Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookie Day with Kristi

Yesterday, Kristi and I made cookies from 7 am until 3:30 pm. I had made all the dough earlier in the week so we were all ready to roll out dough bright and early. Kristi, LM's firstborn, was the victim of a stroke at the age of 1 yr which left her aphasic, but she is one very sweet and talented 40 yr old now. I set things up so we could work side by side and she could do everything I was doing and it worked so well and she was a great learner.

Kristi also helped me by cleaning all the snow off my car, then she had some fun building a little snow bear in the crux of the cherry tree by my front door.....she has such a joyful spirit.

After we finished baking, and, by the way, Kristi and I cleaned as we cooked, and she did all the dishes for me. We really had fun, and she helped to distract me from my tears of grief over Mum. After we finished baking, we drove to Orleans to visit Snow's department store and see the beautiful Christmas train display and she found some ornaments for gifts. Then it was home for Kristi, and at long last, time alone for LM and I to reconnect. We had a nice dinner out and then visited Bob at the rehab center to which he was moved on Friday. Things are a little grim for him right now. Since he had the colonoscopy last week. he has become very confused and not able to talk very clearly. LM and I spent a scary 1.5 hrs with him last night. The beauty in this situation is the beautiful friendship the three of us share and that there is a wonderful male nurse there who was also a war hero and a pilot and he is helping Bob so much. He also explained a lot to LM and I. We feel a bit better, but as I type we are prearing to get back to be with Bob today.
Another storm is going on so we need to get out and about before it gets worse.
So much to do before Christmas Day but that will have to take care of itself, as being with loved ones in need is primary today.


Beverly said...

Kristi looks like her dad to me. I know you two had fun making cookies. I also hope Bob will get better soon.
Merry Christmas to you.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Beverly!
There is so much to be grateful for and to learn in these lean times. it is really happier to just be thinking of being around the ones we love.

amy in ct said...

lovely day it sounds like
our storms are over here by now and i hate to see what the parking lot looks like. i came home from church, backed in and stayed home today :)
i was betty crocker myself today making cookies, cinnamon bread and garlic cheese bread... may as well as long as the oven is on!
take care and enjoy the holiday and time with your loved ones.
prayer for bob

David D said...

Good Morning !!

Seeing all those pictures of your family brought back wonderful memories...
Merry Christmas dear friend !

David D