Friday, October 28, 2016

Freaky Friday

There is a squirrel making frequent appearances around here.  Everytime I turn around, he is on my space.

In the kitchen last night

With a date, Emma, the Lady Bug, last night out on the town in Buzzards Bay.

   I am suspecting that there will be many other appearances before we reach the end of Halloween.

Baking has kept me very busy the past few days, as we prepare for a festival at the Hoxie Center for the Arts on Saturday.  So far we have many, many dozens of Molasses cookies, Pumpkin/cranberry/ginger muffins, and tomorrow there will be brownies and cranberry orange muffins making delicious aromas.  Teddy will be helping out at the festival by teaching his signature arm knitting method.

Reports will be forthcoming.......

Freaky fun and peace to you all!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Family; Squirrel Farmers

On the morning of Wednesday, October 26, my sister, Eleanor and husband, Steve Haskell, along with their son, John, will appear on the TODAY Show to share their story of heroin addiction which affected John. It is a very profound story and one that needs to be shared to help stop this horrible epidemic. I believe Jenna Bush is doing the interview. Feel free to share this with anyone you know who may be interested.

Fall is really in the air here today....very cool but the sun is warming and beautiful.  After an early morning of wondering whether Teddy would go to school, or not, he was off and running as soon as his Mom went to work. I think I detected a bit of drama!  He has had a little cold for a week.
No calls from the school so I guess he is getting through the day just fine.  With Halloween rapidly approaching, it was time for me to get all the ingredients for his "Farmer Squirrel" costume together.  It is very cute with a full squirrel head mask, and he will wear denim overalls, a red plaid shirt and a goodly supply of acorns in the pockets.  This morning I attached his grey fluffy tail.  He will need wear it to an event tomorrow and Thursday evening, and then on Halloween. Pictures forthcoming.   

Once that work was complete, I was on to attaching borders to a small quilt in process
 In between, I have been enjoying emails with daughter, Anne from FL.  She has been making some major changes in her life and I am beyond excited and proud of her latest endeavors. She's making her first ever creative project, and doing a great job preparing and pursuing all the details. When it is complete, I will be writing about it here, but for now, it needs to remain a surprise!  To say I have been urging her to create for years, years and more years, would be an understatement.  She's also reading again and we enjoy sharing our books and critiques.  Currently she is reading a series of 3 books by Susan Branch and loving the delightful illustrations and different style.  I loved those books so much and had to share the bounty.

Time to get back to my creative work, and also some baking research. I have to produce quite a few things for 2 upcoming bake sales, and am cruising about for some new ideas.  One will be this Saturday at our local Art Center and the other will be a sale held on election day to benefit the PTA at Teddy's school.  Any ideas are welcome!

I thought you might like to see this beautiful quilt made by my sister, Margaret. Oh yes, it is adorned by my beautiful niece, Chico, owned by Margaret's daughter, Ellie and her wonderful partner, Andrea.  All the leaves and vines on this work of art were hand appliqued by Margaret. 

Monday, October 24, 2016


Nana and Teddy arriving at the MJT Cape Cod Truck Show at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in E. Falmouth yesterday.  It was a beautiful day and not only was the number of trucks amazing, but the crowd was huge.
Acres of trucks and people to ogle them over and over again.

Part of the Canal Fuel fleet in full spiff for the big day. My son, Jason is one of their drivers, and is frequently seen driving the big tractor on the far right. Last year Jason entered another of the trucks he drives but this year he was working, so missed the show.
A Tasha truck that is used to haul propane gas.  All their trucks are always spotless and gleaming when you see them on the road. The show is a memorial for the founder of the company, Michael J Tasha, who passed away at a young age, about 3 years ago.  He was a great friend of the Cape Cod community, thus this show to honor his memory and pride in his trucks. All proceeds from the show go to ALS research.
Big trucks of every size and purpose filled the fairgrounds, and their loud horns filled the air, I might add!

Huge wreckers were showing off their talents.
Teddy was in all his glory, and had the most fun hanging out in the drivers seat of this beautiful truck, which is driven by Jason's good friend, Jake.  He blew the horn and dreamed some dreams in that seat. Lou hung out there with him for a long time while I circled around with a few friends and daughter Sara, compete with granddaughter, Samantha.

Big truck fun!

The trailer on "Teddy's" truck, all agleam just as the cab.  Jake does all the work to keep this truck shining, and it is in full use everyday, hauling sand, gravel and rocks.
Here's Samantha, going on 10 years old now, her face freshly painted with a spider and a bat! She is the image of me at that age.
One last shot of the happy boy.  

We had such a fun day and look forward to next year's show.  Today I pick Teddy up at school and we go to swimming lessons.  In between I am working on a quilt, grocery shopping and planning a week of baking for bake sale items to bring to a neighborhood October Fest on Saturday. We will all be there!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Preview

Sitting with my morning iced tea and getting reading to launch the weekend, a very full one at that, but it includes some very fun things.  Later this morning, with several friends, I will be attending the annual show of the Plymouth County Quilt Guild. It is always so interesting to see what other quilters are creating, and I never fail to come away uninspired from a show.  I am also on the hunt for a certain, very elusive fabric. Believe it or not, I cannot seem to find a very pure white fabric that I need to use as a border. Hoping  a vendor at this show will have just what I need. Seems like it should be easy enough to find! 

After the quilt show, I will be on my way to see LM and Ms G.  I understand there will be a special dinner created in my honor.

Sunday morning will find us preparing to attend the 2nd annual MJT Cape Cod Truck Show.  Sounds like it might be an unusual event for me, but it is really a fun and interesting time with trucks of all sizes, shapes, and utilities, to be seen at their shiny best.  We love the antiques, as well as food trucks and exhibits.  Teddy will be coming along with us, and we will meet other family and friends at the fairgrounds.

A scene from last year's Truck show!

Teddy and I are off to investigate why every crow in the neighborhood is cawing, clacking, and in a general sense of uproar.  My bet is it is a hawk.


Friday, October 21, 2016


Wherever I am, I feel the need to be in nature in all its glory. This inner city garden is a part of the Senior living community where my sister, Margaret, lives in Waterloo Ontario. The last two weeks in August found me visiting there once again, and I enjoyed many early morning walks in these lovely spaces.  These plots of beauty are filled with fruit, veggies, many forms of garden art, and of course, beautiful flowers!  It was fun to form a mental picture of what the tenders of these plots might look like, based on what was growing in their space.

Aside, from my lovely trip to Canada, one might wonder where I have been, and I apologize to my regular readers for the long absence.  The world of technology got way ahead of me (not a tough task), and the update to a new computer, coupled with the move to Windows 10 and life in general, put a halt to Ms Graysea for awhile.  The technology has been slightly tamed, and now I am hoping to be back without too many interruptions.

I'm looking forward to filling you in on the wonderful world of being a full-time, live-in Nana with my dear, Teddy. Although, it was a very uncomfortably hot and steamy summer here, it was filled with lots of camps, and family fun, as well as my precious time with LM and Ms G on the weekends.
I must tell you, though, that Ms G is reaching the end of her years, and catches us with wistful faces as we make the most of each day we have with our precious girl.  She is still quite active and doing her usual crazy cat things, but she has that senior cat look, and seems to forget she has eaten as soon as she has consumed a healthy helping. All her life she ate dry food only and had no interest in people food, EXCEPT for BACON!  Now she has added wet food to the dry and is mad about people food in any form, as long as we are eating it, too. Pretty crazy!

It is nice to be back here but time to go. The school bus run is nigh, and I have the gym calling to me.

I'll be back.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Beauty of Organizing

As my eyes opened this morning, the moon was still brightening my room, and, as always, I did a quick check on mood, and body mechanics while I contemplated the beautiful light and what the day might bring.  I knew immediately, that today would be bright and full of accomplishments. I haven't felt that motivated in a while.  My feet hit the floor, and so many things waiting for my attention, were addressed in a methodical and easy, joyful way.  The shower and tub had been calling my name for weeks, today they got my full attention and are now bright and shiny.  That set the tone, and I hiked up to the attic to retrieve my heavy box of important papers. It had been moved to exile, because it wouldn't stop nagging. Knowing income tax prep is on the docket for next week, pushed me up those stairs. As well as my income tax records, that box contains family history, photos, and love letters. What an incredible day ensued.  Taking out the box, helped me to write some overdue letters, sort a few photos and send them off, prepare all my tax papers, solve a car insurance issue and clean out the glove box in my car, discard a lot of "baggage" (ahhhhhhhhhh), and organize my papers so that I can find anything I want, whenever needed. My Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy are now easily accessible should they be called for by my family.  My father had sat with me and talked about his paternal ancestors 2 years before he passed, and today I took those faded and carelessly written notes from a file, and typed them to add to folders of genealogy that are in the box. 

In between all the activity of the day, I made myself some nice egg salad for lunch. Just like my mother would have made, with chopped olives and some chives. Even though it was cool and very windy all day, I still got a little sunshine on my face, and also spent some time chatting with a dear former co-worker. 

My soul is fed, and peaceful, and I look forward to the energy born of this day.

Tomorrow is Food Pantry day. I so enjoy my 1-2 days a week working there, and it is a great workout with some lovely people.

The big green box is staying in my sitting room for a while, as I have thought of a project to do with a packet of photos I came across on this bright and beautiful day. Stay tuned.

Peace and love going out to Brussels and all those affected by the bombings of this morning. So painful.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Snow Day


Teddy's home from school today on a snow day.  The media hyped up a huge storm for us, even saying that our area by the Cape Cod Canal, would get the jackpot amounts. Here we are with barely a coating on the ground!

 Anyway, I thought I would show you some photos from the weekend with LM. Saturday morning brought us glorious sunshine, although outside, it was much colder than it looked. We decided to brave it and head to Provincetown, and take an early Spring walk through the Beech Forest, our favorite part of the National Seashore of Cape Cod.  In another month Beech Forest will be filled with migrating birds, drawing birdwatchers from all over.  The first week in May, especially, there are all sorts of warblers to be sighted.  We had a great walk!!  Being such a cold day, no one else was around, and we indulged ourselves in the pure sound of nature. We stopped often to feel the sun renew our souls while the wind whispered through the reeds and trees. During one stop, we discovered a busy downy woodpecker and 2 chickadees,  and next thing we knew, they were following us on our walk. I didn't get bird pictures, but as we often do, we found a tree we are certain must be home to the friendly Beech Forest troll, and some other animal friends.  See if you can find the rabbit, the fish, and alligator.
 We had fun finding the critters in this tree, and a woodpecker near the top (not in photo)
 Our troll tree

A glimpse through some reeds to one of the many ponds in the backed-by-sand-dunes Beech Forest.

On the way to Provincetown, I asked LM to take me to an area I'd never explored before.  It is known as High Head and is at the northernmost area of N. Truro. From there one can see all over the Cape.  
High Head Road
Looks like we will drive right off the edge at the top. 

Looking toward Provincetown over Pilgrim Lake from the top of High Head. It is truly a breathtaking view.

We turned the sharp corner at the top (there are a number of homes up there) onto a dirt road which meanders through typical dune low growth. This view was west looking over cottages along the road in N. Truro.

What a spectacular place. LM had a friend who once lived atop High Head.  I imagine it to be a very wild place in a storm.

Thanks for coming along on our Saturday tour. We are forever seeking out places we haven't explored before, and always  manage to find a surprise of some sort - most often beautiful.

Our snow is already about gone, Teddy and I have been out to do some exploring of our own today, and tomorrow he is very excited about returning to school. A very happy 1st grader.

Love and peace to all!!