Thursday, March 6, 2008

She Knows How to Live

Ms G in all her glory soaking up some winter sun today....Snapped this while I was home for an early lunch.......feeling even sicker today and just wish I could curl up in this same spot of sun and doze but work beckons so I must return.
There are lots of birds singing right outside that sunny window!
Ms G has now settled in to a tight ball of fur in her sunny spot. Sweet love!


Beverly said...

Maybe you should let Ms G teach you something. I think you need to hibernate, curl up and rest, rest, rest. Work may need you, but, what good will you do for them if you never replenish yourself? You and L need to spend one night at your house, and just rest together...

islaygirl said...

i saw this and it made me think of ms. g: