Friday, October 28, 2011

My Current Charge

Pardon me for my absence....I'm thinking of you all, but very distracted by the presence of a certain little Boston terrier named Madeline. She belongs to a good friend from work who has gone to Paris for 10 days with his partner. Madeline does lots of sniffing and snorting and rooting around and has the biggest ears.
Meanwhile, I am in a Friday night tired dearest co-worker announced today that she has given her two week notice to take another job. I am heartbroken, yet know it is a good move for her, both personally and career-wise. We have worked together so well for all these years. Changes are going to begin as a result of this and it is very unsettling, as I know my job will become much different. It will be a lesson in acceptance and an exercise in embracing change, rather than having fear. One is never too old to learn new things, and I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be called upon to practice that old saw.
LM has been working non-stop. Instead of being in my arms as usual on Friday night, he is driving back from a trip to PA. He will get home in the early morning hours and leave again around 6 am to drive to NH. The car business is booming right now.
We're expecting a very bad northeast storm tomorrow and I'm afraid it will preclude my plans to go to a Halloween parade with Teddy and his parents. We shall see.
Meanwhile, I ramble here but wanted to touch base with everyone.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Anne's Visit

Anne and David, above, in front of my house just before we said good-bye as they were leaving to return home to Florida....sob, sob! 

The night before we had a delicious and fun dinner where we were joined by brother, Ev.  Because LM's son, John, is now working part time at a very fine little restaurant in West Dennis, Norabella we decided to give it a try and it was a wonderful experience. Norabella is chef owned and a tiny place.  The food is very fresh and imaginative, using many local ingredients.  Our server was very knowledgable, fun and accomodating.

We started off with two appetizers...friend polenta with an olive tapenade served on prosciuto....sublime!

and....lobster ravioli with a perfect light tomato cream sauce...every flavor was so distinct.

Ev chose this swordfish dish with many wonderful fresh vegetables.
LM thoroughly enjoyed this seafood dish served over angel hair...

David and I chose the sauteed schrod served with risotto and asparagus, topped ith lobster.  AMAZING flavors.

John made himself a dinner when he had a kitchen break and he came to share it with us.  Dad caught chewing!

It was such a fun and delicious evening and we, of course, HAD to try dessert.  This is the tiramisu, and I had a beautiful cannoli with a filling of ricotta, orange peel, chocolate and pistachio.

Lovely time....happy, happy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Murder in Action - Thursday Lunch at Oyster Pond

Almost daily, I drive a short distance from my office to eat my lunch at Oyster Pond, a lovely salt water beach.  Looking in any direction the views are lovely, and parking is so close to water's edge, that the sound of the waves can lull the effects of the morning from my mind.  On a bluff looking to my right, a large hip-roofed colonial, restored by my employers a few years ago, holds forth over a small cove, all lit by brilliant Fall sunshine.  It's a lovely day, nearing 70 degrees and windows open in the car, I focus on the sounds around me - an awning whipping in the stiff southwest breeze, the waves, and some distant gulls.  Suddenly, a lone crow perches himself/herself on a railing near my car and begins insistently emitting two caws, a pause, 2 caws a pause. Louder and louder he/she becomes while looking directly toward a large stand of evergreens to the left of the hip-roofed house.  Suddenly, a large murder, or group, of crows lifts off from the trees and fills the sky over the house, circling, circling, crying, cawing, and squawking, dipping and diving, they continue for about 30 seconds until their mission is complete, and a very large hawk arises from the tall grasses in front of the house.  The hawk, duly threatened, leaves quickly, the murder continues to slowly circle, and finally, they all disappear into the trees. One single crow, lands atop the highest tree, emits 2 caws, and is gone.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I really want to stay home and rest today.  Allergies have me low, at least that is where I choose to place the blame for my current malaise. 
Dog sitting ended last Sunday for awhile.  I will have a new little dog come to stay with me for a week at the end of the month while her parents are in Paris.  Good thing Ms G was purloined by LM. She would not be happy to have another woman of the canine type sharing her house.

Since the last company left, after a very fun and full visit, I've been catching up on sewing and preparation for some winter projects.  I've been so inspired by the progress that my "students" have made recently. 

There are lots of pictures and stories to post but with Blogger issues, I am lucky to get this much typing in before it all disappears, never mind post the pictures. What happened to my wonderful Blogger that made it so easy to write so many posts in the past? I cannot help but wonder if it could not keep up with the changes to Windows...I've gone from Windows 2000 to Windows7...alas, maybe it's me that has not made the change well.  Research is beckoning.

Off to work....just wanted to leave a little message to  let you all know I am here and basically well.

Love to all.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crossed Paws

Lest anyone think that Ms G is not living life to the max.  Her faithful servant, LM, is sure to keep this window open for lounging and chipmunking purposes.
 If, perchance, the window is NOT opened in a timely manner, a loud reminder is sounded!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you more with every passing day, yet you are with me all the time. Ev's been visiting a lot and we speak of you often especially the fact that you would love to see all we've been seeing together.  You loved seeing new things, eating at new fine restaurants and enjoying family. We are doing our very best to carry on your favorite traditions.
My heart brims with tearful gratitude this day and everyday.

I love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This huge flock of wild turkeys was spotted in LM's back yard last week. He happened to be home and catch the action. Unfortunately, a certain gray feline, was asleep under the down comforter and missed it all.  Ah, a cats life!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Visitors and a Tiger

We have had a rush of delightful company the past week, and once again, I am reminded how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful family! 
First, my brother, Ev arrived from Baltimore with his new best friend, Tiger.  I thought this photo illustrated well, the reason he is named Tiger. The stripes are amazing and beautiful.

We all went to a lovely party at Teddy's house on Saturday and he is now in a "loving to pose" phase.
Alison and Anne in the kitchen
The table all ready to host the gala
I did most of the bean salad with swiss cheese, bacon and red onion.  Tomato pie.
Chicken Marbella from the Silver Palette Cookbook - a wonderful party dish which marinates overnight in garlic, prunes (yes, prunes), white wine and lots of seasonings, then bakes easily before the party.
There was lots of fun action on the deck with Samantha and Teddy.
Tiger enjoyed frequent snacks, while keeping a wary eye at the ready for the wee ones.
My girls, Anne, Kristi, and Sara
Aunt Anne loved spending time with S & T
Brother Ev and his new best friend! Tiger was so tolerant and friendly with the little ones.

As usual "Woo" aka LM, was at the ready with some fun technology to enthrall his fan club. This time it was walkie-talkies. Here they get their lesson and soon it was on to gales of laughter. Samantha loved wearing Teddy's shark bike helmet.

LM had the walkie-talkies linked to his Teddy can hear his voice coming out of the scanner. So  funny!
A lemon birthday cupcake for Kristi.
Kristi as we all sing happy birthday

Ah, he loves his technology

Tiger gets in on the party and tries to kiss Anne.

Kristi unwrapping her gift of a handmade Snoopy-topped pumpkin....note the cat wrapping paper...

I love this little photo session with S & T

A wonderful time was had by all, and the next day we were joined by Anne and husband, David at my house in Chatham....details when I get a chance.  Lots of company and dog sitting are happening.