Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ms G presents her cousin Theo

Ms G in all her glory....she loves that corner of the sofa as she can see everything, well, almost everything, I am doing in the morning while I get ready for work.

Yesterday afternoon I got a fresh shipment of Theo pictures from Florida. He has been quite busy getting into lots of trouble, but the Christmas tree has lost its fascination since he accidentally fell out of it and hurt himself. It seems it is now much more fun to be torturing his fellow felines or neighbors who stop by to share the morning paper.

Bella tries to evict Theo from her grocery bag. Why do cats love these bags so much???? Ms G tries to eat them.
Theo is certain that neighbor Bob cannot read the paper without his help!
Theo makes beef stew.....I heard it was delicious, too.
Thoroughly exhausted after all that work, Theo naps in the primo spot while Tig keeps a close watch.
We are still on baby watch, and Dad is still sort of OK. I will see him tomorrow or Sunday. Yesterday was a frenetic day at work and we were having heavy rain and wind all day. Of course, that would be the day that I had numerous errands to do in the village and I never seemed to dry out as the day went on. It was all quite fun, though, and I do enjoy when the day gets shaken up to include some trips outside the norm and to see different things. I did sneak in the opportunity to buy myself some circular knitting needles to try a new project, and pop in to tell my hair stylist that she did a great job on my new cut last week, so it was fun.

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