Saturday, March 15, 2008

Patient Reports

Alison and I drove toward a visit with Dad through a wild snow/sleet/hail storm with a driving wind. As usual, the Cape was warmer so rain prevailed. Having company for this visit was really comforting and we made the most of our travel time catching up on each other's lives....Alison is loving the challenge of running her new assisted living program for Alzheimer's victims. It is part of a beautiful new campus in Plymouth, MA called Stafford Hill. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the programs she is implimenting to keep their minds active and entertained. She is mining a wealth of information and talent from her residents and really enjoying her work.
Anyway, we found Dad to be weak, although he was up and dressed and waiting for us. Learning that he fell a few days earlier and was on the floor until an aide came in, was very disturbing and confirms the fact that he does need VNA assistance. That should be in place next week. His breathing is quite labored and at times he cannot get his breath, but, true to form, he wanted to talk about our lives, what is going on in our worlds, how all the other relatives and friends are faring, what we have been reading, the latest articles in various newspapers, and the weather! He is the wonder he has lived such a great long life. I was at once sad and so humbly grateful that this kind and interesting man is my Dad.
We stayed for almost two hours and then he suggested we go down stairs and order some soft food on his lunch tray.....and maybe some strawberry-rhubarb pie, LOL. Sleep was overtaking him.....and we tearfully said each time I see him, I wonder if it is the last.

Next was lunch for us and we went to the beautiful Cafe on the Square in Hingham Center. Dad and I have had lunch there many times and in his honor, I had his favorite lunch...seared scallops on jasmine rice with asparagus and a lovely light meyer lemon sauce. Perfect! Should have taken a photo as the presentation was artful. After a creme brulee sampler for dessert, we headed back to the Cape with a stop at TJ Maxx to buy some new sheets to compliment LM's new bed.
One could not tell the economy is bad by the number of people shopping there today! Very busy.

FINALLY, I was being held warmly in LM'S arms and we got to sit alone for an hour or so and just catch up with each other. He is looking much stronger, although his color is still so pallid, startlingly so. I was pleased that he brought out a copy of his recommended diet and we looked it over together and he seems most dedicated to changing his eating habits and I promised to travel that road with, as well. We talked about a few of his health goals and he has quite a good approach worked out. He knows that for the next six months or so he will be mainly focused on nurturing his body, and doing what the doctors advise. The healing cannot be rushed. How nice it is that this process is heading toward the beauty which spring brings here. My heart was bolstered by the caring and sweet affection LM showed me tonight. Sure feels good.
Tomorrow I will pick LM up and we will take a drive together to do an errand in Bourne and maybe go for a walk along our beloved Cape Cod Canal.

Lastly, this patient is still coughing and very tired. To sleep, perchance to dream she goes.....

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