Friday, March 21, 2008

Positive Spin on the Chaos

Meet Kritsti, LM's oldest daughter

She is a very bright star in our realm. Having suffered a stroke at age 1, she has had many challenges and risen above them all with a smile. As I wrote a few days ago, her mother, Ellen, with whom Kristi lives, was taken to the hospital with severe breathing issues. She has COPD and is a heavy smoker and drinker. It is a constant worry to us that Kristi lives in this environment but she is very loyal to her Mom and helps ably to care for her. Tonight, Ellen is home, hopefully no longer smoking, as she is now oxygen dependent! Early this morning there was a call from Kristi to tell me her beloved cat, Mr. Levi, died in the night. We had been worried for months about the cat's future, as he had breathing issues, too. Despite the early stages of his recovery LM has been there for Kristi and Ellen and today he helped with a little funeral for Mr. Levi. Out of all of this, there is such a calm and admirable strength shining and we discussed it all tonight, both agreeing that each event was something that needed to happen and is for the greater good.

Hopefully now, Kristi will live in a smoke free environment, Ellen's life will have a better quality about it, Mr. Levi will no longer struggle through each day needing veterinary care, and the door is open to a discussion about a trust for Kristi's care. LM will have less to worry about and he has found new energy in his recovery by helping through all of these trials. He is an amazing man!!

Tomorrow LM and I will go to buy a little Easter gift for Kristi, take an Easter bunny to my granddaughter, Samantha, surely we will go to look at the ocean, and who knows what else we will do but we very are excited about seeing each other in the morning. It has been a great day!

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Beverly said...

Love the flowers above...
Seems like the universe is teaching you all how to handle stress, and hopefully happier days are around the corner.
Happy Easter!!!