Thursday, March 13, 2008

What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

Just after returning to work from lunch yesterday, I looked up to see LM walking through the door looking just wonderful. It seemed a dream, but real it was, and soon he was surrounded by many of my wonderful co-workers who emerged to shake his hand, give him hugs and congratulate him on his recovery and how well he looks. I was just about tongue-tied with delight and later observations recounted the fact that I was blushing and starry-eyed. No doubt, they were right. I am so in love with this courageous man. What a day. To begin with it was the 7 month anniversary of our first date, and it is also a year since we went on a little dinner together merely a month after his partner Lillian had died - I wrote about that dinner somewhere back in the archives here. That was strictly as friends....then....ah, I think the stars were aligned perfectly yesterday as it was the first day in a month that I felt calm, very happy, the shaking inside gone, and it seemed LM was feeling much the same way.
On the phone later, LM said coming to my office was the highlight of his day...I felt the same way. Life is delightfully renewing itself and it seems our love will have a newer and more meaningful depth.
I also noticed that I have really begun to look around me again, observing all the signs of Spring and taking a walk outside to breathe and sense my beautiful environment. All this has been shut off for the past month. Also interesting about LM's visit was that it had been raining yesterday and just as he arrived in Chatham, the sun came out, shortly after he left, we had a 15 minute microburst of hail, sleet, rain and snow and then brilliant sun it some sort of purge of all the bad energy we have had around us???? Just a silly observation on my part, I am sure.

The dinner and movie with Nick and Mary last night was lovely....the movie, "Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day" is a total delight from the wonderful dialogue which moves along much like a stage play, and the beautiful sets and costuming. We enjoyed every minute. The score is also wonderful and I cannot wait for LM to see this movie. He will love it.
Onto another lighthearted day.

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