Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Hike

It's been a month since I graced these parts!  Checking in to say hello, just in time to say good-bye to April. Cannot say I will miss the cold and dreary countenance you've draped over beautiful Cape Cod but, I will say thank you for the continued healing of my new knee and an almost welcome to May!

I took my first long and strenuous hike with LM to the beautiful spot above. It is the Monomoy River Conservation area on the border of Harwich and Chatham. Despite the deep chill, we loved being out and I was deeply grateful that my knee carried me along beautifully.

In other news, life with Teddy is pretty busy as we narrow in on the end of the school year and prepare for a busy summer of day camp, once again. He's staying busy with a lot of homework, baseball and swimming, and doing very well. He's a wonderful gift in my life, and his brand of love makes me feel very privileged.

LM and I are working on plans for a road trip to Canada in the first week of June. We love being on the road so it will be blissful, I am sure.  We will be headed to visit my sister, Margaret and family in Waterloo, Ontario. 

Life is all about adjusting, changing and acceptance these days. Some I like and some I don't, but, I am all about living day to day and seeing the beauty.

Thanks for stopping and peace!