Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rocky Mountain Hi

Colorado greeted me with the most beautiful sky on May 10.  Just east of Denver, the airport arises out of what appears to be desert, with its beautiful tent like canopy. My sister, Bebo, was there to meet me, just as promised, and we quickly headed for her welcoming home in Lafayette.  We stopped for a quick dinner and some shopping, and the awe of the mountain vistas once again captured my soul.
Zoey greeted us and provided wonderful feline entertainment for my entire visit. She is such a sweet addition to my sister's life.

By the next morning it was rainy and had cooled down to 50, but we were up and out early with places to go and things to see.  Bebo had saved up a fun list of places to visit. The first being to ogle the array of pastries at "Indulge" bakey.  Oh, my.....some tasty treats were acquired - they escaped the camera.
Our next stop was at the Celestial Seasonings home headquarters in Boulder and that was a really fun place to see, we spent quite a bit of time in the gift shop and then walked through their lovely garden to the tea tasting room.  It was very aromatic, peaceful, and had an impressive array of art on display.

My dear sister in the rose garden at Celestial Season's Co. Headquarters.
This dress, made entirely of Red Zinger tea packets, was in a lovely display in the tasting room.  Amazing.
Below the dress are photos of the window displays at the gift hsop.  The sayings and the paintings are so beautiful and I remember them well from tea boxes.
Sleepy Time
Morning Thunder

The roses were lovely and enjoying the light misty rain.

Love this color!

Next stop, just around the corner, was at the Leanin' Tree Company headquarters, Museum and Gift Shop.  This beautiful sculpture garden greets you at the approach.
Next stop, LUNCH....we shared a very nice soup and a tiny pizza, as we were saving up for an evening dinner to celebrate Bebo's birthday.
The birthday girl at Village Tavern at the Flatiron Crossing Mall in Broomfield, CO.
Home to relax and play with Zoey again....she's reaching out for  my hand here. She loved having Bebo and me sitting on the couch with her.

A few sites seen along the way....interesting bikes everywhere.
Couldn't resist this window....Would love to see one of her parties in action!
So that ends the first several days and I will be back with more pics.
Happy Memorial Day weekend, and we are thinking a lot about those we've lost and especially those in service to our country!  Brave souls to whom we are forever indebted.

It will be a simple weekend here with LM and I enjoying some quiet time, but there will be some time this afternoon with Teddy and Samantha and their parents.  Just going to a playground for a little play and visit. 
Tomorrow, LM and I are going to the movies to see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and out for a meal.
Ms G sends her love and purrs and she is very happy to have us together.

Fear has been evicted, maybe not permanently, but for awhile.

Love to all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Never Fear

I'm here, and very busy sorting out some issues, and coming back to center after a lovely trip to visit my dear sister, Bebo (Susan), in Colorado.  I was a bit under the weather for awhile and had to take an antibiotic which proceeded to tear up my entire digestive track.  Really awful.  Glad I am basically healthy, and do not have to take things like that too often!

Of late, I have allowed an enemy to rent some space in my body and soul. FEAR has paid me a visit. He is about to be evicted, as I know, deep in my heart, he is not a good friend and has very bad intentions where I am concerned. He has led me down the path of obsession about my future, where I will live, etc.  I know it is the plight of many women who live alone, and face not being able to work full-time much longer.  I see the crossroads ahead and have no idea what will happen, have fought with my "friend" fear constantly about what to do, and there are still no answers. Fear's eviction is in process, but there remains the fact that I must find some course of pro-action for my future.  I've exhausted almost all avenues that I can - visiting the local senior center for advice, researching information on line, and reading as much as I can.  Brick walls are looming in front of me.  My tennant brought along his friend depression and he's caused me quite a few black days and nights.  They both must go!!  Easier said than done, but I will keep trying.  I'm well aware that my plight is not near as bad as that of many around me, as I have LM (living with him is not an option for many reasons, although we do look out closely for each other), I have a little savings and a good 401k plan at work, and I have loving family.  The answer will come, the answer will come, the answer will come, just not in MY time.

I have some nice photos to share and hope to find time this weekend - a LONG weekend - to post them.

Love to all!

PS:  LM took this photo at his favorite fishing beach while I was in Colorado!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Super Weekend

We were unable to see the super moon on Saturday night as it was rainy, but "brother," David, sent this wonderful photo, above, that he took from his house in the mountains near Asheville, NC
LM took this photo the next night at West Dennis Beach while he was fishing.
Super tanker cat had a wonderful weekend after the sun came out on Sunday. Here she is napping while keeping an ear peeled to what I am doing in the garden. 
Super fisherman with a striped bass!  
The back step is adorned with a super-red geranium....They smell so wonderful in the sun.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pure Craziness

We interrupt the endless saga of our trip to Maine to bring you some silliness from LM's recent trip to deliver a car to Florida. He was able to spend 24 hours of fun and rest with my daughter, Anne and family in Ocala.  There may or may not have been some wine involved, but he made an attempt to photograph my 'grandcat," Bella, as she does her demand for freshly drawn water!  It's a gray cat thing.

Bella loves having the water gently drip on her head and face.

This whole "amazing" event was being relayed to me via cell phone.
A good time was had by all.  L - R Anne's wonderful neighbor, JeanMary, David, Anne and LM.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More in Maine

Good we are in Maine again...... this lovely stained glass piece caught the eastern sunlight nicely each day and fit well with the Victorian theme of the inn.

This was a lovely place to read in the morning and late afternoon....

Looking from the bedroom into the sitting room........the wicker rocking chair in the foreground is a very old family antique.  The innkeepers had a wonderful array of antiques put together from their combined families. 

Day 2 found us joined by brother, Ev and his son, Martin, and, of course, Tiger.

After a lunch with everyone, LM and I set out on another nice walk in the York Harbor area.  This causeway led us across a portion of the York River to what is called the Wiggly Bridge and then a lovely walk through woodlands. It was really low tide as we started out. Interesting sky!
You can just barely see the green bridge supports here.
The woods were very peaceful with only birdsongs to be heard. Here, a little titmouse seemed to be following us.
A dead tree with huge woodpecker holes.
On the return part of the walk, we saw this beautiful house right along the river's edge.
Coming back around we head toward the wiggly bridge again.

Soon, it was time to get our money's worth out of our inn stay, so we headed back to Tanglewood to have a nap and relax before getting ready for a special dinner at Clay Hill Farm that evening. Before dinner we took a short drive to Ogunquit and enjoyed the late day sun over the water.  We sat in the car with the windows down, eyes closed for a bit, savoring the sound and scent of the ocean.
The dinner evening was truly a delicious and romantic event and I kept my camera in my purse as it just didn't seem appropriate to disturb the setting with the flash. The food was so elegant and fresh.  A step back in time, as my parents enjoyed many wonderful times at the same place.
More to come, as we spend a day in Portsmouth with our entourage!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Corvette for Sale!

Jason's 1976 Corvette is for sale - $7000.00
It has a 350 L48 engine and automatic transmission.
New parts and great condition!

call 508-317-8658 or see it on Craigslist at item # 2986297120

Happy Wednesday everyone!