Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009

Weather kept LM and I in separate places for New Years Eve but it worked out well. I made a chicken quesadilla and had some perfectly ripe avocado slices along with it. Perfect dinner for me. The fairy princess curtains are completed, and I was in bed early in preparation for today....a day of helping Bob to settle in at home and making about 3 trips to various stores to help he and LM have what they need to focus on Bob's recovery. With all the snow and very severe cold it was a challenge.

Fortunately, I work with angels who made sure I was shoveled out, my car clean and the steps treated so I could safely leave my house this morning at 7 am.

It was pretty chaotic at Bob & LM's but once the VNA nurse had paid a visit, things began to calm down. We moved Bob's bed down to the dining room which will make it easier for LM to care for him. By the time I left at 3:30 to head home, they had been served a nice meal of pot roast and Bob was still swooning over the apple pie. There are a lot of challenges coming up but I think things will work out. Hardest will be the fact that LM is now not able to leave Bob alone so his work will cease and he will have to line up people to come in, in the event he has an appointment, etc. I was thinking about how this impacts my life with LM but I came away from them today with tears of joy in my heart. Just watching the loving care LM takes with Bob is a very beautiful thing, and makes my heart sing with gratitude. As busy as he was today, every chance he got, LM was giving me a kiss, a touch and an "I love you". Very sweet man.

The driving is awful here right now, roads still impassable in places. I am happy to be home.
Ms G was curled tightly in my unmade bed when I left this morning and I came home to find her in the same spot. I will be joining her early this evening.

I have a very hopeful feeling about 2009. I've made no resolutions except to greet each day with a positive attitude, show as much love as possible to all I meet and know, and to encourage others to do the same. Somewhere in my mind is a tiny bit of a notion that I need to focus on walking more......


One Woman's Journey said...

You are an Angel of a friend. These two men are very fortunate to have you. Take care of YOURSELF.

amy in ct said...

walking is fantastic and if i were at the cape i would walk every day... just to breath in that air!!
i love that picture you posted at the top of the site... beautiful.
my blues are passing, slowly...
still have 3 days this weekend to keep myself busy... little things annoy me too, like the neighbors who are still making a lot of noise at 12:20pm.grrrrr
please feel free to email at
happy 2009!

Julie said...

I thought of the "thinking positive" resolution, but I think I will also add walking to that. Not an unattainable goal!

Happy New Year, and hopes of many blessings to come this year.


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks to you all! I have a little walking poem I will post soon!
Nice to hear from you, Julie!
And, to my dear friends...your comments are always so welcome and helpful!