Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sporadic internet service precluded posting last night but then it was an opportunity to get out my bin of incomplete quilting projects and the little collection of fabric which I have held on to through the years....mainly fabric with cats on it, in all different colors. Such fun to look it over and I did manage to unearth a project with bright colored blocks which is partially pieced and may be the perfect base from which to complete a quilt for Meaghan (LM's daughter). Creative juices are flowing!

After my day of angst on Monday, and a very bizarre dream-filled (I will write about that later today) night, yesterday was a delightful day with an amazing number of "here's what you need, when you need it" moments. LM was in fine fettle and even announced himself that he had reached a new milestone in his recovery. He didn't quite define it for me, but I could hear it and read it in some e-mail he sent me....a shift in a positive direction. He and Bob were out for quite awhile and even went to LM's fave restaurant for broiled haddock. One of his little e-mail messages told me that very soon he would be where he most wants to be...."home" here with me! Tears, tears, but very joyful tears for a change.

SO, it must be Spring, a time of hope, emergence, and pansies, with their sweet faces lifting to the sun and lighting the way out of winter. The photo above was taken last May and refects one of the beautiful pansy pots which my SIL and brother place on their front steps for all to enjoy. They welcomed me on my annual, first week in May visit, to attend the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. It is an amazing event! My mother carried pansies in her wedding bouquet and they have always been very special in my family.

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