Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Morning After and Theo Gains Fame

Shocking but true, here I sit Saturday morning my usual cup of Earl Gray, complemented with a delish piece of pumpkin bread, Ms G gazing into my eyes begging for treats - my world is very normal, it did not break apart and swallow me - the office Christmas party was the BEST ever and I stayed until the very end!! And, I had a great time. Really, I do work with the nicest group of people and all the wives/husbands/partners are great, too. Just before the end of the work day I was drafted to be the greeter at the door and pass out drink tickets. Not my idea of fun, but on the way there I decided to just put on a smile and give everyone warm wishes for a lovely Christmas and welcome to the party, and it turned out to be such fun. Many friends came and stood with me and we had a lot of laughs and interesting conversation.

As I showed earlier in the week, Theo has been having great fun in HIS Christmas tree down in FL. Anne sends me frequent updates on his exploits and I share them all with my fellow cat lovers at work. The accounting department is composed of three great cat people and one of them, Melissa, drew this rendition of Theo on their white board!

A leisurely weekend is in front of me, and LM and I are planning a nice walk in beautifully decked out for Christmas, Chatham Village and a fish dinner and movie here at home this evening with Ms G. who is now tucked in to her nest on my bed after a morning of racing around like a crazy horse.
Happy, happy!

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Anne said...

What a great picture, looks just like him.