Thursday, September 21, 2017


We have tropical storm Jose still hovering around and over us this morning.  Morning seems to have come with little light, and the trees are bending to the ground at times. The heavy rains seemed to expend themselves yesterday.  Feeling like I must go to look at the ocean this morning as I can hear it pounding against the shore as I type.

Today will be some errands in final preparation for my trip to Colorado next Tuesday.  I am so looking forward to being with my sister for a week, and to maybe seeing Aspen's with their Fall glow.  I could use some brightness!  We have had no sun for many days, never mind the dimness of my spirits.

Our girl was the dearest nurse and lifter of spirits.

Tomorrow LM will take me along when he does a car swap for Toyota. We will be off early to Saco, ME.....along the way we will have some fun stops and lunch.  Best of all it affords us a day alone in beautiful places.  

Almost time to take Teddy to the bus and launch myself on some errands.  I'm in search of a new cell phone charging cord.  We have a serious issue here with a certain Mr. Bosley, who loves to chew cords.
 Another dead cord
 and, he also chews toes!!

A beautiful day to all.....with love.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Leaving LM yesterday made for a very painful morning. He had to be at work before it was time for me to leave.  I said my good-byes to the very empty house and slowly made my way to the car, to be greeted by this little bouquet on my windshield.  The sweetness we share shows itself in ways such as this, and melt my heart.

So much more love and sweetness is coming my way in the form of little notes of comfort from Ms G's legions of fans, both here and on Facebook! She was a funny little one!!

As I write Bosley is climbing all over me purring loudly and demanding my full attention.  Having Betty and Bosley is a help. Betty offering her brand of sweetness in a very gentle way. She loves to follow me, then rub her head on my feet.  Boz is very demonstrative in a most insistent way! The minute I sit down, he charges up the front of me and butts my head.

The grief comes in waves, and I caught myself laughing a little while ago, so I know there is hope!
LM spent his day in nature, where we both always find healing. He had a great blue heron light 20 feet from where he was fishing!  He called me frequently to share his day and feelings.  Tough for him to go home to the house alone.  He is currently pretending she is still there, and talking with her.  More sweetness.
Gratitude, Peace and Love to you all!

Sunday, September 17, 2017


We've been cloaked in fog, morning and evening the last few days - remnants of Hurricane Irma, and the approaching Hurricane Jose.
Just after leaving my sweet baby girl at the vets on Friday afternoon, I drove right in to the late afternoon fog bank as I took my shattered self to meet LM at work. He was stationed at the Herring River Landing in W. Harwich to do interviews with recreational fisherman.
The fog obscured us as we sobbed in each other's arms. We sat there by the river as I shared the experience, wishing we could go back, while fully realizing we did the right thing.  How grateful I am that LM had Ms G for her last 8 years. She loved her life, and we loved her.  The weekend has been tough....and now, I am back at home without my love and the comfort that comes with his closeness.  Betty and Bosley are having a good time with some of Ms G's toys I brought home. T

We are experiencing another challenge here, as DIL, Alison's, mother is very sick, and Teddy is having a tough struggle over it all.  We are not telling him about Ms G right away, so life will be carrying me along, grief and all.
  Baby Girl's favorite blanket!


The fog comes 
on little cat feet. 

It sits looking 
over harbor and city 
on silent haunches 
and then moves on.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Ms Graysea, our beloved friend and blog namesake, left this world yesterday afternoon.  She'd begun to fail over recent months, but we kept her going with the agreement that, when and if she stopped eating, we would release her from her tired little body.

She was gently helped along by our wonderful local veterinary staff,  while I held her closely, whispering in her ear as she fell asleep. She nuzzled my neck and purred to the very last second.  For 18 years she was "baby girl" and was the greatest entertainer!  Her last 8 years she has lived with LM, and those two shared an unbreakable bond. We shared our beautiful love with her and she gave us more.. LM was unable to be with us at the end, but he feels her loss profoundly.  
A fantastic mouser, certainly necessary in a house dating back to 1820, she caught her last one and presented it to LM last week.  

At this point, we are both shattered and finding it near impossible to go less than a few minutes without bursting in to another round of tears and sobbing.  We've had no sleep.  She is everywhere we look, and we keep thinking we hear or see her around each corner.  She loved nothing better than when we were all together.  

It was a fun run sharing Ms G with all of our blog friends, readers and family everywhere.
Our furry friends make this world so special, and teach us so much.
Thank you for all the love....we send it right back to you!

PS. The blog will continue, with many more frequent posts, we hope!!