Monday, December 8, 2008


When I went to bed last night we were having light snow, the temperature had dropped considerably and it was very windy. We all woke this morning to frigid temps and my car doors made loud cracking noises when opened as they were all icy. Never did warm up during the day at work, despite having my heater blasting next to my desk. I came home at lunch and put on extra layers.
LM drove to Boston today for the Saturn dealer and delivered a car to the port where it will be shipped to Russia. Bob is feeling better.....good stuff!

Uneventful day until this evening when I heard that my Dad has once again taken to his bed and is unresponsive. Trish says he is sleeping soundly. She has checked on him and the nurses at his place stop by, too. Trish will go by in the morning to assess what is happening.
.........another night of worry, not knowing. This week is not good timing as Trish, Sam and Nate are flying to Kansas City at 6 am on Wednesday morning for the Cyclocross racing nationals and will not return until Monday, Dec 15th. Both Sam and Nate could finish in first place in their respective divisions as they rank very high this year, so we are not telling them anything right now. Way too stressful for them to be far away and worrying unless absolutely necessary. We have a team who will try to manage things until Trish gets back. She is just an angel every day in Dad's life.

Ms G is running around the house like a wild horse tonight. Is it almost the full moon??? I think it must be. She has all the little rugs kicked up and askew
Positive thoughts for Dad. We are just about at the anniversary of my Mum's death and birthday so this is always a very hard time of year. One minute at a time......


barbara said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts for your Dad. I hope his spirits improve and he decides to get up out of bed soon. I know it is a worry for you.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you so much, Barbara. I am still awaiting word. Work is keeping my focus off worry for now.