Thursday, September 25, 2014

LOVE - Anniversary of a Kiss

September 25, 2007 - We'd been together 45 days - Just before twilight, at Orleans Town Cove by the Yacht Club.  Blissful silence. Only nature surrounded us, marsh grasses swayed gently, a fishing blue heron busily pursued a catch, a few fish were jumping.  The water was lit pink by the impending sunset, the full moon was preparing to rise.  Sitting amidst all this beauty we were softly touching, kissing and feeling our love. You lifted your face away from mine, and with tear-filled eyes said, "I love you."  Your words were filled with such passion that they seemed instinctive., as they came out on your breath.  A magic moment, evocative of our lives; more beautiful than the setting, it took my  breath away, filled my eyes with tears, touched my heart and soul as never before.

Our love has been filled with magic moments like are my treasure, LM!
THANK YOU......"we" get better everyday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Retirement is the most lovely thing.....there is no way to convey how much I appreciate waking to my own body's time clock - 6:22 am, and slowly getting up to join Teddy downstairs as he eats breakfast and gets ready for school. I can choose what I'd like to do for the day, and when, and even not to do anything! We've had a run of the most glorious late summer/early Fall weather, so most days I am bound and determined to be outside as much as possible. I have a walk planned tomorrow, if my foot is less painful. Nearby, there is a very nice park with a waterfall/herring run, and the woods there are glowing with Fall colors right now, so, I am hoping to get some photos and do a little exploring. Yesterday, I had a little surgical procedure done to remove a tumor from my foot. It was a weird, ugly purply thing that would erupt in gushing blood about 1-2 times a week. Both my primary care physician and the surgeon thought it most unusual and that it need to be excavated out and off my foot. It is now gone and has been sent for analysis. Most likely benign, but the home of many blood vessels, thus all the bleeding episodes. Meanwhile, the crater is stitched closed and in the healing process, a bit painful but it will heal quickly. Last night we were honored with a brief, but fun and welcome, visit from my brother, Ev. He was in town on business from MD. We shared a nice dinner of swordfish and fresh veggies, followed by apple crisp. He was most happy to spend some time with Teddy. I miss all my brothers and sisters so much, thus our visit opportunities are precious and filled with lovely family memories around the dinner table. So amidst the beauty of Fall, life is wonderful in Ms G land, although I feel duty-bound to report that the inimitable Ms G had a very traumatic event in her life last Saturday. Teddy was visiting at LM's house for the day - we took him on his first salt-water fishing excursion to great acclaim. Meanwhile, back at the ranch after the fish were exhausted from evading our flies and lures, Ms G was sleeping ever so peacefully in her secret lair upstairs, and Teddy decided to go on a hunt for her royal highness. She was abruptly wakened when Teddy touched her and she recoiled uttering a HUGE HISS. Poor Teddy was very scared and came downstairs, eyes as big as saucers, to tell me the whole sad saga. Meanwhile, chicken-cat, was hiding somewhere and not to be seen until all evidence of the child-alien was gone. It took a lot of Nana's patience to explain that Ms G was merely frightened, thus the hiss. Trauma, trauma!! Sending love and peace to all...... the new header photo was taken by LM a few weeks ago at West Dennis....sunset in all its glory, while fishing, of course. PS. Even though there are paragraphs, etc, in what I typed on Blogger, when published it appears as one long paragraph. I apologize. Maybe Blogger needs surgery, too!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Love in its Purest Form

 My new life brings me new and greater rewards each day, but none can be greater than the bond that Teddy and I are building.  Here he is yesterday morning st the bus stop rocks.  Just after I took this photo, he got up and said, I should sit on that rock. It was pretty round on the top and as I sat down, I began to lean toward the left to balance myself. Immediately, Teddy came around and sat next to me and said "If you fall, Nana, you can fall on me and I will save you.  Amazing little loving moments like these are filling my days with such wonderful purpose and love.
 Of course, we have numerous typical 5 year old tired-after-a-long-day-at-school moments, too, and last night was one of those. He had no intention of doing anything he was asked, and was beginning to :go bad" pretty fast, so as I saw the pink glow in the early evening sky, I suggested we go hunt for the sunset. Off we went down the street toward the canal, the glow becoming more pinky-orange, the closer we got to the water. He was still a little testy, but game to find the sun before it slipped below the horizon.
AHA!  A successful hunt, and we were rewarded with this beautiful view.  The "mood" was still lurking, and it was announced that he now had developed a very bad knee, affected limp and all, and Nana would have to carry him home! NOT about to happen!!  We slowly made our way back, both of us limping. Strangely, as we approached home, his knee became miraculously cured. Wish it were that easy for me.....I'll have to wait for the knee replacement in February. 
Anyway, we did cure some of the grouch and he slept soundly through the night.

My days are so very full right now, and I just love being retired. Already, I have been in my new home a month and love it so far. My days are pretty full with various appointments. My list of "must-do's has grown a lot shorter.  So many things had been put off and now, I have so many chores behind me. My eyes have been examined and I have two lovely new pairs of glasses....bifocal clear and sunglasses!!  I'm lined up for a colonoscopy next week, and also about to have a nasty bleeding tumor removed from my foot two weeks from today.
I've also caught up with and visited many friends from years ago when I lived in this area. 

My campaign to get strong and more fit is going along well, too. I began aqua aerobics last week and love it, and I am wearing my FitBit daily to record my steps, aerobic exercise, and many other health related improvements.  It is making a world of difference and giving me great encouragement.

LM and I have found that we are appreciating each other a lot more, and our weekends at his place with Ms G are much more relaxed as I am less stressed.  

Tonight, I began to pull out my sewing and quilting supplies and am slowly working toward a return to creativity.....feels so good.

In the meantime, I have also visited the beautiful local senior center and signed up to volunteer a few hours a week, as well as take exercise classes on the days I do not go to the pool program.  Tomorrow, I will meet with the director to discuss where my skills would best fit at the center....that will help improve my community base and make new friends.

Many of you who have been reading Ms Graysea for a lot of years, know, I was very, very obsessed and worried about what would happen to me when I could no longer work. I literally spent years of sleepless nights, and endless hours debating with others about my options. It was AWFUL, and here I am with this dream of a new life which allows me to be a third parent/helper and use the skills I wish I had when my children were young, and to be rewarded with more love and better health than ever.
It took jumping over a huge mountain of fear, but bad knee and all, I made the leap and landed in the softest most beautiful place.

Love and peace to all!!
and.....because it is almost Wacky Wednesday, I leave you with yet more Ms G porn.....she is staring at her beloved LM, of course, and she sends special thanks to her Aunt Nan, who visited from Saratoga Springs last weekend and brought her some soft toys that she has been having such fun carrying around and luring us to play fetch. It would seem Ms G spends most of her life on her back, but she is one very active girl. She is forever running around chirping, chasing toys, jumping up and down off furniture, and she is especially busy waking LM with loud yelling every morning at about 5!