Thursday, July 20, 2017

PHEW and Joy

We're havin" a heat wave here, and the name of my game, is stay calm and cool.  I will deliver Teddy to the camp bus at 8:40, and return quickly to my air conditioned aerie.  The downstairs has no AC and it is insufferable during the day. I'm not happy with the impact heat has on my aging body, and even with exercise, etc, I begin to fall apart if exposed to long.  Being able to just stay quiet and read, rest, and do a little puttering, is a gift, and I am grateful.

The cats are a bit active early in the day, then they find a corner and flatten themselves out on the floor. They are models for coping!

Our kitchen stove died last weekend and a new one will be delivered tomorrow morning. Looking forward to a stainless steel and black beauty, and preparing some meals again. This week has been whatever can be micowaved or grilled, and it is a bit too much to stand over a hot grille. DIL's car died last week, too, so a new/used Subaru Forrester is arriving on Saturday.  The old Forrester had well over 200,00 miles and was beginning to complain loudly.  Teddy is very excited for the new car to arrive!

That is about it from the doldrums this morning......sending peace, smiles and love this morning, as Bosley has just arrived to check the wastebasket in my sitting room for muffins, etc.  

JOY:  Sharing a recent family gathering during Anne's visit and just before a delicious dinner at Americana Cafe in Wareham, MA
From the left:  LM (my love), son, Jason, grandson, Teddy, daughter-in-law, Alison, daughter, Anne, and MOI.  A memorable and special evening.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Privet Time

Everywhere we go these warm and humid July days, the air is filled with the scent of Privet.
Yesterday, I spent a nice day with neighbor, Peg, and it is her favorite scent, too.  After cruising a few of our favorite thrift and consignment shops, we took a drive over to Marion, on what is called the Massachusetts South Coast.  It is a classically beautiful New England coastal town, and there seemed to be Privet hedges at every house we passed.  After a nice tour through the area....known well by Peg, as her daughter is renting a home there on the water for the summer, we came back to Wareham and had a little waterfront lunch to catch up on our lives, laughing and commiserating - there is nothing like a good friend.

Teddy is off to camp for the day, and I am about to go to the gym, followed by a grocery trip.  I've promised myself I will come home and read this afternoon.  Have a good book going with some interesting New England history, "The House at Lobster Cove," by Jane Goodrich.

I will leave you with a beautiful Cape Cod sunset captured by my love, LM, on 4th of July, evening in Yarmouthport on Mill Creek.

Peace, smiles and love!