Friday, May 28, 2010


The beautiful peony is from my sister-in-law, Trish's spectacular garden. Enjoy!

Yes, we are ready to launch Memorial Day weekend partner in workday crime, Nancy, and I are trying to convince the powers that be that they promised us today would be a 1/2 day of work, but we have been unsuccessful so far. Oh well, it will all be tempered by the fact that in 15 minutes, I will be leaving the office for awhile to go play on the playground across the street with Teddy and his Mom. Pictures to come on the weekend!

My hip is doing well, and the plan to relax with LM and Ms G is still firmly in place. We plan to christen our nice new grille this weekend.

Tomorrow is the 68th anniversary for my late Mum and Dad. How lovingly they always talked about that special day....marriage at St. Andrew's church in Hanover, followed by a reception at the North River Club in Pembroke. Mum wore lavender and carried pansies. Dad was dashing in a handsome suit. I still have the beautiful hat and veil which Mum wore that day. It may come out for a loving look and quiet moment of remembrance.

Hope everyone will have a lovely weekend....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From the Dervish

Lest I make you all as crazy as I am right now, I just wanted to say it is 81 degrees here on beautiful Cape Cod today. What a glorious day and, here's a little more news.

My hip has improved slightly, and I am looking forward to the quiet weekend LM and I promised each other last Sunday. Already "stuff"is encroaching, but we are trying to hold fast.

Dear daughter, Sara, continues her recovery from surgery last week. Post-surgical symptoms are not always fun but she is coping. The upset digestive system goes with the territory.

Tonight, LM is cooking dinner for 80+ people....scrod, baked potatoes, veggie, salad and rolls! It will be a yummy night at the Cape Cod Salties! Alas, I have opted to stay home and continue to rest my hip.

Design and fabric acquisition continues for my latest quilt project. Color really works on my senses and the more I handle the fabric, the more inspired I become. A lovely and healing thing.

A lot of love goes out always to my daughter and family in FL, especially today as they mourn the loss of son-in-law, David's father, David Sr. He passed peacefully last night after a battle with lung and kidney cancer.

From summery Chatham, I wish you peace and love.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, my Achin' Hip

Yesterday afternoon, as we drove to Brewster to have lunch with LM's sister, her friend, Irene, and LM's daughter, Kristi, I pitched a plan and plea to LM that we allow next weekend to be completely unscheduled. There seems to be a pattern with us that we let life happen, and "we" get what is left. I'm continuously amazed at how reasonable LM is in responding. He agreed, that we need to make "we" time happen, and make the preservation of our love tantamount. Yeah...I really got so conditioned to VERY unreasonable men in my life. LM is a treasure.

I am, errands, cleaning, wash, and heavy gardening, have my right hip screaming, with great pain and difficulty walking.

Over the past two months, my main project has been to heal this hip issue and it had been very successful until I did myself in last Friday morning. One crazy move and I was back to square one. I decided to scrub a large area of my bathroom floor by using a scrubby under my foot. Sounds weird, I know, but it worked like magic and up came the large sticky area caused by hairspray. I had already tried using my floor mop with the scrubby edge, to no avail. This was a desperate measure. The circular motion and heavy pressure with my leg did me in, but the floor is now gleaming and no longer sticky! Add to this hip insult, I hauled some heavy containers of garden brush to the huge pile in the back garden. Sitting on a large ice pack is about all I can do now.

We had a beautiful day Saturday and I was out and about early, first, I finally gave in and attacked the very invasive English ivy around the base of the house with "killer"....hate to use that stuff. It seems to be working. I also used it on some stumps and old climbing roses. After cleaning up, I was off to do needed clothes shopping, plan a new quilt project and buy fabric, (pics later), and go to the nursery for plants, plus, food shopping. Four planters and some window boxes are now adorning LM's garden. I also took a leap and added the huge basil plant to the herb pot Jason made for me on mother's day. I hope it is not too early to put it out. We also acquired a HUGE patio tomato plant, thistle (for the finches) and hummingbird feeders, as both birds were spotted in the garden this weekend. I collapsed at 10 pm Sat night, barely able to move, and only got some painfully restless sleep.

Now I am sitting here, in deep pain, debating the sagacity of going to work this morning. It is so frustrating to be so limited. Only physically, I say, as my creativity is flowing and there is so much happiness abounding. This too, shall pass!

A quick Ms G report....she did have a lot of chipmunks and a little mouse to watch scurrying across the terrace this weekend, and was up to her usual bedhog antics. Yesterday was not happy for her as she is company phobic. The second everyone left, she was out and about but I had to come home.
A sunny good morning and happy week to everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Bedhog

She leads two lives....sun worshipper by day, bedhog by night!A very exhausted bedhog!
Love the stretched out front paws.....
Now, for a little comic relief....these days, I spend every weekend with my love, LM, and HIS cat that used to be my cat, Ms G, also known as The Bedhog in these parts. I often wake in the night wondering why I am hanging off the edge of the bed, only to look over and see that LM now has gray ears growing out of his knees! Amazing....if only I could catch that scene on camera, it would truly make this post more hilarious; thus, we will make due with these photos, taken by LM last Sunday morning as we enjoyed leisurely tea (moi) and coffee in the very sunny kitchen. Take note here that she is totally exhausted. Maintaining a horizontal position across the bed all night, and morphing into a bedhog is hard work. So we silly humans allow all this and spend some sweet sunny moments just admiring her beauty, and in awe of her abilities.
Ms G is the subject of LM's almost complete adoration; there is a tad for me, I am sure, but it makes me very happy that he loves this sweet gray bedhog, even if I have to white knuckle myself to the bed, lest I wake up as I hit the floor. It does insure that LM and I are cuddled closely, and we do love that always. Thanks little, I mean big, bedhog.

PS. Ms G had a HUGE adventure on Sunday evening. I'd no sooner gotten home, unpacked all my stuff....I call it the gypsy show....when LM called to relate what had just happened. He was in the living room when Ms G came racing by him, turned around quickly and ran back to the kitchen, all the while letting out some huge howls, growls, and hisses and throwing herself at the darkened back (glass!) door repeatedly. LM, never having "owned"(or should I say purloined) a cat before was quite taken aback by the huge noises emanating from this small cat. She set off the motion lights to reveal a brown tabby cat sitting on HER back step looking right in. The audacity! I do believe it is the first time in her 9 years that she has ever come close to seeing another cat. It is just amazing that she knew there was another cat out there. Her restlessness went on long after the terrified tabby left the scene, and each night she has been patrolling the perimeters keeping a close watch. Whew, big doin's at Chez LM and Ms G!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wrapped in Love

The day to present the quilt arrived beautifully. Sue and I made a plan to meet and arrive at Diann's new home together. The others were already there having a tour of the house, and our carefully orchestrated moment began when Sue presented Diann with a box of Kleenex. I said a few carefully veiled words about why I was there. After all, this is a very insular group of women, and it was out of the norm for me to suddenly appear. Diann and her partner, another Sue, know me from past social events, but on this day, I could see a bit of bewilderment about my presence.
Next Dorna and Sue (2) presented the package......
Diann's face says it all......

The very special handdrawn label, signed by all the members of Project DQ.
Diann opens the card containing messages from all of us, and beautiful calligraphy done by Linda.

Here they are, the most joyful, loving group of women........L to R Sue, Dorna, Debra, Diann, Jerre, Sharon, Sue, Linda
Such a happy moment......I am honored to stand with these gifted women.
Jerre presented Diann and Sue with a lovely golden tipped pine to grace their new home.
The afterglow as we all laughed about the big deception.
Sue and I hold the quilt up for one more picture.
Diann enveloped in her gift. She's going to bring it to the hospital when she has her inversion therapy treatments!
Trying to find the words to express the effect this project had on my life is almost impossible but I will try.
I remember exactly where I was the night Sue called me and asked me to teach her circle of friends to make a quilt for Diann. I was driving to LM's on a Friday evening, deep darkness in my soul, and totally exhausted with hiding the grief and the very deep pain which gripped my body and soul. We finished the conversation as I sat in the driveway at LM's. I remember before the call feeling like there was no way I was going to be able to do anything but fall in to LM's arms and sob all weekend. What wonderful man wants to deal with that, I kept asking myself?
By the time we finished talking about a quilt for Diann, to heal and comfort her, I felt so energized and excited and could not wait to get into the house and start planning!
It took about a month after that to schedule our first strategy meeting, and in that time, I struggled with whether or not I had the ability to go through with it all, but once I was amidst the loving energy of these women, I was carried along, and so uplifted. Over the course of the two months or so, I began to feel my body and heart open up, I went to a chiropractor to begin the process of pain relief, then came a series of deep tissue massages, a facial, some counseling, and then meditation classes. Through that time, I felt pain leave my body and lightness and joy return to my spirit. Everything looks different now. I had closed my body and mind in on themselves, and Project DQ, gave me back my life, and the chance to share in something so very special.
THANK YOU, Sue, Jerre, Linda, Sharon, Debra, Dorna, and to Diann and Sue, please know that every stitch in that quilt was taken with love, fun,and healing, all you have given to so many!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day-Beautiful Girls-Chainsaws-Technology

How could I write a Mother's Day post and forget my first born (Anne) and her wonderful husband, David....I'll tell you why....they were not even in the US on the day, as they were partying away at a wedding on their island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas!
They made sure I received a lovely gift, though!!
Photo taken at the wedding....beautiful!
At long last, a Mother's Day weekend post.....really, all I asked was for Jason to come over to LM's with his chainsaw....lucky I didn't end up in the brush pile.....instead, I got so much more! The night before, Sara, Richie and Samantha joined me for an early dinner at a great new restaurant in Harwichport - Ember. They have coal-fired pizza ovens and the end product had us raving over and over about the goodness.
This little princess really enjoyed her pizza and her maturity continues to amaze me.

Sara with my swoon-worthy margherita pizza in the foreground.
Richie loved his bacon and egg pizza
A lovely time had by all, missed by LM as he was at the beach leading a group of students on their first beach fishing expedition.

Our sweet little Teddy came over to visit with his Daddy on Mother's Day and they brought their chainsaw and the makings of a beautiful herb garden.
Just waking up from a nap, Teddy sits for a bit in his Great-Di-Di's (my late Dad) chair in LM's kitchen.
Finally beginning to wake up....over his head there should be a bubble reading "I can tell there is a lot of technology in this house and there is investigating to do."
Yup, he was right....
Telephones to be answered....
He gives the "fake" phone to LM....not up to my standards, he says.
Ah, he loves to cuddle with Nana....
....wear LM's hat.....
And, he gave Nana some lovely cards
We went on a little tour to look at the lilacs.....along the front are the usual old-fashioned type...happy this year, having been shorn of the choking climbing roses which were wrapped around. My arms and legs still show the damages from the removal process. When the afternoon sun hits these lilacs, the house is filled with their scent.
The other side of the house, back of the driveway, is lined with these unusual lacy pink lilacs
After helping LM remove even more brush, trees and stumps, Jason planted a lovely herb garden for me, we had a little lunch, and they were on their way home. I continued to work in the garden and yard for about 3 more hours while LM went to work on an unexpected project. Ah yes, remember the 65 boxes of books he had stored at a friend's house?? I should never have wasted one minute worrying about HOW we would ever get them assimilated. As my mother always told me, everything takes care of itself, as long as you take care of YOU. On the Friday of Mother's Day weekend, we got a call that the place where the books/boxes were stored, was flooded! Almost all the books and "stuff" are now gone. This meant a lot of work for LM but I think he is relieved.....he never lost his sense of humor about it, and even intimated that he knew I would be very relieved....I suspect he thinks I have the power to cause a flood, but that is another long as he was still smiling, I was happy. Ah, the weight of "stuff" we carry around with us through the years! We both feel a bit lighter right now.

QUILT PRESENTATION report coming tomorrow!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tipsy in the Tulips in Cohasset

As Bob sits behind the tulips and catnip, his partner in crime, Harley Girl, has already tipped over the edge.
Rollin', rollin', rollin'........
My brother, Sam has a beautiful garden, lovingly tended, by his wife, Trish, and these two funny critters just love being out and about while their Mommy is working. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Visit to Opening Day at Baltimore City Market

Our annual visit to opening day of the Baltimore City Market was as wonderful as always. It has really expanded in size, and one can only imagine that it is more amazing each week as the growing season moves along. The market is held under both sections of highway. Love the artistic support stanchions.
New this year, was a large area of booths under the right hand side. Right off, I bought a pretty silver necklace and earrings, and next we were on to check out this farmer selling goat. Loved the sign. To the left you can see the beginning of the "Wheelie Good Smoothie" stand. These young people ride bikes to generate the energy to make smoothies in attached blenders! What a fun and healthy place.
Wheelie Good Smoothies!

The market is redolent with the smell of so many international foods, many of them cooked to order. The displays themselves, are works of art.
Ah, the smell of fresh bread!
Flowers were everywhere at reasonable prices. Too bad we flew down.
LM acquired a luscious cinnamon treat.
Honey, so pretty in the sunlight.
The asparagus and rhubarb were at their peak and so beautifully displayed.
Gerberas. Their color is so intense and appealing, so cheery.
Food prep
Omelets of all kinds to order
This amazing mushroom booth is always there, and I am still regretting that I did not get a fried mushroom sandwich. It was very, very warm, and I just did not feel like eating.
Another view of the mushroom selections
Heavenly iris with the most wonderful fragrance
Flowers, flowers, everywhere!
Nephew, Martin (back to camera), Ev, and LM
Crowds. The buy local campaign is working!

These greens were so beautiful, and of all types.
Several sneak peaks at the Baltimore skyline from under the could almost imagine being a troll.

Well, that about winds up the coverage of our hot and steamy (weather wise anyway) sojourn to Baltimore!

It's very busy around these parts this week. On Saturday, LM is leading a "Learn How to Fish Day" for 10 women who are taking part in a Women in the Outdoors Program. He's looking forward to it, and so far the weather promises to hold out. It will be held at West Dennis Beach beginning at 10 am 5/15. (anyone is welcome to stop by). They will be trying to catch bluefish and striped bass. Stay tuned for a report. I will be in Provincetown having lunch with a dear friend that day, and getting ready for the quilt presentation on Sunday afternoon.
In the midst of it all, I am trying to continue work on my hip and fitness....massage tomorrow night and teaching myself yoga via a DVD at home. Working well!