Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby News, and, an Incorrigible Cat

Last night after work, I quickly got myself over to Jason and Alison's to help welcome baby Teddy home. He seemed to be doing quite well, although his Mom said he had been quite fussy all afternoon. This little outfit below was a gift from A's Dad who was also visiting. He just loves to shop and the hat is adorable with its little antlers. Perfect for our little Christmas baby. Alison is very uncomfortable from the injury to her coccyx during the birth process. It was excruciating to watch her trying to get up from her chair. That will take quite a while to heal. She does have some pain medication she can take. Otherwise, I think they are settling in nicely. Their cat, Sting, has been quite hospitable so far to the little interloper, but I did notice that he was going around rubbing his cheek on everything to leave his mark. Jason is just so wonderful, lovingly helping with everything and just so very happy. I left feeling so proud of them!

After a short visit I made my way to the hospital to see Bob and was pleasantly surprised to see him moved from ICU to a regular room, good color back in his face and hearing that he was making some improvement. More procedures have cleared one kidney and brought it back to full function, and tomorrow he will most likely have surgery to remove the HUGE stones in his other kidney. A major part of his problem was a severe lack of electrolytes in his body which was causing all his organs to shut down. Thus, he has had a series of transfusions and IV's to re-build his levels. LM has just called and said he was doing quite well tonight. Prayers have been answered, I do believe!!! Thank you to all who have been so concerned.

Ms G says she had no intention at all of chewing on the tree and that I have made false accusations, but I beg to differ, does that not look like someone about to do something forbidden?? And, yes, despite my loud protestations, she did start chewing on the tree, AGAIN!!
Tonight I went to the screening for the Get Healthy program which is being offered by my health insurer. To say they were overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up, is a major understatement. There must have been over 200 people, and I went through the process but most likely will not be chosen because I am already very healthy!! Well, that is relative. That was compared to most of the other people. I will find out in a few weeks.
In other MS G entertainment news, I think there may be a mouse in the house as I have noticed her staring at the stove for two days in a row....either that or she has really gone round the bend, but I believe it is the latter. We have had to have an exterminator come to our office to conquer the mouse infestation and he said it has been the worst year ever.


amy in ct said...

if there is a mouse in the house, tell ms g to take care of that for you!
the baby is so cute.... best wishes to the new little family.
glad bob is better too.... fingers crossed for your dad.

good to hear such an uplifting post

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, Amy. I am afraid that Ms G is having fun "mouse watching" but I don't know if she is a "mouse catcher." LOL....She is still having fun watching, though.
Things are indeed happier here although we have a long road ahead. My goal is day to day appreciation for what we have and all I have been given on my journey.
Good Day to you!!

Anne said...

I think Ms. Grace is just left alone too much, a girl just wants to have fun!!

Keep the pictures coming, PLEASE.

Jerri said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new grandson and blessings to your friend Bob.

Your blog is beautiful and a pleasure to read.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

I do believe Ms G is terribly neglected! I will try to be a better cat mother, promise. Maybe you could come to visit her????

Thank you so much for visiting and the lovely words. We are all much better today.