Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last night found some slight improvement in Marty's condition. He had a little 'real" conversation with his youngest son, Sam (14). That beautiful news greeted me this morning when I woke up.  Marty is surrounded by love, with many prayers and has had distance reiki through the kindness of my high school friend, Lynne.  She has been so supportive and caring, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you all of my dear readers for your caring.
Hopefully, today, Marty will be able to endure an MRI and/or an EEG. Still trying to find out what happened.
More, as I know it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Morning

Thank you so much, my friends, for your concern for my family as we continue a hopeful vigil for Marty's health. There is not much more news. Marty was unable to endure the MRI, even with anesthesia. His poor body cannot remain still. Mental confusion continues and hallucination-like activity, as well. He is not in the present, but he seems to know that Karen and the boys are with him, although they are not sure.
Today will bring more news, we hope! We all want to be there!!

We did manage a nice weekend, with a sunny walk on the beach Saturday, and some time purposely seeking out  funny movies and succeeding. We found "Wild Target" - a very zany British comedy with Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt, that we loved.  It's fun that we share a mutual sense of humor. Of course, last night we indulged in the feast that is Downton Abbey, and are already concerned about what we'll do when it is over for the season. We also had some big laughs with Ms G.  She seems to know exactly when comic relief is needed. 

Off to start the day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mother Hen

Being the oldest of seven siblings, I have fallen naturally into the role of mother hen, or at least I feel that way.  Late yesterday I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law, Karen, written hastily from my brother Marty's bedside in an Illinois hospital.  We do not know yet, what has happened but Marty has symptoms of a stroke and we are all very concerned.  In the picture above, Marty is first row, first on the left. 
My mother hen wings feel terribly short and inadequate this morning, as I await more news. Marty is very confused right now and is going to have an MRI today. Waiting....
This afternoon there is a little dinner party to celebrate LM's 75th birthday and it all feels a little hollow. We will be focusing on sending Marty our thoughts and prayers for recovery.  His struggle of many years after a dirt bike accident in 1975, has shown him to have a very strong spirit. May it prevail! He's a beloved brother, father, husband and "baby chick."  Illinois is way too far away right now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winged Migration

Nephew, Bob, truly enjoys watching Winged Migration on TV. He will watch for an hour or more! He also claims the best seat in the house for his viewing perch, when he isn't trying to catch the birds on the screen.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

At Last

 These solar kitty lights are hovering in the snow outside LM's backdoor today! In the photo above you can catch a glimpse of my new car.....a KIA Sorento. LOVE IT!
It is finally snowing here!  We really have not had winter to this point....so pretty outside and even lovelier that it is Saturday and LM, ms G and I are snowed in together!
We are remembering Etta James today, and I must confess that when I listened to At Last this morning, I cried a few tears as I thought of how much my Mum loved Etta and that song.

Happy Saturday.....I'll be cooking swordfish later and tomorrow we will watch the Patriots game and cheer them on to win! 

Ms G is so happy to have us all under one roof and she is celebrating by helping LM clean out the refrigerator.  Just in case you were wondering about how she is "coping."  Poor baby, her life is really tough. Last night she slept on my feet all night. UGH!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Florida Herd

I know there's not been much news on my Florida feline relatives so, fresh in from their parents, are some new photos of them all, along with some glimpses of the quilt I made for daughter, Anne for Christmas.  As you can see it has the feline stamp of approval.  Obviously, Theo loves to cram himself into a tiny space!

Bella and Tig have a nap on the new quilt!
Grazing on the bed.....

The dedication label for Anne's quilt and a bit of the front revealed.

I am busy beyond belief at work and in so many ways, but all is well. LM and I just shared our first weekend together since before Thanksgiving. I had some cherished down time being a cat couch, and loved it.
     Blogger is so annoying!!   I embrace change in many ways, but the inability to post the way I always have, is a true detriment. Enough said!

Love to all!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Meggie's Scarf

My current knitting project....dream yarn - baby alpaca and Rowan Kid Silk Haze - is soft, soft and new needles are so wonderful. Not sure what kind they are.

This will be for LM's daughter, Meg, to go with her new coat.

Ahhhhhh, it is Friday.  Started the morning off with snow here but it is warming now and disappearing fast.  Tomorrow I will have some time with my dear friend, Sue, and we will work on her quilt project, and tomorrow night LM and I have a date! Sunday will be my last day with the doggies for awhile. They've really been quite good but my own bed is going to look really welcoming to me on Sunday evening, that is, after I watch Downton Abbey with LM.  Can't wait.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Brother

Washington DC 2006 Evie and moi!

October 2011

62 years ago today, I was 7 years old and a second grader at a two room school house in Hanover, MA.  Once a week, after school I would walk about a mile with a group of friends, to the beautiful North Hanover Baptist church to attend Blue Birds.  (It's hard to imagine that we walked that far, unattended, across a very busy state road, at that age).  On that January 5th, 1950 day, mid-Blue Bird meeting, my father appeared in the doorway of the parish hall and beckoned me to him. He picked me up and told me the wonderful news that I had a baby brother. I will never forget the sheer joy of that moment.  That dear brother is still one of my best friends in the world, chef extraordinaire, and one of the dearest, funniest most interesting people I know. Happy Birthday, Evie!

PS. Even though I dressed you up in a red dress as a toddler and put you on the front lawn holding a lemonade for sale sign, you still turned out to be a fine human being!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love and Loss

My dear blog friend, Judy, lost her husband, Fred, on the first day of this new year.  She wrote a poignantly beautiful post about their last moments together and the way they shared such a deep and wonderful love right to the end. Their love was similar to that LM and I share and it, like ours, came to them late in life.

Not much else to say, but I hold them close in my heart as they pass through this transition, and I am sure happy that in 2011 they adopted two very lovely kitties whom I am sure will be taking good care of Judy as she goes on.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bonus Day

So nice to have this Monday off to make such a long weekend....LM was off visiting John last  night  ( alas, John saw in the new year behind bars, and we have no idea what is going to happen - hearing coming on LM's 75th birthday, Jan 26....very sad).  Anyway, after spending some time together at LM's house yesterday afternoon (that cat purporting to live there, never came out and gave her former Mum some love) and sharing a little mid-afternoon meal, I came back to my house and worked a bit more on my current quilting projects before returning to my post with the dogs.  I was delighted to find the New Year's Eve special from Vienna Austria on PBS and spent a very delightful evening watching that followed by a re-run of the last episode of the first season of Downton Abbey while knitting.  It was good to re-watch as the new season will start next week. I love every single thing about that series. Anyone else enjoying it, as well??

Today is beautiful, over 50 degrees and sunny, and after I finish up some sewing, I'll spend some time with Sara and Samantha.  Back to work tomorrow.  It will seem strange.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

May 2012 be a year of peace, love and enlightenment to all my wonderful readers, friends and family.
I am house sitting for my boss until January 8.  The peace, sunny windows and my big doggie friends are starting the New Year off on a good note. LM and I hunkered in there last night and enjoyed some  movies and the quiet.

I've had some very annoying computer issues and am contemplating a new computer? Tablet?  Not sure.  Would appreciate any feedback.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my new car, and savoring the glow from or lovely Christmas. In less than 2 weeks I will have a new co-worker and I think she will be just great.

Quilting continues and I am about to send three to the quilter in 2 weeks so will be working on the backing for them tomorrow.  These long weekends have been such a gift. Amidst the quilting I am making a scarf for LM's daughter, Meggie. It is with two yarns...a soft gray baby alpaca and a white very fine mohair. It is coming along beautifully on some new sz 7 needles that knit so easily.

Many people I love have suffered some losses and are dealing with illness/surgery and lots of positive loving energy is being sent their way, as I spend time appreciating all I have and trying to love in a more accepting and quiet manner. Not always easy.

So, as an apple pie surprise is baking and scenting my house delightfully, I will try to go back into the morass of this computer and Blogger, and FINALLY post the pictures of our sweet Christmas, elegantly hosted by Alison, Jason and Teddy.

Happy New Year.