Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

After nearly burning the house down (and killing our poor Ms G in the process!!!) by going out and leaving a pan on the stove on low flame yesterday, I had a fitful night due to the smell in the house. While LM and I were out having a brisk 3 mile walk yesterday afternoon, the pan was simmering away and then the liquids evaporated while we were leisurely choosing dinner ingredients at my beloved Chatham Village Market. As soon as we got into the front hall, we knew something was wrong and I dashed to the kitchen. LM bravely got the red hot pan, flaming inside, to the front steps onto the brick surface, while I opened the windows. We were seconds from disaster. Dum-da-dum-dumb!!!! Anyway, today finds me alone as LM is with his friend Bob who is feeling quite sick. I think they are headed for the ER. It is raining/sleeting and just not nice outside but I will be headed to Macy's or TJ Maxx to look for a new saucepan as what was my only one is now charred and in the dumpster. WHEW.

Below are a few scenes from our walk....We parked at the head of the village and enjoyed all the beautifully decorated shops on our walk toward the ocean. As we approached the lighthouse beach area we could see many, many seagulls circling and perched on the roof and chimney of the house next to the parking area....turned out there was a very eccentric woman there feeding them huge amounts of old bread. What a noise and, although it is not a good idea to feed them, it was a hilarious riot of competition, then she came right over to us and asked if she could tell us a joke. She was took forever to tell us some ridiculous old "Italian" joke and we were hurriedly on our way, she was back to feeding her feathered friends.
This is the doorway of the house above. My company did the design and I think I have photographed this doorway more than anything else in the town! The wreath was nicely decorated with quahog shells. (This is the house that has the espaliered apple trees to the left). Actually the work we did on this house was a restoration, as the Old Village Association does not allow major changes. It was lifted, a new foundation built, and new landscaping, as well as a total renovation of the interior. It is very beautiful and has an interesting history. Many of the older Chatham residents and summer people remember this as a popular place to get ice cream near the beach. It was called the Pennypacker house.
Just across the street the lighthouse is decked out with a very large wreath.

We found the sweet little fairy rose valiantly trying to bloom despite the very cold weather we've been having.I was just thrilled to be able to walk 3 miles! My knee has responded very well to the cortisone shot. There was hip pain near the end but no doubt due to underuse!
Off to buy a new saucepan and I think I will buy 2 so that I have varying sizes to choose does save energy to use the appropriate size. I certainly wasted some energy yesterday with the near fire....>EEEEK!
PS. We are still awaiting the new baby. Alison is having Braxton-Hicks contractions and the baby has dropped in to place. Her actual due date is tomorrow, Dec. 8.

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