Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meatloaf on my Toes

Two posts today....sending out 2008 with a clatter.
My petulant, bluesy, irritated self of late got an abrupt wake-up call last night. In my flurry of activity to create a nice meal for New Year's Eve and Bob's welcome home from rehab, I was hurriedly finishing the clean-up, annoyed with Ms G because she had escaped into the dank and cobwebbed-filled basement, TIRED and anxious to get to bed. WHAM, as I went to put my cast iron dutch oven away, the cover slid and fell to the floor but not before the side of it bounced off the 3 smallest toes on my left foot! EEEEEEEEEEEK. Let's just say that cover has a new name, and the pain sent me dancing around the living room and brought Ms G up from the basement to see what was the matter. I quickly took arnica (an homeopathic trauma treatment which I could not live without), then reached in to the freezer for the first solid frozen object I could got it, a meatloaf I had formed and tucked away last week. I applied frozen meatloaf 10 minutes at a time for awhile and it worked just fine. This morning, thanks to arnica, as well, there is little swelling with minor pain and I will be able to work, albeit with a or two of the three purpled toes may be broken. Fun, fun but meatloaf saved the day!
Sure did shift my mind from the mundane issues I thought were causing the blues. Life has a way changing priorities right when it is needed.


One Woman's Journey said...

Ouch I am sorry. I know that hurts. It hurt me while reading your sharing. The curtains will be beautiful. You are one talented lady. I do good to sew on a button or to hem something.
Never mastered a sewing machine like my mother. All of her handmade quilts bring back so many memories. Take care. Heal and best of everything to you and yours for 2009.

amy in ct said...

thanks for your comments... no you are not preachy at all... funny you mention that slogan and all that jazz.... my ex was an alcoholic and i went to alanon for years..... saved my life.
my favorite is 'let go and let god' cause sometimes you have NO CONTROL, actually most times you have no control :)
thank you for your posts on your blog too.... we seem to be going thru the same blues, not sure if it is the weather, or the end of the holiday season or the lack of time with our significant others... but i am right there with ya!

mentioning your curtains makes me want to get my machine out and pick up some fabric at the store, i used to make lap quilts back in the day... might pick that up again.
sorry to hear about your toes, that sucks!! hope they are not broken....
have a wonderful meal and time tonight, glad you get some time with loved ones.... happy new year to you!

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Amy, I was just wondering if you were at home tonight. I am home alone because of the storm. Roads really bad and LM forbade me to drive! He is home settling Bob in. I will write a bit more on your blog. Send me your regular e-mail...easier

Poppy said...

I am still working my way through your archives and I had to giggle when I came upon you and your meatloaf toes. Reminds me of me and my fall to the tush after the cuppa tea spill :)