Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Tiny Christmas Visitor

Ms G and I are waking slowly here this morning, although, I have been out of bed since 5 am. I love early morning. Christmas day is quite balmy here and the sun is rising amidst the soft breezes. 3-Ginger Gingerbread is baking and filling the house with its delicious Christmasy aromas, shallots have been roasted to add to fresh green beans at dinner, and I am now sitting with Ms G to have a cup of tea before I make the dressing for the turkey, and then some hot fudge sauce to have with dessert. The turkey sits ready to go in at 9 am. The stillness is so peaceful and a gift. Later it will not be so quiet here as the house fills with family....not the usual family, but one brought together by the love that LM and I share. It will be a lovely day!

Christmas Eve Day saw me in quite a few different places, and they all brought their own delight. In the morning, I worked and it was festive (and most unproductive) as we shared holiday stories and laughs. My friend, Jeff, brought in his puppy, Windy and she created fun of her own!

At noon I was on the way to my first stop at Jason & Alison's. Baby Teddy was sleeping soundly in his glider and his poor parents were recovering from a sleepless night. Seems they have a night owl on their hands! We shared a little lunch and amazed ourselves at how quickly time could pass as we just gazed at Teddy's sweet face and exclaimed at every move he made.The very tired but happy Mommy, trying to wake Teddy. He is supposed to be nursed every two hours or so but today he just wanted to snooze.
By the Christmas tree with Nana before I headed to Hingham to see Dad.

Having no idea how I would find him, I approached Dad's little apartment with my heart jumping all over the place. I opened the door and there he was happily sitting in his chair awaiting my visit. He was full of questions about what everyone in the family was doing for the holiday, and we chatted for nearly two hours. I felt so relieved to see how he had improved. he was dressed in red and said he had been downstairs to the dining room for a very special lunch....they have their big meal of the day near noon. As I left he talked happily about the fact that he would see Sam, Trish, Nate and Danny on Christmas Day. I walked down to my car feeling so grateful and happy for this wonderful man, his resilience and loving nature.

Next stop for me was to meet Sam and Trish for dinner. When I arrived at their house, my nephew Nate was there and we caught up on his news while waiting for his parents to return from an errand. As I walked from the kitchen into the living room to enjoy their beautifully decorated tree, I heard quite a clatter, and after switching on a light, there was Bob, acting a little strangely. Upon close inspection, he was playing with a tiny live field mouse.....the cutest little mouse I have ever seen - light brown, a very white tummy, huge ears, and a very long tail. I called to Nate to come look, and nonchalantly Nate told me, "Oh yes, Bob's been playing with him for 8 hours" I got to watch the "play" and see Bob and little mouse go nose to nose with no hostility. It was amazing. By the time I got my camera, the cat and mouse games had adjourned to the heating vent and Bob was watching for his friend to emerge, once again. Several times before we left for dinner, the games moved back and forth across the living room, mouse scurying with tail in the air and Bob watching very carefully and calculating his next move.
Danny, Nate and Abby at disappointed that I did not get a picture of Sam and Trish!
Next we were off for a lovely dinner at Bia Bistro, hosted by my youngest brother, Sam. The company was lovely and it was so interesting to catch up on Danny and Abby's life. For a brief time I was transported to the excitement and energy of living in NYC through the words and presence of this delightful young couple. We share all too little time together. They both have interesting and demanding careers blooming, and shared their perspective on how the current economic times are affecting their lives and jobs - so far so good. Nate, Sam and Trish shared tales of the excitement they experienced recently at the Cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City. I love them all so much and it was warm and easy to share this evening with them. I think we are all very tired from worrying about and caring for Dad and also the economic times. We will endure, everything will be alright (Mum always said it would, didn't she?). Family is the greatest gift.
After a delicious meal of short ribs for me, it was nearly time to begin the 2 hour drive back to the Cape but not before me shared a single dessert of molten lava cake. A very special Christmas treat! The best treat of all, was just being with a few of my dear family, though.

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