Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Real Life Resumes

This morning, I return to work after our perfectly wonderful vacation.   Myriad meaningful moments are spinning through my mind, many captured in photos to be shared soon.  Being with my dear sister, Margaret, and family, is treasure warming my heart, as I return to my missed work friends.

Being with LM for this long stretch of time was so full of joy and love, and I am ever so grateful for his driving us safely through all the beauty we shared.

Some lovely late summer flowers for sale at a favorite Mennonite bakery in Ontario.  There were some maple tarts purchased there, I believe!

May this find you all enjoying a lovely Fall day.  It's a beauty on Cape Cod.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live from Clayton NY

We left home at 2:45 am Saturdayy and had the most glorious day.  LM did a great, relaxed job of driving, and our it was so beautiful with the colors of Fall emerging with a slight glow.  Our favorite drive so far was north up Rte 12 from Utica, NY....very interesting with many farms and spectacular vistas.  There were miles of goldenrod and wildflower meadows  in full bloom....a beautiful golden glow!
 Coming through one little town we were met with many blocked roads and the heavy smell of barbeque everywhere. As we got closer we found the main street filled with tables and it seemed there were people cooking on every corner. They were preparing for their annual cream cheese festival!!  We did come across a huge Kraft plant somewhere so it makes sense. Looked like they were in for a delicious day of celebration.  

Just after we stopped for breakfast at a very rural and rustic spot - a combination bar/diner/bowling alley - we had two huge pheasants fly right into the car windshield. They seemed to be unhurt. whew!

Never did finish this post with the rest of the 1000 Islands tour but will be back soon to do so. we are now in Waterloo Ontario with my sister and savoring every minute....LOVE to all!

For those concerned about Ms G, reports are that she is loving her time with "Aunt Lois."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1st Day of School

 Monday was a very big day 'round these parts. LM and I gathered with Sara, Samantha and her Uncle Nicky to see our little 'Hello Kitty" girl off to her first day of kindergarten. Excitement built as we waited for the arrival of the big yellow bus.

 The big moment.....

 There she goes...... So proud of you sweet Samantha, and your Mommy, too!
 Later that day at lunch time....I relished this beautiful view!  I can never savor it enough.

 My lunch time companion waits on the post each day hoping I will toss a scrap.
Onemore day until we leave for vacation to Canada....cannot wait. With LM on the road is a happy happy place. We'll keep you all updated.....lots of love to all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teddy on the Road to Good Health

Our sweet Teddy and his wonderful mother, Alison, has we waited in the surgical unit for Teddy to have his adenoids removed a few weeks ago.......love the little socks. A remarkable recovery has been made and Teddy is on the way to much better health, free of constant ear infections and fever.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bob (cat) Update

Fantastic news......Bob is walking again.  Trish caught video of him walking on his paralyzed back leg this morning, albeit a bit tenderly, he is walking.
Miracles do happen!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to the Future

 Today I went way back in time to reunite with my very closest friend from childhood, after not seeing each other for decades.  Just the sound of her voice and laugh brought tears to my eyes and touched a very deep place in my soul.  Meet, Priscilla, she is going to be  a very happy part of my future.  I've missed and longed for her friendship, for the way we laughed together and could share so honestly. In my early years, Priscilla, an only child, lived in a neighboring town.  Very often she would be seen riding her handsome horse by our house, long blonde hair flowing and always with a smile. Eventually we began chatting with each other on these rides by, and a great friendship was born.  Priscilla has wonderful memories (more in depth than mine at times) of life in my childhood home.  She was often at our table and always welcomed into our noisy and busy household.  After school I would walk several miles to her house and we would talk and talk and talk.  Priscilla was the first to get a driver's license and then we were off, either in her blue Nash Rambler or her Dad's wonderful white Ford Thunderbird with red interior. We spent hours "cruising the drag" and watching the  boys, giggling hysterically at the nicknames we had for them all.  There were lots of double dates, hours of gossip, and many a time of angst.  Alas, she went off to college, and I followed in a different direction the next year, and thus began long, long times of not seeing each other.
Today we were back together again at her sweet house on a little pond right here on Cape Cod!!  I took a chance and sent a letter to the last address I had, and sure enough, I quickly got a call and a time to meet was made.  Interestingly, our lives have many parallels. We both gave birth to two girls and a boy and have both been married numerous times, have had some physical challenges and now live alone.  Below - Priscilla on the dock in front of her house.  The beauty of this all, is that as children, we would go to this pond and cottage with her parents, and on today's visit, I found this beautiful spot virtually unchanged. It is lovingly maintained by Priscilla.
 Looking back up the hill from the beach
 View from the top
 The same trees, still creating a beautiful whisper in the breezes
 Back porch!

 On the hillside in a huge patch of lily of the valley, are the ashes of all Priscilla's ancestors who've loved this beautiful place of peace.
 After a little visit, Priscilla and I set out for a cat show nearby - yes, she has always been crazy about cats, too.  The highlight of the show was getting to meet Toto the Tornado Kitten  You can become a friend of Toto's on Facebook, as I am!!!  Here he is eating potato chips, and he eats fruit, too!  What a great cat and it is amazing story.

 Priscilla greet Toto
 and, almost the highlight of my day,I got to cuddle Toto!!!  I bought two of Toto's books....yes he is a published author with all book proceeds going to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  Toto's, Dad, Jonathan was nice enough to take this picture of me with Toto (and he gave me a warm hug, too!   We followed up the cat show with a lovely lunch at a local tea room and a visit back at Priscilla's house.  My heart is so filled with the wonder of the life I was given as a child and gratitude for her friendship.
Please don't tell Ms G about today.......

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Red Sky in the Morning

Although not official, it certainly feels like summer ended abruptly with Labor Day.  After a beautiful and productive weekend, this morning brought a crimson sky, cool air, and little showers.  Back to school for many this morning, and back to a very busy office for yours truly. 

Friday night brought LM and I together, and we shared such a happy and busy 3 days. We launched in to some organizing and cleaning projects at his house and accomplished an amazing amount of work, interspersed with some fun movie watching, preparing some nice meals together, and rides to the beach for evening moon watching.  Just lovely! 

Welcome Fall......this was a very hot, humid and long summer.  In less than two weeks now, we will be on the road again to visit Canada and my sister, Margaret.  Can't wait!!   In the meanwhile, this weekend I am looking forward to a reunion with a childhood friend.  Recently I was told that nostalgia is good health-inducing....certainly my health will be perfect soon. I've recently experienced a reconnection with a much-loved cousin, and now several childhood friends will be visiting.  We shall see. 

Love to all!!  

PS.  Ms G only has eyes for LM

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Taking Time for a Date

With little time to just have time for each other, when last Sunday dawned a crystal clear day, we decide to leave mid afternoon and head to the outer Cape for a late lunch on the waterfront, and follow that up with a stop at some of the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore beaches to see how their confirmation has changed since our last visit. After all,
we live on shifting sands making the beaches different with every visit. By going late in the afternoon, we avoided paying the hefty summertime access fees. Above is a shot from our table at Mac's Seafood at Wellfleet Harbor.  We reflected on our good fortune and had some delish seafood as we enjoyed watching boats come into the harbor after a day on the bay.
Flowers still blooming right beside our table.
Our view to the harbor from the table.
After lunch we walked around the docks and enjoyed looking at the boats. Below a shot of two well-used scallop draggers.
Looking toward Mayo's Beach
The first beach on our list was Ballston Beach (where a MA man was bitten by a great white shark earlier this summer). From the parking lot you can see huge dunes, some with old cottages atop. 
The walkway to the beach was fairly steep, but gimpy old bad-kneed me made it with a little help from LM. I was determined to get on to the beach.

We trudged toward the beauty!! 
The dunes were high above us on either side and the sun was just lighting the tops of the dune grass.
On our right was this house, precariously poised to fall off the dune cliff. So much erosion takes place each year and it was obvious that the owners have tried to shore it up, but there is no success in fighting mother nature. We will watch this in the future.

Looking north toward Provincetown. Many were still enjoying the early evening sun and breezes.
My favorite date surveys beach conditions to the south. 
His view
Another sweet old cottage on the edge.
This darling hideaway was nestled into a dune beside the passage way to the beach....love the name - The Bobwhite.

My Saltie makes another beach survey from the top of the cliff at Newcomb Hollow.
Our last stop was at the spectacular White Crest beach.....it has been seriously eroded in recent years and the way down to the beach and is treacherously steep.
From the top of White Crest....note the signs!!
It is a stomach lurching view from atop White Crest.
I love the way the surf was catching the last rays of the day's sun.
A trip down or up is for young legs!
Looking south from atop White Crest.
We finished up our beach tour with ice cream at Savory in Truro and then made our way back to Chatham to watch the sunset at the Lighthouse.  Alas, no photos!  We were so relaxed and happy, and really felt we had stepped off the wild ride that seems to be our life, and enjoyed our beautiful world and relationship for an afternoon!