Friday, December 26, 2008

The Unexpected Christmas

Several weeks ago, before baby Teddy was born, my daughter, Sara and I had planned to bring Christmas to Jason and Alison as a gift, figuring they would be way too busy to plan the usual beautiful Christmas they host. After the birth, and the injury to Alison's lower back, the new parents decided, wisely, to just stay at home by themselves on Christmas Day and rest, while enjoying their precious new baby.
That change prompted Sara and I to plan a dinner at my house. The original plan included about 8 people counting their little one, Samantha, and Richie's sister, Tammy, who lives with them and helps out with Samantha a lot. Sara offered to buy all the food and do some of the cooking, so our plan came together and found me preparing and cooking (and channeling Mum) almost all day yesterday. It really turned out nicely and at the last minute we had three extra people and lots of space shuffling, that gave LM one of the happiest days he has known in years. All three of his children were together for a Christmas celebration!!! It has been countless years.

I was a bit too tired to be doing all I did yesterday but it got done and everyone seemed to have a nice time. Little Samantha in her beautiful Christmas dress was so sweet and fun, and my wonderful LM helped me do the seemingly endless clean-up before we ventured over to see Bob, who is stuck at the rehab center until Monday. I really enjoyed the giving of the small gifts we gave and having our two families together. It was also a very beautiful warm and sunny day here, and I managed to take myself to the beach for a bit of meditation at mid-morning before everyone arrived. The ocean was a very clear deep blue and the wind was kicking up beautiful white spray. Breathing in that beauty was fuel to help me finish the cooking and serving.

Tomorow I will share Ms Graysea's Christmas activities (and some funny cat related surprises of LM's) but meanwhile here are some photos of our lovely day. LM and I were moved to tears at the happy feelings. We are very fortunate to have the family, the love and the richness they bring.
The table before the guests arrived:
Samantha, 21 months, and loving Christmas:
Kristi, Meaghan's boyfriend, Tyler, Kristi's Mom, Ellen (yes, we even had LM's first wife!), John with back to camers:On sofa, Tammy, Richie, Sara (my daughter), John (LM's son), Meaghan (LM's daughter), Ellen
Just about to serve dinner from my tiny kitchen, which I just love!Sara, Meaghan, Tyler (we were very honored to have Tyler with us as he is on leave from the Army. He has served two tours in Iraq and is going back to Iraq in January - Meaghan is joining the Army in January). John and Kristi lined up at the sideboard and shared a lot of laughs:
Kristi and her Mom, Ellen (Krisit got untold pleasure in passing out the little gifts she had accumulated for everyone throughout the past year):Clockwise from LM, John, moi, Meaghan and love in the center, just where he should be, as he is the heart of his family!

Daughter Sara, Samantha and Richie, a family who has worked hard to make it and I am very proud of them and all the obstacles they have overcome!Moi, washing dishes....LM was on the loose with my camera!A very tired Nana and her sweet Samantha:
MM & LM.......I need say nothing more except he is love and Christmas rolled in to one!Come back tomorrow for the Christmas adventures of Ms. G!!

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amy in ct said...

WONDERFUL!! just wonderful. i am so glad that you had such a lovely christmas day/diner/party!
it is soooo true, this is what it is all about. the time spent with loved ones. you cant buy that in the store.

thank you also for your comments on my page as well, it is comforting to know i am not the only one who waits.
but as i always say, he is worth the wait.

have a great day today. looking forward to the cat antics.
amy in ct