hug.  WOW.  Makes every second  of life a treasure. 

It was a black ice morning but our day quickly became warm enough to melt it off.Stepping out to go to the bus was dicey but also brought us full, deep breaths of fresh air, and the many sounds of birds, letting us know Spring is on the way.

Tonight I am about to watch the first episode Victoria, season II.  A nice treat, and I am sure Bosley will join me to fill my lap.

Hope your day was filled with a little feeling of Spring, as well.


More randomness from the last few months.....

A snowy morning at the bus stop

                                                     Boz just melts into Teddy's arms!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Present


 For the first time in 20 years I have a headboard.  Found this beauty for 10. at a local consignment shop.  Boz and Betty are certain it was acquired as a fancy scratching post!!  
Florida grandson, Marshall and his girlfriend, Paige came to Chatham in December, and became engaged.  It was a delightfully romantic time to share.
An engagement dinner...L-R:  myself, son, Jason, Marshall, Paige, Teddy, DIL, Alison.

It's been a while.....I am still here, happy, healthy, and filled with the joy of daily life as a live-in Nana. I do tend to stumble over realizing how much I have missed posting special life events on here, so I will try to catch up a little with some random thing from the past year that make me so happy

LM and I still mourn Ms G's passing in September but we are content knowing she had a great life, and kitties cannot stay with us forever no matter how much love we give.  Meanwhile, We have Bosley and Betty for great entertainment, so much love, and a lot of mischief.

We are having a very cold and messy winter so far, and today was another of those days when we woke up wondering, "will there be school, or not?"  Teddy was off at the usual time though, and I got to spend a nice day at home with Alison, my lovely daughter-in-law. She is a gift to me in so many ways.

Tomorrow I am back to my little volunteer job at Teddy's school.  He is so fortunate to have a beautiful, warm and welcoming school with so many dedicated teachers. He is thriving and loving everyday.

Quilting is put away for now.....I do long to be as productive, as in the past, but time and space do not allow.  So strange that when I worked a full-time job, I seemed to have much more time, and get so much more done.....at my former home, I could leave projects out and take up easily whenever the urge struck.  I have come to peace with the fact that this is another of life's phases, and it is OK.
Last week, I did put some fabrics out, and have the desire to make a pillow with a pieced top. We shall see where that leads. Design ideas are flowing.

A lot of my spare time goes in to going to work out with my personal trainer 3 times a week.  The new strength and energy goes a long way to making me able to keep up with Teddy's schedule.

That's my present, and for today, I am beyond grateful and at peace.  I have circled the wagons around my soul, and love my life. It is precious.


Friday, November 3, 2017


How does one possibly write about the death of one's beloved son-in-law?  I have no idea, but will go with my flow of consciousness, as the grief washes over me with a different strength day and night.

Sleep is elusive or a nap can last 18 hours, only to be awakened by a frantic cat standing on my head, purring loudly and puling my hair, or a worried 8 year old lifting the covers to kiss my cheek.  Those loving kisses, evoking burning tears, and a grateful heart.  Going about chores that must be done, brings an  awareness of looking down on my every move. Sentences are difficult to finish, and I am a stranger in my own presence. Kind hands touch my arm, as friends ask how I am, how my daughter and grandsons are doing, and offer anything they can do to help.  I am pretty sure Anne, Jared and Marshall are experiencing much the same, yet even more profoundly. Anne is moving along, between bouts of tears. She has purchased a new home, the old one on the market, finances are cared for, she appears at her office. She cares passionately about David's mother's recovery from this loss, too.  All in the same way, I wake, take Teddy to the bus, and do errands. Time stops for no one. Somehow we just fit it all in with the need to cry, gaze at a sky, or ocean and go on. David would want it that way.

My dreams and awake times are filled with his voice, his face, and especially his laugh - that insane laugh that made everyone else laugh, too.  Our political discussions, his always caring voice when we spoke. I was a very lucky mother-in-law.

Just after returning from Florida to be with Anne and family, I took my long awaited trip to Colorado to visit my sister for 10 days. Recovery began amidst the amazing beauty of the Rockies in Fall.
I will share it when I can.