Monday, December 22, 2008


Around 6:45 last evening, LM and I arrived at the rehab center to visit with Bob. After seeing him in a very confused state on Saturday evening we were both very apprehensive about what we would find. LM had spent Sunday afternoon acquiring a cell phone for Bob so he would be able to stay in touch with us while he recovers. Bob's nurse had told us on Saturday that this mental confusion happens often in seniors after they have anesthesia....sometimes they recover, sometimes not. Oh, my that was a daunting bit of information. We were very encouraged to know his nurse was giving him special attention and would be on duty all day Sunday, too.

Last evening found Bob, just about back to normal mentally and we were both so elated. Bob is even aware now that he was suffering the confusion. it is on to restoring his physical strength. He is all set up with his new phone which I programmed with numbers while he and LM went over financial matters. Bob is such a dear man and exclaims often how nice everyone is to him there and how delicious the food tastes. I reminded him that it is because HE is so very nice to everyone, and so interested in those helping him to recover.

We had a lot of heavy rain yesterday afternoon and when we were driving to see Bob, the streets were quite flooded. Temps were in the 40's. When we came outside a little over an hour later, everything was frozen, including the car doors and windows, which we barely managed to get open, a bitter wind was blowing, and the driving was treacherous. Ah, New England!

Yesterday was really a nice day. LM and I had leisure time to sleep in awhile, catch our collective breaths, share a nice breakfast, play with Ms. G, and after LM left at 2 or so to get Bob's cell phone, I decorated 4 doz cookies and packaged them prettily for several friends at work, polished the silver, arranged linens and serving pieces, and other preparation for the little celebration we will have here on Christmas. It felt so good!! I think I have found a bit o' the spirit! I am really looking forward to collaborating on dinner with Sara! It is sad that Bob, and Jason and Alison will not be with us, but another day we will gather and be so grateful that they are all well!

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